Scribepost for October 24th, 08

Sunday, October 26, 2008
Hello you guys, sorry it's not even the 24th today, but the scribepost is for last Friday.
Mr. Harbeck told us to make an integer story that requires 4 to 8 pictures. 4 pictures that have a question ( (+4) + (+8) =? ) and 4 pictures that have the answer ( (+4) + (+8) = +12). The pictures can be done on paint or it can be taken on a digital camera and uploaded onto your computer. The end must have 'to be continued'. The tags you make must be your display name, wworkshop, intstory. Don't capitalize any letters. If you kind of don't get what i'm explaining, you can look at all the other pro integer stories that the other people made.
Well, I think this might be enough for explaining the integer story? HAHA well , sorry I did such a sucky job and i'm sorry if it's all confusing and weird.. Anyways, the next scriber is.. CARRIE! :D good luck!


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