Joseph's Integer Story

Friday, October 24, 2008
There once was a boy named Joey. He was very good looking, was not single, and was the very best Taekwondo fighter in Winnipeg! He was so good that he decided to join a tournament to see if he was the best in Manitoba. Joey trained everyday until he couldn't walk anymore. When he got to the tournament at the University of Manitoba, he saw that he would be fighting 4 different people. Joey went to the gym to get ready, when he overheard other competitors saying that the judges didn't know how to add up the fouls and points(integers). And to get your medal you had to add up the scores, a different way for every person you fight . Joey was so happy because he knew how to add integers in 4 different ways. What a coincidence!

About 30 minutes later, he was called to the ring. His first competitor was some guy named, no one even knew his name! Joey was winning like crazy, but then he "accidentally" hit the other guy in the groin area. Joey got a 2 point deduction. There was one more round left and Joey thought he was winning by far, so he left his guard down. Out of nowhere he got kicked like 10 times(pretty hard to do). They finished fighting and Joey got his score to add up. He thought about it and decided to just do "the math" for this round.

Joey won(of course).The next match up was Joey and his one and only enemy Arwen. He remembered it like it was yesterday. Joey got his first true girlfriend, Arwen was a really messed up kid. He was telling him lies, and "pretending" to mess around with his girlfriend. Joey couldn't take it anymore, so he beat the living $*&! out of him. When he was walking home a group of people and Arwen jumped Joey. He didn't know what to do so he just ran all the way home. Until this day Joey had never seen Arwen again. Just thinking about it made Joey mad. When they started the fight it seemed like Joey had pure adrenaline instead of blood. Arwen came in with a punch, Joey did a jump spin kick to the face, and knocked out Arwen to the ground, but while Arwen fell to the ground he managed to kick Joey once. From that kick Joey's knee fell on Arwen's head, giving him a 1 point deduction. Joey won by default, but he still had to count the score. Since they were small numbers he decided to use the "number line technique".

Of course Joey won again. He thought about which form of math and decided to use the "integer tile technique". He was fighting his former classmate Ricky that moved a year ago. Joey started the fight with a 360 degree spinning jump round house kick(tornado kick). It was so powerful that Ricky fell straight backwards and hurt his ankle. Luckily Joey knew that Ricky couldn't do that because his instructor taught him that kick the day Ricky moved. They continued to fight. They were about tied when the match was almost over. Ricky got a chance to look at the score screen and saw that they were both tied. He wasted time until there was only 10 seconds left. He risked it and tried to hit Joey with a triple jump kick. Joey just happened to do a side kick and knocked Ricky out before he could kick. Joey won at the last minute!

Okay, it was time for the last fight. Joey was versing the former champion Carlos. They both knew that either one of them could win the fight. They wasted half of the match just moving around, so they both got -2 points for not doing anything. Carlos had 6 points and Joey had 3 at 20 seconds left. Joey knew he would need to do a triple kick to tie. Luckily someone screamed, Carlos turned, and Joey had the perfect chance. He missed the last kick, and lost the match by 1 point. Joey did the last score with the "have and owe technique".

When they did a blood test they found out that Carlos had been taking steroids! That means that Carlos was disqualified and Joey was the best fighter in Manitoba! He will continue his journey to become the best in Canada

To be continued......


After that tournament Joey was so good that he had a chance to join the Olympics. Before he could, he had to fight the best in Canada. Joey had been training hard and had improved 10X better than before. He was lucky this time, he only needed to fight two people! Once again, the judges did not know how to find the answers for the scores and this time you needed to figure it out with subtraction and one mixed question.

The first round was a pretty boring match because no one wanted to lose. Finally, Joey did a kick and got kicked 3 times back. He thought" Dang this guy is fast!" Joey caught back up. Joey did a kick turn, kick turn, kick, on the last spin he got dizzy and hit the competiters groin(deduction). Then Joey was winning! He ended the match with the lead. Hopefully. Joey won, once again! As he drank some "water", he decided to use a simple subtraction method for this match. Let us take a look at his score.

Joey was still pretty tired when the last match up started. He was fighting the representative for Southern Ontario. Joey was keeping his guard up for now, but he was getting very weak! His coach looked at the water, then saw a bottle of sleeping water beside it. Joey must have drank the wrong bottle! His coach didn't know what to do. He thought and thought, when he remembered that he had a bottle of "Red Bull" in his pocket! He called a time out and made Joey drink some. When Joey finished he felt like he could actually fly! They started the fight and Joey was like a wild tiger. He was scoring point after point, none stop! By the end of the match nobody knew what the result would be.

Joey won by one point! He was the happiest guy in Canada! This year the organization was trying to pick a winner a different way. They had to add up their score from the last match with the previous to make it seem like one big fight. Let's have a look. It might look complicated at first, but you'll understand soon.

Lets see who gets to go to the Olympics for Joey's division. Representing Canada is Joey from Manitoba! The runner up is Arwen from Southern Ontario! Wow, Joey never recognized that guy as Arwen. Joey would now be going to the olympics with his enemy, maybe they will get one last fight in front of the world!

If you what to see some other things, taekwondo people can do look at this video:(skip to 1:57)


  1. peachy 8-41 said...

    GOOD JOOOB. HAHAHAHA, but it made me laugh. :P This story was obviously based on YOU. JOEY. Haha! :) Don't forget your important indents! :D

    October 29, 2008 at 4:46 PM  

  2. peachy 8-41 said...

    GOOD JOOOB. HAHAHAHA, but it made me laugh. :P This story was obviously based on YOU. JOEY. Haha! :) Don't forget your important indents! :D

    October 29, 2008 at 4:47 PM  

  3. Joseph 8-41 said...

    I don't know if you think its funny, then I'll just say it's supposed to be funny. It was not(maybe). I can't indent it. But I did fix some speeling and sentences.

    November 4, 2008 at 9:22 PM  

  4. Brenden said...

    Holy man!!
    long enough post!
    nice touch with the video at the end.

    November 24, 2008 at 7:59 PM  

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