Pay It Forward

Monday, December 22, 2008
How I Paid It Forward

For my act of kindness, I made cards with simple messages like "Thank you for having a caring heart and showing it towards many people.". In some cards, I also added "I may be a stranger, but I know that everyone has a pure heart. No matter if they show it, or if they keep it hidden behind their sour faces." I also added a piece of paper which had Psalm 139. My purpose for these cards is to make people smile. You may not think it's a big thing, but really.. smiles can make someone else's day. It can ever SAVE a life. A lot of people suffer from pain everyday. They either show it, or keep it inside of them. I hope that IF they ever read my cards, they would smile and understand that there are people out there that care for them.. even complete strangers. At the end of most of my cards, I added a simple "Thanks, it is greatly appreciated by a stranger. :) And "Anonymous" ". With my act of kindness, I think I helped different kinds of people. I'm not really sure WHO I helped, since my cards were anonymous.. but I'm guessing that I helped or gave a smile to different people. I placed 9 of these 29 cards on cars at the Chapters Parking Lot, so it would REALLY be anonymous. I still plan to place the rest of these cards in the mailboxes on my street and different streets.

The reason why I added the Bible verse: Psalm 139 was because that verse explained that everyone is loved, even if they do something that is not forgivable. There are many people out there that feel they are not loved, not cared for, and just plain are lonely. I'm hoping that one of those people got my cards and actually take the time to read them.. because it could change who they are as a person and their perspective of the world. I really do hope that I helped someone out that really needed it. I wanted to spread my religion as well as my kindness. I'm not sure if it was the right thing to do, considering the fact that not everyone is Christian. But I was/am always encouraged to spread it around me, so I did.

When I did my "act of kindness", I really felt excited and hopeful. I felt like staying beside those cars and houses, and wait for their owners to open the cars. I really hope that it made a lot of people smile. I'm hoping that "people I helped" actually opened the cards and read them. I hope they didn't throw it out.. and think that it's some kind of advertising paper. On the front part of the envelope, I wrote a simple "Pay it forward, do something NICE for someone ELSE."

I do think that one person makes a big difference. It's like a voting poll.. or voting for a new Class President, or something. You may not THINK that one simple vote from one person makes such a big difference.. but if the total of those votes are a tie, then it might have been better if you voted. You see, the world we live in needs a LOT of help. Especially the places that aren't so wealthy as.. us. They need every single person out there donating food, money, clothing for them to survive.

Test Scribe

Wednesday, December 17, 2008
Here are some questions that were on the test that we did on Dec.15/08

1 Question:


Question 2 :


Question 3 :

A number is divided by seven and then decreased by nine.

Question 4 :

Six less than a number divided by 4 is 25.

there were 20 questions and probably finish in 30 minutes.

Comment if i did something wrong and ill try to figure out all my mistakes on
all the questions if there's any problem.

Great Big Book Of Algebra

Monday, December 15, 2008


combining numbers

to make a bigger number

adding is easy


subtracting is hard

it's not very fun at all

there is no such thing

when it comes to subtracting

you must change the ecation

Partative Divison




makes you think lots


Chapter 3

Chapter 4

Great Big Book of Algebra

Thursday, December 11, 2008
Chapter 1, Math Poetry
Partative Division

Partative Division
How Many
Equal Parts
are in the

Quotative division

Quotative Division
How many
of the
number fit
in the
number you're

Subtracting Integers
The idea that you use subtraction,
is completely and utterly fiction.
Instead you take your minus signs,
and change them to addition.

Adding Integers
One plus one is two.
Ten plus ten equals twenty.
This is addition

Chapter 2, Script

Billy Bob: Hey Mr. Smarts!
Mr. Smarts: Hello Billy Bob.
Billy Bob: Hey, I got this here mathematic question for my homework, can you help me?
Mr. Smarts: Alright, I'll help, what are the questions?
Billy Bob: Well, ones n+3-5n+12...
Mr. Smarts: Well, thats simple!
Billy Bob: Really?
Mr. Smarts: First you take away n+3 and -5n and put it into another group. Then you take the rest of the numbers and make 3+12.
Billy Bob: Wow, you sure are smart.
Mr. Smart: Well, thats no all of it. Then you take n+3 and subtract 5n, What do you think the answer is?
Billy Bob: Ummm, 7n?
Mr. Smart: Close, but no. The answer is 8n!
Billy Bob: Wow, thanks!
Mr. Smart: Now, you take the other numbers and add them together: 3+12= what?
Billy Bob: Oh, I know that, it's 15!
Mr. Smart: Good Job!
Billy Bob: Thanks!
Mr. Smart: Now just add the two groups together. The answer would be 8n + 15.
Billy Bob: Thanks.
Mr. Smart: Now, whats the other question?
Billy Bob: Oh yeah, it's 2 + 4(3n+8).
Mr. Smart: Alright, now do the same thing as the first one. What's the answer?
Billy Bob: Uhh, lets see... Take 3n away... then the brackets mean that you do that first, so 8+2+4= 14... So the answer would have to be... 3n + 14?
Mr. Smart: Right! Good Job!
Billy Bob: Thanks for the help, Mr. Smart!
Mr. Smart: You're welcome!
Billy Bob: See ya!
Mr. Smart: Goodbye!

Chapter 4 Algetiles movie

The Great Big Book of Algebra

Wednesday, December 10, 2008
Integer Poetry : Ch.1

Adding Integers: (


Math, Learning
Increasing, Subjoining, Combining
Adding a number together

Subtracting Integers: (Tanka)

Adding Integer

Is very easy for me
But when you add them
It is very hard for me
change it to get your answer

Partitive Division: (Cinquian)


Serve , Divide
Grouping , Sharing, Giving
sharing them all out

Quotative Division: (Haiku)

Dividing Numbers

How much 5 goes into 10
make me a picture

Ron's Rule: (Free Verse)

Ron's rule is very easy you see
so if you get this wrong you better retreat
If you get a negative sign in a question
your answer is negative
But if you get positive with another positive
your answer is positive
so don't be cruel about Ron's Rule because his right
now its time to take a rest and do what's right for you and I .

Chapter 2 : Combining like terms and the Distributive Property

Nick : Hello

Clair : Hello

Nick : do you know any algebra ?

Clair : yes i do, why do you need help on algebra ??

Nick : yes, the questions are so hard

Clair : yes i know, but it is easy if you know what your doing

Nick : yes'

Clair : okay lets get started, whats your algebra question?

Nick : what is n+3-5n+12 ?

Nick : well i think it's (Pause) 2-6n+15, am i right ?

Clair : well let me see uh , n+3-5n+12 , 3n -5n is -15n bring the +12 down then you get -15n +12 then your answer is -15n +12. You probably did 3n -5n is -15n but you changed it to a +15n and -6n add and gets you to +12.

Nick : yeah your right i got it wrong thanks for the correcttion (:

Clair : No problem, you got anymore questions i can help you on ?

Nick : yeah this is the last one, what is 2 + 4(3n+8) ?

Nick : i think its 12n + 10 , am i right ?

Clair : let me check uh, 2 + 4 is 6 then (3n+8) is +24n so its 6 +24 then your answer is 6 +24

Nick : thank you, thank you very much !

Clair : You are welcome, so you got anymore questions i can answer ?

Nick : Nope

Clair : okay, by the way im Clair

Nick : oh hi im Nick

Nick : well see you around (bye)

Clair : Okay bye (bye)

Nick : bye (bye)

The Great Big Book of Algebra


Rule for Multiplying: (Free Verse)
If you Multiply a Odd amount of Integers,
makes a negative product.
Multiply a even amount of Integers it will make a....
Positive Integer?!
'Is this true!'
'Does it work?'
Yes it does,
So do not doubt it,
Do not mock it,
But you may use it,
Unless of course you want to fail.

Subtracting Integers: (Picture Poem)
One thing,
You must,
Know about,
Integers, is that you do not subtract integers you you add its opposite. Just change the minus into
a plus,
and change,
the integer's,
sign to,
the opposite.

Adding Integers: (Haiku)
one plus one is two
just like kindergarden
There is no change.

Chapter 2:
Combining like terms and the Distributive Property

My Script:

The Stars:
Mr. Stubborn
Miss. Sunshine

Miss S.: Hello, Mr. Stubborn.  What a fine day it is.  What are you working on?
Mr S.: Hello, Miss. Sunshine. I am working on this Algebra question.  I have to simplify it.
Miss S.: What the question?
Mr S.: Why do you care?
Miss S.: Maybe I can help.
Mr S.: Fine whatever but I already have the answer.  The question is n + 3 - 5n + 12.  I know it is -6n + 15.
Miss S.: Hmmm....  That doesn't sound right.
Mr S.: It is right.
Miss S.:  It is wrong.
Mr S.: It is Right!
Miss S.: No. It is not.  The answer should be -4n + 15.  You have to group it by variables and numbers.  You add the groups together and you have the answer.
Mr S.: You're right.  I knew that.....  I was just testing you!
Miss S.:Okay.........  Any more questions?
Mr S.: Yes there is.  2 + 4(3n+4) but I know the answer to that one too.  It is 12n + 10.
Miss S.:  Wrong again.  The answer is 12n + 34.
Mr S.: What?!  No.
Miss S.: Yes.  You Multiply each number in the brackets by the number just out side of it.  So just the 4.  You add the 2 on after.  So you world get 12n + 32 + 2 after you multiply and then add the 2 to the 32 to get 12n + 34.
Mr S.: Right.  I knew that!  I was just testing you again.
Miss S.: Sure you were.  Glad to help.
Mr S.: Help.  You were only a pain in my neck.
Miss S.: Have a good day, Mr Stubborn.
Mr S.: Whatever, Miss Sunshine.

Plus, Sum
Gain, Total, Increasing
Adding numbers together
Great Positive Integers

Reduce Numbers

Scribe Post for December 9, 2008

Tuesday, December 9, 2008
Hello classmates from 8-41! (: Today I'm the scribe, HAHAHA! Anyways, today in class we started learning the words variable, constant, and terms. We also did work on simplifying expressions or equations, regrouping them, and circling the like terms.

This is what we did....

- A letter that represents a number.
-examples: y,n,t

-The integer in the question.
-examples: +9-6

-parts of the expression or equation.
examples: 3n +6

What we did next:

We simplify by collecting like terms
what Mr. Harbeck would say " Let's go shopping!"

These were examples of expressions and or equations we did with Mr. Harbeck:

Homework: Pink booklet, page 6 and page 22. (:

I hope you guys liked my scribe! If you see any mistakes, please tell me by leaving a comment behind, thank you! (: Now for the next scribe I choose..........................JAYZIE! (: HAHA, good luck!

The Great Big Book of Algebra

Adding two numbers together

Decreasing Numbers
two subtracted by one equals one
Deducting numbers

Partitive Division(Cinquain)

Quotitive Division(Haiku)
Dividing Numbers
How many twos are in six
Making a picture

Ron's Rule(Free Verse)
Ron's rule is very easy if you try
After that you will be making pie
I have to hurry I don't have much time
When you have a odd number
,of negative integers the product is negative
Hm I wonder if I can rhyme
The other part is this
If you multiply a even number of integers
,the answer is positive
Now im done....Eww I don't want a kiss

Chapter 2 : combing like terms & distributive property

Sheldon:So can you help me with some of my math questions
Henry:Ok shure im bery bery smart
Sheldon:Ok then here is the first question..... n+3-5n+12 but I think the question is -6n+15
Henry:Ummm the answer is wrong the answer is negative 4n+15 because you have to group the variables and numbers after that it should look like this -5n + n is 4
Sheldon:Then what do you do after
Henry:You add them then you get the answer -4n+15
Sheldon:Ok I get it now
Henry:Ok so whats the next question
Sheldon:Ummmm its 2+4 (3n+8) then I got the answer 12n+10 its right isn't it!
Henry:AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA.......nope its wrong
Sheldon:Then whats the answer smarty pants
Henry:Its 12n + 34 ok first you since the number 4 is touching the bracket its a multiplier so you multiply the numbers in the brackets got me so far
Sheldon:Yup then what do you do?
Henry:You multiply the 4 by 3n so the answer is 12n then with the 8 it equals 32 so your left with 2 + 12n + 32
Henry:then you group the variables and numbers so you add 32 and 2 and get 34
Sheldon:ok so you get the answer 12n + 34
Henry:yup happy now ?
Sheldon:I guess so
Henry:He look the last coffee left
Sheldon:Lets fight for it

The Great Big Book Of Algebra

Sunday, December 7, 2008
Chapter 1: Integer Poetry

Adding: Haiku

Adding integers
using various numbers
to get the answer

Subtracting: Diamante

less, minus
losing, decreasing, minimizing
deduct, diminish - increase, boost
gaining, joining, inflating
sum, amount

Partitive Division: Cinquain

divide, serve
parting, grouping, giving
sorting it all out

Quotative Division: Haiku

Distant integers
How many can go into
The total number

Ron's Rule: Free Verse

Ron's Rule is effortless
So just remember this
A negative number of signs
is a negative answer, nothing is amissAlthough this is true, there is an opposite
A positive number of signs
is a positive answer, something that causes bliss

Chapter 2 : Combining like terms and the Distributive Property


Cadence: Hi Blaise

Blaise: Hi Cadence

Cadence: What are you up to?

Blaise: Oh nothing, just some math homework. It's pretty difficult...Harbeck is brutal!

Cadence: Really? Let's take a look. The first question is n+3-5n+12

Blaise: I got..-6n+15 for that one

Blaise: Is it right?

Cadence: Yes!

Blaise: Really?

Cadence: Of course not! Let me explain.

Cadence: In a algebraic expression, you have to group the variables and numbers. The easiest way to do that is to put them in order, variab

les first. After doing this the expression should be -5n + n + 3 + 12. Got me so far?

Blaise: I think so. But what happens af

ter that?

Cadence: Once that is done and over with, you can add the variables. -5n + n is -4n , right?

Blaise: Sure, why not?

Cadence: Now lets add the numbers, an

d finish simplifying the question.

Blaise: This is simplifying?!

Cadence: Yes, what else would it be?

Blaise: I thought it was solving the problem.

Cadence: Nope. Since there is no equals sign in this question, we are merely simplifying it.

Blaise: Gotcha.

Cadence: ... Right. Carrying on. Adding the two leftover numbers, 3 and 12, we get 15. To finish answering this question, we add

both the answer from the variables and the numbers. This comes out to -4n + 15.

Blaise: Oh, I see. I now know where I went wrong.. I added the variables differently than you did. -5n + n isn't -6n, it's -4n.

Cadence: Okay, onto the next question, which is 2+4(3n+8)

Blaise: Ha, well the answer to that was obvious.

Cadence: Well then, what was it?

Blaise: 12n+10

Cadence: No, Blaise. Your wrong. Again.

Blaise: Fine then. Explain how to figure out this question.

Cadence: Okay. The first thing that you notice that is different in this question is the brackets, and the number right beside t

hem. Since this number is touching the bracket, it becomes a multiplier. This means that you multiply both the numbers inside the brackets by it. But before starting on this, lets write down the 2 +. Now lets multiply. Since the question is 2+4(3n+8) we multiply 4 by 3n, which is 12n, and 4 by 8, which is 32.

Blaise: So the result so far is 2 + 12n + 32?

Cadence: Correct. As said in the last question explanation, we have to group numbers and variables. Since there is only 1 variable in this question it will not need to be grouped, so we can just group 32 and 2. Adding these together we get 34.

Blaise: The answer is 12n + 34!

Cadence: Good job Blaise, but since you still think your a ninja, I'm a bit creeped out.

Blaise: *random dancing*

Chapter 3 : One Step Equation Solving

The Great Big Book of Algebra

Friday, December 5, 2008
Chapter One :

Adding Integers - Haiku

Combining Digits,
A number line is the key,
Sum is the answer.

Subtracting Integers - Free Verse

Take away from that,
That is what you call subtract.
Instead, change the line,
add the opposite is fine.
and maybe even better,
do the rest and you are done.

Partitive Division - Tanka

Use equal parts here,
Imagine dealing out cards.
Give some to each group.
Make sure it's equal,
That is the answer.

Quotative Division - Free Verse

Peek-A-Boo, I see you.
Find me in, a number bin.
How much of me, can you see.
Circle me how many times,
Don't worry it's not a crime.
The number of me,
Is your answer you see.

Ron's Rule - Free Verse

Ron's rule isn't hard,
Just use when multiplying.
Negative numbers,
Odd is Negative,
And just vice versa.

Thanks for reading and here's a little extra since I put this off to the last minute.
Hope you enjoy.

Chapter 2 :

Combining Like Terms and the Distributive Property.

Pog: Hey
Adalrico: Hello. How may I help you?
Pog: I'm kind of low on money as you can see from my clothes, so I was wondering if you could make me a bank account.
Adalrico: Surely I could do something. Although, in order to obtain an account, you must go through a series of questions. It's a new policy that the manager has created.
Pog: Yeah whatever, as long as I get my account. I haven't eaten in days you know.
Adalrico: Well the first question isn't that hard, and if you graduated in school, you should answer this easily.
Pog: Alright then.
Adalrico: The first question is "n+ 3 -5n +12"
Pog: Algebra huh? That rhymed, im a poet and I didn't know it.
Adalrico: Please, just answer the queastion.
Pog: Well, I remember something about this in school. Maybe if I bring the N and -5n together, so then if i have negative 5 n's, and I add the other n, that would equal to negative 6 n's (-6n). Is that right so far?
Adalrico: Just continue and I'll tell you once you get your complete answer.
Pog: Fine then. So now, I'm left with -6n +3 +12. This part is easy, I just add the 3 and 12 to get 15. So my complete answer is now, -6n +15. Is that right?
Adalrico: I'm sorry sir, but that is incorrect.
Pog: What!? Show me then if your so smart.
Adalrico: Well, the last part you did was right, the part where you got positive 15. The part where you got wrong was when you were adding the variable.
Pog: Very what?
Adalrico: The variable, the unknown number. The n.
Pog: Oh okay, so how do I do it then?
Adalrico: Well sir, as you can see, there is no negative sign in front of the n. Although, there is a negative sign in front of the 5n. So, it's a simple addition question. Add 1 positive n to 5 negative n's. What would that equal?
Pog: Uh, it would equal a number.
Adalrico: Wow, it's very simple. That equation would equal to negative 4 n's (-4n).
Pog: So the right answer would be -4n +15?
Adalrico: Precisely.
Pog: I knew it! Well, kind of.
Adalrico: Well Pog, you could still get your bank account, but you would have to answer at least one question right. Would you like another question?
Pog: Bring it on then, I'm prepared for anything you give me.
Adalrico: Very well then. Your next question is 2 +4(3n +8).
Pog: Umm, hold on, let me try and remember what to do if there is brackets. I got it! When a bracket is touching a number, you multiply the two. So 4 multiplied by 3n. I think that would equal to 12n! Now that the brackets are gone, I'm left with 2+12n+8. Since I can't add the 2 to the 12n, I add it to the positive 8. So then, that would equal positive 10!
Adalrico: Once again, you are wrong.
Pog: Are you for real?
Adalrico: Sadly, yes. You messed up when you saw the brackets. It's true that you multiply when a number is touching a bracket, but in this case, we will use the Distributive Property.
Pog: Okay then, but how does it work?
Adalrico: When a number touches a bracket, the number outside of the bracket multiplies the numbers inside the brackets. So since the number touching the bracket is +4, and one of the numbers inside of the brackets is 3n, we multiply those two.
Pog: So it would be positive 4 multiplied by 3n right?
Adalrico: Exactly, now your getting the hang of it. Do you know the answer to that?
Pog: Well, if I have 4 groups of 3n's, then I would end up with 12n's! Right?
Adalrico: Yes, now since there is one more number inside of the brackets, you multiply the four with that number inside.
Pog: So, since a positive 8 is still in the brackets, you multiply that with the positive 4. Am I correct?
Adalrico: Of course. That would equal what Pog?
Pog: Uhmm, 4 groups of positive 8 would equal, 32!
Adalrico: Correct once again. Now tell me the all the integers you have so far.
Pog: 2 +12n +32. Just like the first question, I add the same type of numbers. Since the 12n doesn't fit in with anything else, I add the other two integers.
Adalrico: So then the integers you're adding are 2 + 32.
Pog: Finally, an easy question. 2+32 would simply equal 34.
Adalrico: Do you know what to do next?
Pog: Of course, you put the two integers together and create an expression.
Adalrico: And that expression would be?
Pog: It would be positive 12n +34.
Adalrico: At last, you come up with the right answer. Even if you made mistakes, but we'll forget about that. Have you learned from your mistakes?
Pog: Yeah, now may I have my bank account, I'm getting pretty hungry.
Adalrico: Haha, sure. There, your all ready to go.

Anyways, I made two videos because my script couldn't fit on one movie.
Thanks for watching, and please comment!

Chapter Three :
is not yet done, but I'll finish this ASAP.

Chapter Four :

Here's the video that Adrian, Clarence and I made. Sorry for not describing it enough.

Great Big Book of Algebra

Adding Integers - Cinquain

more than
gain, plus, sum
more than one number

Subtracting Integers - Picture

Subtracting is very easy and kind of fun. If you get stuck
use a number line if you do that you will be just fine

Partitive - Free Verse

How many equal parts are in 2 groups when you have 6?

you have to
draw to circles for the groups
you have to
share equally
you have to
act like dealing cards
you have to
listen to me

next thing you know

Quotative - Haiku

Quotative is clear
You circle tiles that you have
That is all it is

Ron's Rule - Haiku

Two negative tiles
Makes the answer postive
Also vies-versa

HEY me and dean decides to make a rap to go along with the poems. I hope you appreciate it.

Jeremy:HEEEEEEEY you look smart want to help me out
Allan:SURE.....whats your problem
Jeremy:i have this really hard math question
Allan:whats the question?
Jeremy:its .......n+3-5n+12 i think it is -6n+15 but my friend said i was wrong can you tell me the answer
Allan:well let me think........ the answer is -4n+15
Jeremy:how do you know its -4n+15?
Allan:because......if you group like terms you get -5n+n+3+12, -5n+n is -4 and 3+12 is 15 you put it together and you get -4n+15
Jeremy:Oh i get my mistake i thought it was n+5n+3+12 so my answer was 6n+15.......okay, that explains that question, but what about 2+4(3n+8)
Allan:okay so this question has something called the distributive property. First you drop down the 2 then you multiply 4 and 3n which is positive12 after you multipy 4 and 8 which is 32 it should now be 2+12n+32.....after you should know you put like terms together which would make it 12n+2+32, and you just do simple adding 2 plus 32 is 34 and you just drop the your answer should be 12n+34
Jeremy:OH okay, that makes sense i thought you add 2 and four so i put 6 multiplied by 3 then 6 multiplied by 8 which mad my answer 18n+48 now i know i was wrong..........hey thanks for all your help by the way my name is Jeremy
Allan:well your welcome and my name is Allan

NOW the movie

Scribe Post for December 5, 2008

Hello everyone ! Today, we corrected our homework from yesterday, part C. We had to translate each English statement or sentence into mathematical form.

Here are questions 1, 4, 9, 15, 18, 23, and 24 from part C :

Question 1:
Question 4:
Question 9:
Question 15:
Question 18:
Question 23:

Question 24:

Homework : Pink booklet part I, questions 1-24 on page 90.

Now for the next scribe ..................................... G-G-G-GELLI ! Good luck ;)

Great Big book of alegebra.

Hi my name is Brenden and here are my poems.

Adding Integers

adding integers is very easy to do
all you have to do is listen

Subtracting Integers

First you have to change and then you have to ad
this way you wont be so mad.

Multiplying Integers

2 times 2 is 4
if you get this right opportunity will be at the door

Ron's Rule

Ron's rule says that if I have odd amounts of negative integers I will have negative integers if I
multiply them. I think that rule is the creme de la creme.
Dividing integers
2 divide by 2 is 1
if you did this right you are as bright as the sun
Partitive Division
Megan has 5 bags of cookies
that look like wookies
all together she has 15
and all the people think she is the math queen.
Quotative Division
Quotative divison is how many 2s in 6
the way you can show this is with sticks!


Hello son! Whats going on?

Im just going to my band practice.

That sounds like fun. But first your going to have to tell me something.

Whats that?

Can you tell me what N means?

It's a number value.

Good job son! Your very bright!

Thanks dad.

Can you solve N plus 4?

No i can't because you didn't give me the sum of the question.

Im glad you caught that. The sum is 14.

ok then N would be 10.

Great job!

How did you get that answer?

First i needed the sum.

Then I figured out what went into 4 to make 14.

Wow thats great!

Now can you tell me what N plus N multiplied by 6 is?

Can i have the sum please?


Ok....5 plus 4 equals 9 so then.....6 times 9 is......54!!

Wow son thats very good.

Oh i think the band is here.

Bye dad!

Bye son! Good luck!

Chapter 4

Great big book of algebra

adding integers

negative integers erase the positive. but positive integers create more integers

subtracting integers

subtracting integers is not so hard
because it is just adding in reverse.

positive and negative integers

beneficial, successful
gain, existent, additive
confident, helpful, loss, erase
unlucky, nonexistent, fake
subtractive, integer


quotative division is truly easy
you highlight what is there
if you can not see it all
you may want to cut your hair.

Chapter 2

Mac: hi im a Mac

PC: hi im a PC

Mac: hey PC i need some help on some algebra questions

PC: hmm... so what is the question?

Mac: it is

PC: ok so the answer is .......what?

Mac: i think the answer is -5n+n+15

PC: *pulls out a callculator* no its -4n+15

Mac: so where did i go wrong?

PC: you did not add the two N's

Mac: oh i see ok well ive got another question i need help with

PC: oh whats that?

Mac: the question is
2 + 4(3n+8)

PC: ok so what is the answer im a little slow with math

Mac: well i thing the answer is 2+7n+32

PC: it is but i thought you had to multiply the 4 and the 3n because there was a bracket and add the 2 to the 32 to make 34?

Mac: oh ya i ok then so the answer is 12n+34?

PC: ya i think that correct. was that all the math questions?

Mac: ya thats it for now

Mac & PC: goodbye every one and merry Christmas!

Chapter 3

Chapter 4

The Great Big Book Of Algebra

Haiku - Adding

I know how to add

Adding integers is fun

You can do it too

Tanka - Quotative

Dividing is hard

Not dividing is harder

You circle the squares

Then you count how many groups

Then you are done now!

Free verse - Subtraction

Subtraciting is very fun

When you know how to add one plus one

that makes it very fun

Subtracting is easy

But not for the weezy

Subtracting is impossible

But adding is possible

Free verse - Partitive

If you partitive you must share

Because sharing is caring

And caring is good

Being good is great

Great is better than being bad

And if you're bad I'll be mad

Haiku - Ron's rule

When I multiply

Odd amounts of negatives

You get negatives

Biff "Hi Mortimer, what did you do today?"

Mortimer "I went to school, nothing special."

Biff "What did you do at school today?"

Mortimer "I answered a question, n+3-5n+12."

Biff "And what was the answer Mortimer?"

Mortimer "-6n+15"

Biff "No! The answer is -4n+15."

Mortimer "Okay, chill man, chill."

Biff "Okay. I'm sorry for yelling at you. Here, I'll show you what you did wrong."

Mortimer "Aww man."

Biff "First you circle the first variable you see. Circle n and 5n."

Mortimer "Then you answer it?"

Biff "Don't try to rush me. You group them. Now the question is n-5n+12+3

Mortimer "Then you answer it?"

Biff "Then you answer it. n-5n is -4n and 12+3 is 15. The answer is now -4n+15."

Mortimer "We're done!"

Biff "Not quite. To see if you were really listening, answer this question, 2 + 4(3n+8)."

Mortimer "Umm. Is it 12n+10?"

Biff "No! What do you learn in school these days!"

Mortimer "Okay Biff, please don't hurt me!"

Biff "I won't hurt you buddy. You're my best friend. I'll show you how to do it. It's called distributive property."

Mortimer "Not another long word..."

Biff "Here's how you do it."

Mortimer "Biff I'm hungry so I'm going to grab a sand which."

Biff "You're not going anywhere until I burn this in your tiny pathetic head, you got that?"

Mortimer "O.K. I guess."

Biff "First I'll tell you the answer. 12n+34."

Mortimer "Okay, I'll say it. How'd you get that Biff?"

Biff "Well Mortimer first you circle the numbers you have to multiply in the brackets. So, you multiply 4 3n and 4 8 that's 12n and 32 then you just drop down the 2."

Mortimer "And now we solve it."

Biff "No we regroup the numbers so your question should look like this 12+32+2."

Mortimer "Now we solve it. 32+2 is 34. The answer is 12n+34, yay."

This is my xtranormal video.

Chapter 4 Algetiles

The Great Big Book of Algebra

-Chapter 1

Adding Integers; Cinquain
Easy, Simple
Combining, increasing, solving
The answer is called a sum
Subtracting Integers; Tanka
No such thing as subtracting
You end up with a minus
You invert the sign to plus
Last you add its opposite

Partitive Division; Free Verse
It's staring you right in the face
Partitive, partitive , partitive
And you dont know what to do
Just follow along with me and learn
It's simple you see,
You need to share pieces equally
You make some groups
You make some tiles
Hand them out one by one
Until you're left with nothing, nada, none
So really it's just sharing equally (:

Quotative; Haiku
Circle groups needed
In the group of tiles
See how many groups

Ron's Rule; Free verse
Ron's rule as we call it, hard?
Not at all. Easy is much better!
All you have to do is listen
Multiplying an odd number of integers
Will give you a negative answer
Multiplying an even number of integers
Will give you a postive answer
Thanks for listening!

Chapter 2 Combining like terms and the Distributive Property

Lucy: Hey, how are you doing with the math work?
Vince: I'm doing pretty good! What about yourself?
Lucy: Well actually I was wondering if you could help me with this one algebraic expression... 'n+3-5n+12'.
Vince: Hm, it's not that hard you see. All you have to do is organize the terms, you circle like terms then regroup all of it. Then you simplify.
Lucy: I think the answer is '-6n+15', am I correct?
Vince: You circled 'n' and '-5n'... You regrouped, so then the expression should be 'n-5n+3+12'. Then simplified it should be '4n+15'. There's where you went wrong! Instead of adding a positive 'n' to '-5n' you added a negative 'n', that's how you got '-6n+15'!
Lucy: Oh really?! Wow, I never realized that I have made that mistake, and the answer should be '-4n+15'? ... Thanks for helping me, if you need some help I'll be there!

*A few minutes after working in silence.

Vince: Hey, since you said you'd help me if I needed it, could you help me with just this question... '2+4(3n+8)'. I came up with the answer '12n+10'.
Lucy: This uses the distributed property: '4(3n+8)' and you use bring down 2. You have to identify your terms inside the brackets, which are '3n' and 8. Then the next step you multiply '3n' by the number 4, and 8 by 4. Then if it's properly simplified the question should now read: '2+12n+32'.
Vince: That's what I wrong! I see now, continue please.
Lucy: You then circle the like terms 2 and 32. Reorganize the expression, then combine like terms! Then answer should be '12n+32'.
Vince: Oh! Thanks for helping me solve the question!
Lucy: You're welcome!
Vince: Hey, wait!
Lucy: Yes, what?
Vince: Do you want to go to lunch together?
Lucy: Sure, of course. Thanks!

The day passes..

Chapter 3: One Step Equation Solving

Additive Equation: The first thing I did was isolate the variable by adding it's opposite; (-4). The next thing I did was to balance the equation by doing the same thing you did to one side to the other. The equation should now look like this: -4+4+n=6-4. Then I cancel out the zero pairs! Now you should be left with n=2. Verify is the next thing you do, replacing the variable with 2.

Subtractive Equation: Isolate the variable by adding the opposite of the constant; (-4). Balance it out doing the same thing to the other side: x-4+4=8. Cancel out, and you should be left with x=12. Don't forget to verify.

Multiplicitive Equation: Isolate the variable, divide by 2 on both sides so they're balanced! Then all your left with: n=8. Now all you do is verify, you replace 'n' with 8: 2(8)=16. Does that work? YEAH! 16=16

Divisive Equation: The first thing you have to do is to isolate the variable just like all the previous ones. What's the opposite of dividing by 5? Multiplying by 5! Then don't forget to balance the equation out, by doing the same thing to the other side. Zero pairs should be gone now! The last step is to verify, to make sure it's correct. 2=2

Chapter 4: Algetile Video