Nicole's Integer Story

Monday, October 27, 2008
There once was a girl name Hannah. Hannah had just finished collage but first she needed a job! But the place where she wanted to work wasn't looking for anyone. Just as Hannah was about to leave, the lady stopped her in her tracks and said " If you can answer this integer question then you can have the job" Hannah was so excited! She Loves Integers!

Wow that was easy! Hannah answered the question correctly! The lady was happy as Hannah was filling out the information form it asked for her address.. Hannah didn't have a house anymore! She ran out and told the lady that she would be back soon!
An Hour later Hannah found a cheap apartment but was one dollar short on buying it. She went to the manager to ask if he could give it to her cheaper and he said sure.. Hannah was so happy that the manager went down so easy! Just as she was about to jump for joy the manager said BUT you have answer this integer question! Hannah was happy yet she was a little mad...
Wow! If Hannah keeps this up then she can get whatever she wants! The Manager sighed and gave her the apartment key. Hannah opened the luxury apartment door but when she looked inside there was no furniture! What know?! Thought Hannah. Hannah was walking through furniture shops but they were all asking for to much money! Hannah walked into the shop looked around and saw the most beautiful furniture she Had ever saw! She knew she couldn't afford any of it! But Hannah had a plan! She thought since every other person offered her everything for an integer question then maybe she could get something from here with an integer question! Hannah found the manager and asked what she could get here for 20$ the manager laughed and said a stick of gum! Hannah was not happy with that comment. She gave him one dirty look and started to walk away. The manager chuckled and said how about you answer this integer question and you can get whatever and as much things from this store as you want! Hannah nodded.

The next thing Hannah knew she was blacked out...

To be Continued


  1. Jordan said...

    Hey Nicole! Here is my (kinda long, sorry xD) Comment:



    Hannah had just finished college but first she needed a job!

    Quick Fix!: Hannah had just finished college, and now she needed a job!

    Hannah was so excited! She Loves Integers!

    A bit too many capitals :P Try: She loves integers!

    Wow that was easy!

    Try adding a comma after wow

    The lady was happy as Hannah was filling out the information form it asked for her address

    Missing a bit of punctuation there! Try: The lady was happy as Hannah was filling out the information form..only, it asked for her address.

    What know?!

    Dunno if this is supposed to be What now, or what no. Lol.

    asking for to much money!

    Missing an o on "to" :P

    Hope I helped! Sorry if I sounded a bit mean..I'm tired, and I didn't really want to put smiley faces and stuff after everything. Lol.

    November 4, 2008 at 7:21 PM  

  2. Marques!!! said...

    lol yea its suposed to be What now?! I always end putting a k :P Lol I guess spell check didnt work because when I pressed spell check my computer shut down xD

    November 11, 2008 at 11:19 AM  

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