Clarence's Integer Story

Friday, October 24, 2008
Once upon a time there was this small positive integer named Eger and his friend named Int. They lived in a big village called addition village, there was a lot of different people there like Positives and Negative. They wanted to go to their grandma inte’s house and ask her how she’s doing because she lives in another village called nepositive. So they were off to the forest or questions and when they were walking they heard something ran in the forest. So they went back and they asked people if it’s safe to go to the forest of questions. People said that “it’s safe to go through the forest of questions if you know how the do their questions that they have to tell you”. So they believed they people from there village and they were off to the forest of question and go and find grandma inte’s house. So they were off through the forest of questions and they were brave and can take any questions that what ever is out there. While they were walking through the forest or question they saw something run by the forest and they were scared but Eger said “don’t worry it’s just someone that is trying to scare us off and go back to the village. So they were still walking and they saw a positive ghost in front just staring at them and the we’re scared. So both of them said “come on bring on the question, the ghost said in a deep voice “Okay, what is (+11) + ( +23)?”. They were thinking and they said the answer was (+34) and they were right. Then the positive ghost let them through and they were so happy that they passed the positive ghost. So then they were off through the forest they were walking and walking. No sign of a ghost, so they were tired so they took a rest for a little while. When they were finish taking a rest they were off to the forest and finding the house of there grandma inte’s, when they were walking another ghost came and it was a negative ghost this time. Eger and Int said “please make it easy for us” and the ghost said “ill try” and the ghost said “what’s (-34) + (-20)?”. They said “ what this is a hard question let us think, uhm.. the answer is (-53) no wait (-54)”. The ghost said correct now go along before I change my mind and send you back to your village and don’t see your grandma again. So they ran and ran and they were almost there but a lot of ghost came both Negative and Positive.
What should Eger and Int do so they can pass them in one peace ???



  1. Jayzie8-41 said...

    Hey umm good job but where are the pictures anyways there are a few corrections I could tell you.There should be a capital letter on the grandma Inte because she is a person.Another one is the village capitalization its a village its important so thats all good story!

    November 3, 2008 at 6:35 PM  

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