Integer story

Friday, October 24, 2008

Hi, This is a story about a girl who didnt know she loved math in the end..loved integers.....her name is Britt. One day she was walking down the street and what a surprise her math teacher came up to her and said britt if you solve this integer question on this nice white paper I will boost your math mark up. She said okay. What is it.....its (+6)+(+7)=13......So she went and did her solving down on a paper......there "yeah" I completed it.Then she brought it to the teacher the next day and he said well done Britt now your make got boosted up. After school was over her friend came up to her and said wow you are good at integers. She said thank you. The next day her best friend named Sarah saw her and said can you help me solve this problem. She said ok but only this once. Ok sarah said the problem is (-7)+(+7)=............mmm..brit says lets see you have a positive and a negative so thats called a zero pair. The answer is 0! said thanks Britt you really helped that was an easy question. So Britt was so proud of herself that she screamed I CAN SOLVE INTEGER PROBLEMS!!!! When she was on her way to her house she saw a stray dog with puppies across the road near the green hill. Britt stoped and said mmm....I wonder If I would be able to help them. She left and said "puppies dont worry" ill be back tommorrow. So she asked her mom if she could keep them. Her mother said yes but you can only have three......but mom there is five puppies and the mother..mother says ok you can have three and keep the the mom says there is 6 in total. We will find a home for them.....yeepie!!! she screamed. So she brought them home. Britts mom put up signs to see If anybody wanted a puppy! Someone came to there house and said I would like to have a puppy they said sure...While the lady was picking which one or which ones she wanted ...Britt said hey I can do a problem about the puppies.So the lady made her decision and said ill take both. Britts mom said ok. They all said there goodbyes.Then britt went to her room and said lets solve how many there were to now of how many are gone. The problem is (+5) -(-2)=-3...wait a minute thats how many im keeping plus the mother dog....nice I can get a A+ on my math test tommorrow. After on her way to school it was her math test the problem was (-7)+(+8)=0 She has finished now and when she got her test back the next day she got an...a...A++. She was so happy that she would help anyone with there homework for a whole week.

To be continued.......
After reading the story here is all the problems she solved....Here is her thinking...

First problem.. Second problem.

Third problem..Fourht problem...


  1. Anonymous said...

    Hey Nicole! Here's my comment for your story..well, mostly corrections. But I hope it helps anyways.

    At the beginning of your story, there is a LOT of extra white space. If you deleted all of that, it would make the story look a lot neater!

    Britt now your make got boosted up.

    Should be: mark, not make

    In your story, there is no paragraphs. Try indenting when people talk, and when there is a new question being solved!

    P.S. If only Mr.Harbeck would boost our mark if we solved one question, Eh? :P

    November 4, 2008 at 7:27 PM  

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