Scribe Post Jan 27 2009

Tuesday, January 27, 2009
Today in class we did some 2 step math problems in your purple booklet the questions I am about to do is on the pages 47 and 48.I am not very good at scribes so I will try my best at doing this scribe.One more thing,Once upon a time Clarence told Dean to pick Jayzie for scribe but then Dean was going to pick Clarence for the scribe The End! But I don't care I'll just pick ahem that person *cough* Clarence *cough* um I have some Flem sorry. (Clarence):Shuure

This is question 1 on page 47

This question is number 3 from page 47

This Question is number 1 on page 48

That's all I was able to do I know it sucks like _____ but its probably the best I can do. I probably missed like 14 things but ya know I'm not that good and my computer is so so so so slow anyways the scribe post is that guy i mentioned earlyier If you don't know then heres my story.Once upon a time Clarence told Dean to pick Jayzie for scribe but then Dean was going to pick Clarence for the scribe The End! But I don't care I'll just pick ahem that person *cough* Clarence *cough* um I have some Flem sorry. (Clarence):Shuure ok good night! :D

Clarence is going to probably get mad at me after

Scribe Post for January 26, 2009

Monday, January 26, 2009
Today in class, we went over some word problems. The word problems that we did, are located on pages 44, 45, and 46 of your purple booklet. In this scribe I will show 3 word problems, and I will explain a little bit of each, so that it makes it easy for you to do.

When you have a word problem, you must answer the word problem with the last sentence from the problem. For example: If the last sentence of a question is "Find the number", then your answer would be "The number is ____". Something like that. There is always numbers in the questions, you just have to find them. Try looking for the variable first, and then the constant. I find it easier for me.

BLUE = The variable in word problem
GREEN = The constant in word problem
RED = The operation (What you're doing to the constant.)
PINK = The answer in word problem

First Question :
Page 44, #15

The sum of eight times a number and fifteen is seven. Find the number.
The number is __
Bring down all of the numbers that you could identify, and this question should look like this.
8n + 15 = 7

The number is -1

- always end your word problem with a sentence solving the question.
For this question, the sentence is right above.

Second Question
Page 45, Letter N

Mo is thinking of a number. Eleven more than one third of the number is -1. Find Mo's number.
n/3 + 11 = -1

Mo's number is -36.

Third Question
Page 45, Letter T

NOTE - Some questions will make it harder for you to find the numbers, but just relax, and take time to find them all.

Mr. Piper's plumbing needed repairs. The plumber charged $98 for parts plus $45 per hour for labor. If the bill totaled $458, how many hours of labor were required?
45h + 98 = 458

8 hours of labor was required.

Anyways, thanks for reading. And sorry for doing such a bad job, I had to rush most of these.
The next scribe is JAYZIE.

Scribe Post for Jan.23 2009

Sunday, January 25, 2009
This is question 10 on the testThis is question 9 on the test.

This is question 2 on the testthis is question number 1 on the testthe next scribe is someone named Dean. Im sorry but atleast your done it. i hope you didnt do it yet.

Scribe post jan 22

Thursday, January 22, 2009
Hello I am today's scribe

The first fifteen minutes of class we corrected some questions from page 43 and 44

After that we learned how to do word problems. It's the first one on page 46.

Example One

1. Ken is thinking of a number. Nine more than the product of 4 and the number is 73. Fine Ken's number?

Ken's number is _______.

*For word problem you always have to write one simple sentence to get the mark.)

First you have to fine the constant
n = 73
next you have put the 4 by the n
4n =73

And then you add the 9
4n + 9 = 73

Remember there is a TEST tomorrow and it's based on your homeworks you've done this week.... and your homework for today is to finish page 43, 44. Plus you have to do page 45 (ONLY THE EQUATIONS).

and from page 46 you have to do any 4 PROBLEMS....

and the next scribe is Spiderman.... just kidding.. or the next scribe can be Mickey Mouse... jokes never mind the real next scribe is Casey.. GOOD LUCK ON IT....( Jordan says hi to everyone and me too) Hope you enjoyed my scribe!!! :)

Jan 21 Scribe Post

Wednesday, January 21, 2009
Today we looked at Subtractive and Multiplicative Two-Step equations. So remember, isolate, cancel using the opposite, balance, cancel using the opposite, and verify. Also, Pizza(the constant), hides in the closet, and gets caught first, then chicken wing (the variable), hides in the bed, and gets caught second. Also, the proper way to use the shortcut is: 
Oh, yeah, and I forgot to show it here, but you need to verify also. For the next scribble I choose Ben, unless he already did one.

Scribe Post January 20, 2009

Tuesday, January 20, 2009
Today in class, Mr.Harbeck gave us a white worksheet to complete. We had to pick two questions for part 1 & 2, and do every question for 3, 4,5. We had to draw algebra tiles to solve the equations. Then add and make sure you read the questions carefully because they don't all ask you to draw algebra tiles, but you do need to VERIFY!

1. Draw balance scales and blocks to represent each equation.

2. Draw algebra tiles to model each equation.

3. Solve each equation.

4. Show whether x=6 is the solution to each equation.

"Thanks for reading my scribe, I choose.. CASEY B"

Pay It Forward

Saturday, January 3, 2009

For my act of kindness, I'm thinking of helping anonymous people like the elderly, children, and the homeless. Some of my ideas to pay it forward was to help at an old folks home, help at the Children's Hospital, babysit for free, volunteer at a Christmas cheerboard, shovel someone's driveway, do community service, do chores at home without being told, and to donate money, clothes, or toys. I thought about going to the Children's Hospital or Calvary Place. I'm going to pay it forward during the break.

What I ended up doing was I made cards with Abby, Alyanna, Carrie, Gelli, Sutchai, and Arielle. The cards we made were about paying it forward, explaining what pay it forward is, why we are doing it, and how others can help. We all participated and equally shared the work by thinking, writing, drawing, and coloring.

On the front of each card said, "Pay it Forward" and to read before thinking to even throw it out or something similar. If you think about it, do you think you'd read something handmade made by anonymous people in the mail? Would you throw it out without even reading it? I honestly probably wouldn't take the time to read it, but maybe if it said something like, "Please read before throwing out." or "Before you even think of throwing this out, please read it." I'd probably read it. We also drew pictures on the front of the cards like flowers, cartoons, and forward symbols like the ones on a VCR. In the inside of the cards basically covered the who, what, when, where, why, and how. We also drew diagrams of one person paying it forward to three other people, each of the three paying it forward to three other people, and so on. We showed how it can spread quickly to many people and around the world. We also attached a lollipop to each of the cards to show our appreciation to pay it forward. We put the cards into mailboxes of unknown people.

I felt that I have done a good deed by spreading the message to others. I also felt like watching someone open their door and read what we had left in their mailbox and how they would react. I think the people whom I have given it to would have probably had a happy feeling reading the card and had a smile on their face wondering who had made the cards. I'm hoping that the people who received the cards actually read it and don't tend on throwing it out. I hope that they also pay it forward to help us spread the message.

Do I think that one person can make a difference? I know someone can make difference, it may not be a huge difference like to stop global warming but everyone counts. Even if that difference is very little, it will continue to grow no matter how small it may be. It is almost like a tree, it'll start out small and it will take time for it to grow, but in the end it is a large beautiful tree, and all the waiting really paid off. I think if you really believe in yourself that you can make a difference in our world and that you never give up, you will make a difference. No matter who you are. Age? Size? Culture? Ethnicity? That all doesn't matter, what matters is what is in you! Every little difference can make a HUGE DIFFERENCE! EVERY PERSON COUNTS!

Scribe Post Jan 19 2009

Monday, January 19, 2009
The things we did in todays class Mr. Harbeck talked to us about the movie thing and two step algebra.


-isolate the variable
-cancel using the opposite
-cancel using opposite

*talking about chicken wings..*

two ways you could solve this

-1 -1
/2 /2


*talking about clerance about planting trees in the break because he said that he wastes too much trees.*

-2 -1 __
n=4 divide by 2



*He's talking about random thing right now..*




I think I'm done noow? Hope some people will learn from this? or not, kinda sucks but whatever. Tried my best to explain it. Just copyed what Mr. Harbeck put on the board and kinda forgot what he was talking about.. laater !

Scribe Post for January 14th 2009

Wednesday, January 14, 2009
On our previous math test there were questions involving adding, subtracting, multiplying, and dividing. The questions were all algebra questions.

I will show you the anwser's I got and then the correct anwser.

Question 5...-n/3=6..Division question

My anwser... 18/3=3
Correct anwser...
-n/1=18/1 n= -18

Question 13..-n=25...Multiplicitive question

My anwser... -n=25
Correct anwser...
(-1)n/-1= 25/-1

Question 15..n-3n=18..subtraction question

My anwser...
3-3 x6=18

Correct anwser...

Question 16...-9+6=n=2n...additoin question

My anwser...

Correct anwser...

There is my test scribe I hope it was good enough for you people...anyway for the next scribe I choose... Jayzie GOOD LUCK!!!

test scribe

Tuesday, January 13, 2009
Hey it's me Jeff and here is my scribe for the upcoming test on algebra :)





Sutchai's Scribe Post for January 12, 2008

Monday, January 12, 2009
Today, in class we went over a couple of questions from the weekend's homework. We've been given ten more questions to do for homework today. I've been asked to do any four of those questions.

The first question I choosed was, n-6=14. So first, I isolated the variable. Since there was a -6, I put a +6, and since I did it to the left side, I must do it on the right side. -6 and +6 cancel eachother out, so we get n. And on the right side, 14 and +6 = 20 so, the equation is now n=20. We have to verify, so first, write the original question down, n-6=14 and then instead of putting n, write down what n equaled to. 20-6=14, both of them equal 14, so then at last, put 14=14.
The second question I chose was 12n=48.

Okay, I'm going to simply draw the steps since I pretty much explained it to you already on the first question that I chose.

The third question I chose was n+9=-4.

And the last question I chose was -9+n=17
Okay, so I've explained to you how to Isolate, Cancel Out, Balance, and Verify. I've taken pictures for you to see my examples. I think I'm pretty much done. OH! AND! I found out from Maeddah that there are three test questions that Mr.Harbeck posted in the comments on his stuff that he posted today. I'm sorry if you don't get to see this. I know I'm doing this really late. It's actually 11:11 now. LOL! Well, I guess your wondering, who is the next scribe? Umm... Hmm... I pick...Aleksander Schuman. I just picked a random person off of the scribe list. Well, tata for now ! :)

Scribe Post for January 9, 2009

Sunday, January 11, 2009
Well I guess I'm the scribe today (: In class we were talking about a few questions . Here are some of the questions we talked about .

1st step: Is to rewrite the question.

2nd step: Group! Then you find the answer.

Here's another question we worked on. -2n=6

I was stumped on this question, and I think I still am, but im going to try my best to explain.

First of all you CAN'T have a negative 'n'! It's like nothing = something, it's not right!

So, you have to change it to a positive. How? You switch negative 'n' to positive and and change the positive 3 to a negative 3.

"If you have a '-n' that is (-1)n. You must multiply each side by (-1)"

(-1) - n = 5 (-1) and that equals: n = (- 5)

Other than the stuff about changing negative n to positive n, there's one more thing that I almost forgot.

1/2n=5 ..&.. n/2=5 : They are the same thing. Just simplify, it makes it easier!

I'm soo sorry if you guys don't like my scribe post :( It was rushed, I'm soo busy. Please let me know if there's any mistakes, because I know there are many! I, myself don't like my scribe post so I'll update it when I have time. I'm sorry if it didn't meet your expectations... I still need to study it, so I can understand it better.

Well, ANYWAYS .. The next scribe is .... Ben, if you didn't already do one.

Scribe Post for January 7, 2008

Wednesday, January 7, 2009
Hello classmates from 8-41 ! (: Well, today I'm the scribe. Anyways. today in class we corrected the homework from yesterday. It`s the ones from the barn door booklet. Here are some of the questions.

Here are the steps for solving an algebraic equation:

First, you must isolate the variable.
Second, you must cancel by using the opposite.
Third, you must balance so the other side is the same as the other.
Finally, you must verify (substitute).

Here's another one.

There`s more questions but I just pick 2. One`s an additive and the other`s subtractive equation. :) After correcting the questions, Mr. Harbeck gave us homework. Talking about homework, we have to answer these questions before 9:00 o`clock TOMORROW!

I hope you guys liked my scribe! (; If you see any mistakes, please comment on this, thank you! :) Now for the next scribe I choose is...........................................CARRIE ! :P HAHA, good luck !

Scribe Post For Jan. 6

Okay so this is going to be kind of hard since i was hardly there for the class but I'm going to use the notes from my friend. So Mr. Harbeck was talking about how to use integer tiles. First you have to draw it out...something like this
then you are supposed to isolate the variable. Or in this case the over sized green block. To isolate the variable you add the opposite to the constant. So you add negative 3 which is the opposite of positive 3. But since we have to balance each side you have to add a negative 3 to the other side. Like this.....after you add the opposite you find the zero pairs. Which cancel each other out, like this..So you bring down the variable(the green block) which should equal 3. But your not done yet you still have to verify your answer to get more marks. To verify you take the answer of "n" which is 3. You take the 3 and you replace the "n" which would look like this...
So yeah i think that's it...Sorry if i missed anything, or did anything wrong its was kind of hard not being there and doing a scribe but yeah I'm done hope it helps.

Melanee's Pay It Forward

Tuesday, January 6, 2009
For my act of kindness, i shoveled the backlane when the garage door is because he goes to work really late ar night or sould i say when it is still dark in the morning. Plus it snowed so much he probably wouldn't be able to stay out there for long. So when he comes home from work all he want's is a good rest. When he reached home he asked me and my sister who soveled the backlane and my sister almost told him that i was the one who did it. i felt really good.

It felt go to see a smile on my dad's face. plus when he ask who did shoveled i just told maybe someone else did then told him to pay it forword. he didn,t attention to what i said but he kept on smile all the time.

I think on person can make a big difference in the world because if they actually cared about other people in the world the would pay it forward. This tought me a lot and it also feel's go to help someone and make them smile.

(sorry for not having a picture. i couldn't upload it. It said it was some kind of error or something.)

Pay it forward

this is me typeing a letter to a soldier

and this is the walk i cleared but i forgot to take a picture while i was actualy doing it.
over the holiday i did alot of thing that i could of taken pictures of but i dident because i felt i should only take photos of the best and most helpful thing i did. and over the winter i shuvoled walks and gave people cards with the "pay it forward" saying on it amd the description of what it ment included on the bottem.
i waited until the most helpful thing happend so i went and sent a letter to a soldier.

This is how i payed it forward

Pay It Forward

Monday, January 5, 2009
I don't have any pictures to share because my camera is broken.

This year for the first time since I have moved to Winnipeg I was home for the winter break and not in Ottawa. I planned on shoveling a few of my neighbours walkways each time it snowed heavily. I would start as soon as possible.

What happened was that my next door neighbour was going away to Alberta for the holiday and she asked my mother if she could watch over the her house. Like collect her mail and shoveling her walkway. I volunteered to do it for her. It was nice to be able to do something for like this for my neighbour. She is in her late 80's or early 90's so I didn't ask her to 'Pay it Forward' like I should have because she is very old and I wouldn't be surprised if she has done favours for others with out anything in return.

One person can make a difference. Atleast that is what I think. If you work hard enough it can happen one wat or another and it all has to start with one person for it to get anywhere at all.

My scribe post .

Hey everyone ! this is my scribe post for today .
Today we made a new algebra booklet !

l______l = l______l - Isolate the variable .

l__n+7__l = l__10__l
^ ^ ^ ^
Variable, constant answer - cancel by using the OPPOSITE .

- balance .
- verify .

Pink Page !

n+7 = 10
n ''+7 -7'' = 10 -7

n + 4 = 1

Yellow Page !



Pay It Forward

For my pay it forward, me, Nichole, and Nicole N. helped a puppy, from the humane society since the puppy wasn't used to people yet, so he couldn't be adopted. We visited him so often that he got used to us and soon enough he got adopted! Well even with the new home, we helped the owner with training, and taking care of him, the owner named him Speedy.

This is when we first visited him at his foster home

I also helped out on shoveling, my back lane so that cars can get in and out safely

When I helped the puppy, I told the owner, the story about Pay It Forward, he said it was a great project, and that our school is doing a great deed, and pitched in by donating to the homeless shelter. He also said Speedy would be paying it forward, by making a family happy. When I was shoveling, my neighbors garage she came out with a shovel shocked to see me shoveling, she asked me why I was doing this I explained to her about the pay it forward project and what she could do to help, turns out, she had already been paying it forward, by working at a homeless shelter! Well, I learned just by doing one small thing, you could be doing someone else, a BIG favor.

Pay It Forward

Sunday, January 4, 2009
For my assignment, I am going to help my family, or even people that I don't even know. I might shovel a yard, or even volunteer somewhere. I could be doing a good deed in the piercing cold winds, or by helping people in the comfort of a warm home. I will be doing this throughout my winter break. Whatever I end up doing, I know it will help, and I hope it continues so I could truly make a difference.



As you can see, for my good deeds, I shoveled snow, twice actually, and I masqueraded as Santa. First off, I was only suppose to shovel once. So I shoveled this stranger's backyard. It turned out to be quite tiring, but it was worth it, knowing that I (hopefully) made someone happy. Then, the next day, there was a terrible snowstorm. The snow was plenty of inches high, and I knew that I had to shovel more. When I got home, I saw that my mom's driveway was engulfed in snow. Out of kindness, I decided to clean it up. I even got my cousin to take pictures of me. Just when I thought I was done, I was reminiscing about this winter break. If there was any other good deeds that I did without me knowing. And then it came to me. I remembered about Christmas Eve, when I dressed up as Santa. I know it doesn't seem like a good deed, but when you actually try it, you know that it is. Being Santa made my family's Christmas a whole lot better. It brought us that Christmas spirit that were too old enough to bring out. It was pretty fun, and it made my family smile a lot. When I did these deeds, it made me feel incredible. Knowing that I am going to help someone just means a lot. Although, I did not ask any of these people to pay it forward, except for my mom (who was actually pretty happy that I shoveled). The reason why I didn't ask them to pay it forward was because, knowing that someone made them smile would probably mean more to them, than someone telling them to do something.

One person, could do a lot of things. Just think of all the people that helped our world. They probably didn't do what they did because they were told to, they probably did it because they wanted to. And that's what pay it forward is all about. One person, making a difference. Not because he has to, but because he wants to.

Thanks for reading, and please comment!

Pay It Forward

I am going to help my neighbours by writing thoughtful cards for them, or shoveling their driveway. I can also help by doing chores at home without being asked, or babysitting and telling my parents to have a night off. I can volunteer at charities or christmas cheerboard and at the Children's Hospital. I can help these people, whenever I think they need to be helped. Or I can help them when I have something I don't really need to do.

What happened was that I helped an employee at a clothing store because most of the customers left the clothes in the fitting rooms and also would toss them in a pile. I didn't really say anything to the him but I took the clothes in the pile and started to fold them. I felt happy that I was able to make his job easier. I felt kind of excited and glad because now he didn't need to waste a lot of time on folding and sorting out the clothes. He reacted by smiling at me and saying that it was okay and that he could fold the clothes by himself. But I didn't listen to him, and kept on silently folding the clothes. After I was done folding them, I sorted them out into groups (jeans with jeans, shirts with shirts) and just left them on the table. The person smiled at me and said 'thank you' before I left. No, I didn't ask the person to pay it forward, because I forgot that I was doing a project, until afterwards when I realized that I should have told him about my project.
One person can make a big difference in the world. If I start doing something kind, other people will learn from my acts of kindness, and it will rub off on them, like a disease. So that they have no choice to spread it to other people, until the whole world is involved. That's how charities began and that's how foundations began, all by one person trying to make a difference.