Sweky's Adventure With Santa.

Friday, October 24, 2008
In goofy land there was a girl name Sewky. She was mean to everyone. When someone is trying to be nice to her or be her friend all she will say is "go away noone wants you her". That how mean she was. Well then on day santa came to visit all the other kids. Santa alway visite Goofy town because Goofy land is close to North Pole. All the kids was having fun with santa and taking pictures. The kids got gift for being good. the only person who did't get a present was Sewky. Then Santa walked over and talk to her, but all she said was go away. she also said that no one loves her. Then Santa told her she was on the naughty list. Sweky asked Santa "why"?

Santa told her she is on the naughty list because she was being mean to everyone and not listening to her parents. Santa offered her something. She had to solve a integer question. The Sweky said "ok then i could do it". Then Santa told her the first question... It was (+9)+(-7)=??. Sewky told santa to wait. Santa waited for a long time. After a while sewky came back with a peices of paper and a pen she write all the questions down and answered it by showing herwork so she will get them right. She said " The answer to the first Question is positive 2. Then Santa

said "You are right my little darling, Very good". Then Sewky said "Thank You Santa, I really did study for this. I studied all night. I hope i do well on this". " Are you ready for the next question my darling" Santa said. "Yes Yes" Sewky said. Sewky was so exited she asked santa if he could come to goofy land evryday. Then santa told her if she gets evrything right on this test she might get that wish granted. Sewky tried her best for the next question. After Sewky and Santa had that little talk santa told Sewky the next question. The next is (+4)+(-2)=? Sweky took the next peice of paper and wrote down the next question. She tried to answer it, but it took less time than it took her to do the other question. Well the answer is mmmmm.... the answer is positive 2.

"That is right Sewky.You are getting good at this". "Here is the next question". Santa said. "Santa wait" Sweky said.Then she said "Never mind". "Well let's go onto the next question". The next question is (-6)+(+2)=?. Sewky look at her paper and said she was scard. Then santa asked her"what was wrong". Then she said " She was scard she might get it wrong.Then Santa said" Don't Worry you are going to do well. Ok the answer is... ummmm..i think it is... Negative 4. well did I get it right or what.. you did."you got that right to". Sewky was te happiest person there was on goofy land. She was so happy that she went to her parents and said sorry. She NEVER said sorry in her whole life it was a miracle. When she came back Santa asked her if she was feeling good because she was acting wierd. Sewky asked santa what the next question was... Santa took a pause and said "The next Question is (+1)+(-1)+(+2)=. Then sewky said that she never did this before but she tried. The answer is.... she did say anything at all. She keep looking at the paper and then she said the answer is..positive 2. Well,"did i get this one right". sewky asked. Yes you did. Santa said. Very well i guess i get my wish granted now..Sewky asked. Santa said" No you can't you have to study for another test for next week. the next test is going to be about Subtracting integers. Sewky said "she is going to study as hard as she can".

After Santa left sewky went ot evryone and sid sorry for hurting there feelings.



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