Adrian's Integer Story

Wednesday, October 29, 2008
Okay so we start out with Jose on a normal day after school. So Jose gets home has a snack but now he is bored. Jose decides to play some video games but not any video game......MARIO. Okay so Jose starts playing Mario but he asks himself "what if i was Mario". Out of no where he sees him self in the game "whoa this is the coolest thing I've ever done. But out of no where a goomba comes hes starts running then he remembers that he can kill them. So he jumps and lands on the goomba and squishes it. He got used to this thing when he got to one of the castles bowser was there and he said "so you want to save the princess, you have to do something". Jose said " what, what do I have to do". "Answer this very hard integer question MUHAHAHAHA". The question was...Jose said " HAHAHAHA silly bowser i know the answer zero because +30 and -30 make a zero pair". "NOOOOOO i forgot about that" said bowser. Out of no where this little mushroom person comes and says "sorry Jose but the princess isn't in this castle". Jose starts spinning into a vortex then....THUD he lands in this maze but he is just a circle with a mouth. " This isn't as cool as the other one....I'M A CIRCLE" said Jose. He realized that he was in the game pacman. There were these ghost looking this chasing him. He just realized that he has to eat all the little dots but we will just call them marshmallows. He was almost done so he was about to eat the last one with one life left. So he ate the last one and everything around him went black and he was a person. Then suddenly a ghost comes out and tells him an integer question. the question was....."Oh i know this one, the answer is negative 6" said Jose. Out of no where he spins into another vortex then again ......THUD he landed on a pad but now he was a frog. Right away he realized that he was in frogger. He was doing OK he still had 2 lives and he was about to get his last frog on the other side. But he fell into the water so he tried again and he made it SUDDENLY a big frog comes and asks Jose an integer question. "WAIT WAIT WAIT hold up I'm getting tired of answering these questions why do i have to do this and why is the thing asking me a question always bigger than me" said Jose. The over sized frog didn't care and asked him the question anyway, the question was.......Jose boredly said "the answer to that question is positive 28". And he knew what was coming next he would fall into a vortex and land in the next game. "I I'm okay with the game playing but whats with the questions, vortex's, and me getting hurt when I fall, cant there be a mat" he said to himself. He landed in a jungle but he felt weird when he was actually a gorilla donkey kong junior to be specific. He had to save his dad that was in gorilla form. there were a series of vines but Mario kept throwing these animal things at him. but he found a way it took a while but he did it. Now that he saved his father his father asked him a integer question harder than the other ones. The question was......
Jose thought for a little until he said "positive 30.....WAIT I mean negative 30"."You are right" said his father. As usual he starts falling into a vortex.......

To Be Continued.....

So Jose is zooming through the vortex thinking of what just happened and how much fun hes having. Then suddenly another thud "AW MAN that's really going to hurt in the morning" says Jose. Then he hears a loud BOOM, he finally realizes that hes in bomberman and he is the blue man. So he starts running around in his suit that somehow holds an infinite amount of bombs. anyway 10 minutes later he eliminates the yellow man. the red man gets eliminated by the green man. After a while Jose finds the green man. The green man says " i'l make you a deal if you answer one integer question I will eliminate myself. The question was.....
Jose took 5 minutes to think. Hmmmmm.....OH i know now the answer is +11. He was right and the red man kept his word and eliminated himself and made a large vortex and of coarse Jose fell in. Jose finally lands in the game snake but now he was the snake eating those squares that are supposed to be food and avoiding biting his tail. He was getting really long so it was the last mouse he had to eat and then the mouse or square started to talk. "Hey if you answer this one science question you will win" said the talking box. "Yes finally a question that is not math"said Jose. But out of no where the box said "oops that's right its a MATH question, sorry I'm a box I'm not very smart". "Okay okay just ask me the question" said Jose. The question was....

Jose thought long and hard when he came up with the answer -13. He was right but instead of falling into a vortex a stage comes up. Everyone from the video games were there. And Jose got an award for completing all those games. He started his speech "First I would like to thank my mom, dad, and the maker of these video games" he started to tear. Out of nowhere he hears a loud noise. Its his math teacher Mr.Harold yelling at him. He couldn't believe it it was all a dream but, he could believe that Mr. Harold gave him detention for sleeping in class.

The End

(Sorry for the non- artistic pictures at the bottom. Unlike the top 4 pictures.)


  1. Clarence 9-06 said...

    Good job adrian you did a good job on the picture and the story !

    October 29, 2008 at 9:43 PM  

  2. Joseph 8-41 said...

    Good job Adrian,
    nice pictures. You might want to watch your sentences, because some of them are too long, add comas=P

    October 30, 2008 at 9:51 PM  

  3. Anonymous said...

    Pssh, Clarence... You just had to say what I was going to say! LOL! Adrian, I like your pictures, they really stand out to me(;
    --Carrie Tanafranca.

    November 2, 2008 at 2:07 PM  

  4. kuung 841 said...

    Where's Yoshi and Toad, panda! :) HAHA, well good job. Your pictures are very ... artistic.

    Jose boredly said "the answer to that question is positive 28".
    'Boredly' isn't a word. I had to go to and check if it was or not! :) After said, put a comma and capitalize the T in the after the quotation marks.
    Whenever a character is talking, after the quoation marks comes a capital. Most of them aren't capitalized, panda ;p

    Jose said " what, what do I have to do".
    Shouldn't there be a question mark after do?
    Also, the period should be after do, not outside of the quotation marks. < You have a lot of mistakes with that.

    Out of no where he sees him self in the game "whoa this is the coolest thing I've ever done.
    Remember to capitalize first letter of the word when someone's talking. Also, is Jose done talking? Because I see no quotation marks at the end of done :)
    AND- you wrote 'no where' < it's spelled together like 'nowhere'.

    ^ HAHAHA! I tried going all Nicky and Arielle-ish :) This is the longest comment i've ever done -_-. Well good job panda!

    November 4, 2008 at 9:04 PM  

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