Sean's Integer Story

Friday, October 24, 2008

Once upon a time there was a person named Avery. One morning, Avery heard a loud noise. He stopped eating his meal, put on a jacket, and went outside. It was an alien invasion. He said "Why are you here?" the alien yelled "We want to take over the world!"
"Not on my watch." he whispered to himself. He jumped into the alien but the alien blasted him away. The alien said "We will not go away from this planet, you dumb dumb."
"What if I proved if I wasn't a dumb dumb?" Avery said in a confident voice.
"Then I will fade away and never come back." the alien said with a smile.
"Then answer these 3 questions. What is (+4)+(-3)?" Avery thought hard. He remembered the time he had 4$ and spent 3$. He had 1$ left. "It's 1."

"You're right. But how about this question? (-3)+(-3)? Avery thought even harder this time. Then he remembered again what he learned in class a week ago. He remembered the number line. So he drew a number line in he sand in front of him. "Uh. Is it (-6)?"

"Yes it is. But I can garuntee you will fail the third and final question. (+9)+(-8)!" Avery knew exactly what method to use, he just didn't know how to do it. He wanted to use integer chips. "You have 10 more seconds." the alien said. Avery started to panic. He started to sweat. When the first sweat drop fell, he looked at it. But he didn't see the sweat puddle, he saw a bunch of leaves, then he remembered how to do it

"It's (+1)!"

"Oh no!" the alien said while he was fading away. After everything was back to normal, he became the town hero and they made a statue after him.

A year passed and Avery was still town hero. Avery was bored one day so he took a walk in the park where they built the statue of him in but, he tripped on something unusual. It was a box but not an ordinary box. It was decorated with glitter, construction paper, and macoroni. He opened the box. A rainbow of numbers shot out of it. A small man with funny hair jumped out of the box.

"Finally. Someone who actually opened this old box." The small man said. "Hello, my name is Joe. I need a little favor from you."

"What kind of favor are you talking about?" Avery said.

"Okay, all you have to do is answer a simple question and I will be set free from this stuffy box."

"What do I get out of this?"

"I will give you one wish! All you have to answer is (-6)-(4)." Avery did this already. It was easy.


"Yes! Okay, here is your wish. Wait, what do you want?"

"I want." Avery thought hard and long. "Another statue of me in the town park!"

His wish came true and everything was okay.


  1. Jayzie8-41 said...

    Great job, but there is a big space at the bottom,and few grammer or spelling mistakes you can fix those up but its still good.

    October 29, 2008 at 7:45 PM  

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