Scribe post for october 30, 2008

Thursday, October 30, 2008

Yoo, classmates of room 8-41 I am your scribe today I think? In class today we learned how to do integers in standard form without the " training pants. " It wasn't that easy as you think, it was harder than what we've been doing with the adding and adding the opposite integers. Well have fun, hope you learn something from this.

Re-write ! Get rid of the training pants.
+7+5-5+8= 1
ZERO PAIRS ! take them out.

Re-write ! Take the Backets out.
8+7+3+5= 23

Oh my gosh, this took me soo long I don't even kno what to do on this scribe thing. Harbeck i tried my best sorry if it sucks. Please let me go to the dance . ): aha .


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