Krissia's Integer Story

Sunday, October 26, 2008
It was a typical day at Integeria Island. Pablo woke up at 6:30 in the morning like always and got dressed up to go to school. After eating his breakfast, he went to pick up his friend Austin so they could walk together. On his way to Austin's house, Pablo tripped over a rock and rolled down the hill. When he stopped, he bumped into a tree. When he woke up, he didn't know where he was and he was really scared. Then he noticed the tree saying something. Then Pablo asked the tree which way is the path from here. The tree said "if you solve this question I'll show you the way out of these woods and get back to the path" and still pick up Austin on time for school. So, the tree asked Pablo what was (-8)+(+8)+(-2)= what ? It was a standard integer question!
Pablo tried so hard to answer it because he was going to have a test about integers at school that day. Pablo really tried to answer the question and he got (-2). Pablo told the tree that it was (-2) and the tree said that he was right. Then Pablo was happy that he got it right. So the tree showed Pablo which way to go.

On his way back to the path he took a little rest because it was a little bit hot. While he was sitting down, he saw a little stream. He went to where the stream and took a sip of the cold spring water. When he took a sip of water, he saw another integer question but this time he has to answer on a number line. And it says (+4)+(-5)= ? Pablo answered this one too and he got (-1) and he got it right again. When he answered the question, he left and got back to the path.

When he got to his friend Austin's house. When he knocked on the door he noticed a brush filled with rose flowers and they were pretty. Beside that bush he saw another integer question and the question says that if he answers this question he will get better when answering integer questions. So, Pablo was trying to answer this question and it says (+6)+(-2)= ? Pablo tried so hard but he couldn't answer this question. So he knocked on Austin's door and he answered. Pablo asked if he could him with the integer question that was outside his home. So they tried to answer this question with the relation of money. So Pablo said "If you have 6 dollars and you owe my 2" Then he asked "How much do you have left?" Then Austin answered "Then I only have 5 dollars left." Then they both said that the answer is (+5). And there were right and also improving in math. After answering that question they were really happy. They were happy that they answered it right and they are really improving on answering integer questions.When they were walking to school they suddenly saw a little box at the edge of th path and it says "What is (-7)+(+2)
equals to?" This question was a hard one too because they are still learning how to use the integer chips at school and they wanted to use the integer chips on this one. But they still tried to use the integer chips. It was really hard but they answered it anyway and they got (-5). It was (-5) and they started jumping because they didn't know how to use the integers chip but they tried, so they got the right answer.

After jumping so happily they noticed that Austin forgot his backpack at home. So they went running back to Austin's house because they didn't want to miss school and especially they don't want to miss their math test...
On their way back to Austin's house as fast as they can. "Hurry up Pablo before my parents leave the house!" Austin's said. When they got to the house, they knock on the door and no one answer. They a bird flew over them and dropped a piece or paper. It read: If you answer this question, you will find the key to the door. What is 9-23=__ So austins thought about it and yelled the answer. "The answer is -14" Then the bush and the side started to flash. "There's the key!" Pablo yelled. He quickly grapped it and gave it to Austin. He opened the door and quickly ran upstairs to his room and look for his backpack. When he found it he quickly ran downstairs. They quickly ran outside to lock the door but they can't. Then they found another piece of paper and it read: You must answer this question and the door will lock. What is -10-3+8-2+__ Austin and Pablo thought about it and they got -7. Then this time it was Pablo who yelled it and he yelled "The answer is -7!" The door closes and they got back to school safely and did the math test and they past. I think it's finish.. THE END


  1. peachy 8-41 said...

    EW, MATH TEST! HAHA, just kidding Harbeck! :) Anyway, :D I like your story, tehehe. and I like your pictures. I was hoping that the ending would be a cliff hanger, so that people would be more interested for then next part of the story. But your endings good too. :) Good job!

    October 29, 2008 at 4:41 PM  

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