Gelli's Integer Story

Sunday, October 26, 2008
Today when Lorilyn woke up she couldn't find her favourite teddy bear that she got from her mother when she was just a baby. Lorilyn couldn't live without that teddy bear if it wasn't with her. She looked everywhere in her house and outside. Lorilyn just couldn't find it anywhere. Then all of a sudden a butterfly landed on her bed saying.
" if you ever want to see your teddy bear again, solve this math question: (+2) + (+8) = __." She was thinking very hard on how to solve it and a few minutes she thought of solving it with algebra tiles. T
he answer she got was....

The butterfly said.
" That's correct! But your not done yet. You still have to answer 3 more math questions or MORE until you see your teddy bear. Now follow me and I'll show you the next math question."
So, Lorilyn followed the butterfly and stopped in front of her house. Lorilyn asked the butterfly why they stopped. The butterfly said.
" Look down. The next math question is written near the sidewalk. Go find it and solve it from there!"
So, Lorilyn looked around and finally found the math question. She looked at the question and thought really hard on how she can solve it. The math question was: (+15) + (-3) = ___. Lorilyn looked for something to write with and she found colourful chalk at the end of the sidewalk. She took that and solved it with a number line. In a few seconds, she solved it! The answer she got was...

The butterfly flew in to Lorilyn's hand and said.
" Good job! You solved the math question correctly. Now follow me and I'll show you the next math question."
As they were walking, they went to a
big, big, tree. Lorilyn said.
" What are we doing standing in front of a
big, big tree?"
The butterfly said.
" We're standing here because the next math question is on one of the big tree leaves leaf. You need to find a very
colourful tree leaf so that you can find and solve the next math question."
Lorilyn looked all around the
big, big tree but couldn't find
colourful leaf. So she sat down for a bit to get rest. While she was sitting down, she suddenly looks at her shoe and finally spots a colourful leaf. She looked at the leaf and saw the next math question. The next math question was: (+18) + (-4) = ___. Lorilyn thought really, really hard and finally solves it. The answer she got was.....

The butterfly landed on the colourful leaf and said.
" Wow, you are really smart Lorilyn! But just wait and see what the next math question you will be doing."
The butterfly and Lorilyn flew and walked towards a talking dog. His name was Freddy. The butterfly said.
" Freddy, meet Lorilyn. Now tell Lorilyn what the next math question she will be doing next."
Freddy said.
" Hi Lorilyn, the next math question you will be doing is: (-8) + (+8) + (+2) = ___. Lorilyn says.
" Thank you Freddy for telling me the next math question." Freddy says " You are very welcome!"
Lorilyn didn't really get the question at first but as she kept thinking really hard, she soon figured it out! The answer she got is....

The butterfly said.
" Good job Lorilyn! You are so smart, that I thought you weren't going to solve this math question right. But I was wrong. GOOD JOB!"
The next part of your journey of finding your
teddy bear is finding more math questions but you will be solving it differently......... TO BE CONTINUED.


"Lorilyn, now you must walk to your school playground and find the sandbox. The sandbox is the place where will you solve your next math question. This next question might be very tricky, so solve it very carefully." The butterfly said.
So, Lorilyn walked to the school playground and looked for the sandbox. Once she found it she saw the next question. It was (+4) - ( +3) = ___. This is what Lorilyn got.....

Lorilyn showed the butterfly how she solved it and what answer she got. The butterfly said.
" That's correct! Good job! I thought you would get confused on how you were going to solve this but you got it correct! GREAT JOB! (: Now the next question you will be doing is that last one. So get ready because if you don't solve this question correctly you won't be able to see your teddy bear ever again!"
Lorilyn said.
" Thank you. I thought really hard about this question so I can get solve it correctly. Now where is the next math question."
The butterfly answered and said.
"Go to the small park near your house and look for the swings."
Lorilyn went to the park and looked for the swings. She saw a glowing red swing with a letter saying the next and last math question. It read (+2) - (+6) + (-2) = ___. Lorilyn had a very hard time solving this question and had a lot of pressure on her. She didn't want to solve it wrong but she tried her very best and the answer she got was.......

The butterfly said.
" That is......CORRECT! GREAT JOB LORILYN, you finally finished solving all the math questions you have done. Now your favourite teddy bear that you have been looking for is next to the other swings on your right. Remember, don't ever loose the things that are really important to you. You are a very smart child, stay that way. I hope we see each other in the future again! Bye Lorilyn! (: "
Lorilyn said.
"Thank you for the math questions you have made me solve. They have taught me a lot and made me think of never ever loosing the important things in my life. This was a very fun adventure with you. I hope we do see each other in the future! Thank you for all your help and lessons! Bye butterfly! (: "



  1. peachy 8-41 said...

    YAY! :) Gelli finished her Integer story with big writing :) Tehe, good job, as usual. I like your big writing, and the plot to your story. :D One thing i have to say, indents, and when someone is talking, dont forget to press enter, and indent. :P HAHA. GOOD JOB ♥

    October 29, 2008 at 4:42 PM  

  2. MelaneeCuneapen 9-06 said...

    Hey Gelli you =r story is awesome.. it is cool. I also like your pictures.. They are cool

    October 31, 2008 at 1:29 PM  

  3. gelli 8-41 said...

    Thank you peachy and melanee! (: Peachy, I tried putting indents in my story but it wouldn't work, so sorry. But I did fix up the part where to press enter when someone is talking.

    November 2, 2008 at 6:05 PM  

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