Dean's Integer Story

Wednesday, October 29, 2008
Once upon a time in the far off land of Tribalville lived a guy named Bob. He was into dancing, bboying to be specific. He was fairly good at it, but he couldn't hit those hard moves. Bob was tremendously sad, so he decided to take a walk outside and cool off. That's when he saw it. There was a poster pinned onto a electricity pole. It read, "ABC, A Bboy Competition, sign up today! Call 123-4567 for details." He got out his cell and called right away. Bob thought that this was a great opportunity to try out new things.

On the day of the competition, Bob was all pumped up and ready for whatever came at him. When he arrived at the building, Bob wanted to try some new stuff before he battled. As he was about to try some new stuff, the attendant stopped him. She said that he was up first and had to be there as soon as possible. So instead of practicing he decided to try and wish. He said "If anyone can hear me, I wish I would be better at bboying." At an instant, a green fog appeared, and right in front of him stood a genie. The genie said "My young boy, if you want the moves you wish for, you must answer this. He stuck out his index finger, and drew an equation in mid air (and somehow it worked).

(+8) + (-4) = ?

Bob remembered integers when he was a few years younger so this was no problem for him. He simply drew in the air the answer.

The genie was astounded at his work so he granted him his wish. At that moment, Bob felt a little more confident just because he knew he could bboy better than before. During the battle Bob pulled off some really good moves, and ended up winning that one battle with flying colours. Even if he won one battle, it wasn't enough to win the whole competition.

His next battle determined who went into the semi-finals. If he wanted to win he would have to step his game up. He called upon the genie by saying "I wish I could do better at bboying."

Once again, the green fog appeared and the genie came and started talking. Obnoxiously the genie said "What do you want now?"

Bob replied by saying, "I want to be better at bboying please." The genie was very annoyed for his calling but it was his job so he had to do it.

"Alright then." the genie said. Answer this question.

(+4) + (+9) = ?

Before Bob could answer the genie said "This time, you can't use dots."

Bob was in shock because that was the easiest way. He thought hard and tried to think of a different way to solve the equation. He remembered, number lines!

The genie was flabbergasted at the accomplishment of Bob. The genie decided that Bob did deserve to be better. At once, the genie granted him his wish and once again Bob was better than before. Just as the genie went away, the battle started.

Bob was astounded at what he could do now. He could do crazy powermoves at the clap of a hand. When it was his turn to do his set, he did swipes, windmills, all of the basic powermoves. The end result was Bob winning yet again. Bob was jubilant at the thought of him winning, but to do that he would definitely have to do better. The competition he was in consisted of some of the best bboys around.

Bob was freaking out because he knew that the next bboy he was about to battle was 10 times better. He decided to call the genie again. "I wish I can be better at bboying" Bob said for the third time.

The green fog appeared as usual, and the genie appeared. He seemed to be very grumpy as he decided not to greet Bob. All he said was "What now?"

Bob said "genie, can you make me better at
bboying yet again?"

The genie replied by saying "Young Bob, you are already very good and if you want to become even better, you must answer this question. Although, the question will be tough. You cannot solve it by using a number line or dots. You must find one other way. That being said, your question is this.

(-17) + (+17) = ?

Bob was shocked. He couldn't use a number line or dots. Those two were the only two he could think of. He sat there thinking very hard. "The numbers are pretty big, but they are opposites. What could I do with an opposite?" he thought. He remembered at an instant. "Zero pairs!" he shouted.

The genie was once again, flabbergasted. Even so, the genie seemed to be smiling in an evil way. He started laughing crazily. The genie started talking "Now that I gave you your 3 wishes, I get a favour in return.

Bob was in shock, and said "you didn't tell me that! That's not fair genie."

The genie replied, "that's the whole point to this, be careful for what you wish for because you might have to do something in return. I gave you your wish, now it's my turn."



  1. Joseph 8-41 said...

    That's a pretty good story.
    I dont really know what to comment on..........

    October 30, 2008 at 10:01 PM  

  2. MelaneeC8-41 said...

    Hey your picture's are pretty cool... GOOD STORY

    October 31, 2008 at 1:27 PM  

  3. Anonymous said...

    Yoo, Dean I like your story. It's very well done! You better read mine... Or else. Jooke! Taaha (;
    --Carrie Tanafranca.

    November 2, 2008 at 2:04 PM  

  4. kuung 841 said...

    Where's the rest of your story, DEAN?! :0

    November 12, 2008 at 8:17 PM  

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