Renz's int. story W.Workshop

Friday, October 24, 2008
This is a story of a boy named Elrick and his first time into a new school. Elrick was in grade 8 and he was different because everyone was a positive but he was the only one that was a negative in the school so everyone thought he was weird. But one day he met a kid named Zero and he also felt alone because like Elrick. So then one day both Elrick and Zero was being bothered by other kids and then when they were both being bothered and trying to run away from the other kids they both bumped into each other accidentally and they met and they also knew that they were both different and they were both being chased by kids because they're different so they decided to help each other out. After some serious planning they now nkew how to avoid the positive bullies and fit in both at the same time. So after they left their hiding spot they went exploring around the school and waited till the bus arrived to take them home and that's how they met.

The next day at school on their free time they decided to go exploring again but this time they found something inside the closed that they met in "it was a secret passage way" so then they opened the passage way and went inside to look around they were looking around for about 2 and a half hours then they found a chest, so they opened it when they opened it out came some sort of spirit telling them that "if they answer the following integer questions right they could get what ever they wanted to and some ideas floated by both of their head but then they thought will they be able to answer the following questions?. Elrick and Zero both didn't hesitate and answered the question then the mysterious creature said "The question you need to answer is (-10)+(+15)+(-57)........... Will they be answer or won't they... What are they gonna wish for? .. Stay tuned to find out.. To be continued.........


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