Aleks S.' Scribe Post for Oct. 29

Thursday, October 30, 2008
Pretty much we discussed that at least one scribe post, the integer story, and the mean median and mode post done before we get to go to the dance. Then we did these two questions:

(+2) - (+6) + (-2)=
(-2) - (-15) + (-4)=

And we also did questions 21,22,23,27,29,30,32,35,37,39,40 on page 48, 
and questions 9,10,14,15,21,23,and 25 on page 49.

The technique we used was this-
e.g., the question is: 
(-5) - (+5) =

We would first change the minus sign to a plus sign, and change the plus in front of the five to a minus sign, and then you solve it.

(-5) + (-5) = (-10)

We do this for any problem with a minus sign.
We use this for all of the questions assigned.

s sign.


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