Sutchai's Integer Story

Friday, October 24, 2008
Once upon a time, there was a girl named Chanel. She always had things that had her name on it. It was either engraved, or printed, but never written. Her parents were the ones that always paid for her name to get engraved on her items. So her parents always gave her a math integer question to do to earn her way there.

Chanel wanted her name engraved on a bracelet. She then told her parents. Her parents gave her an integer question to solve using a number line. The question was (+3) + (-2) = ? Chanel thought about it, and this is what she came up with:
Her parents looked over her work, and told her it was correct, so Chanel got her bracelet that she wanted with her name engraved on it!

The next day she went shopping with her parents, and she saw these beautiful pair of jeans that she wanted. So she asked her parents if she could get them. Her Mom said, "We will go home and I will give you an integer question, and if you could solve it with integer chips, I will buy them for you, and get your name sewed on it for you." So Chanel's mom gave Chanel an integer question. The question was, (-5) + (+8) = ? Her mom had told her that coloured in chips stand for positive and non-coloured chips stand for negative. Chanel used integer chips and came up with an answer: It turns out, her answer was correct. So they went to the mall and got her those pair of jeans with her name sewed on it.

Chanel had a laptop, but somehow, she didnt have her name on it. She asked her dad is he can go get it printed on her laptop for her. He said, "I will, but only if you answer this integer question with using the words, I have and I owe". Chanel's Dad told her that "I have" stood for positive, and "I owe" stood for negative. The question was, (+13) + (-10) = ? Chanel thought hard for a minute. But she eventually came up with an answer, here's her answer:
Chanel's Dad checked her work, and told her it was...correct! She was so happy that she got her laptop with her name printed on it.

Next thing you know, Chanel's cell phone rings. She picks it up, it was just her friend, calling about school homework. When Chanel got off of her phone, she looked at it, and realized that she didnt have her name on her phone either. So the next day, Chanel asked her parents if she could get her name printed on her phone. Both of her parents said to answer this integer question without using, a number line, integer chips, or the words I have and I owe. The question was (+5) + (-2) + (-5) = ? Chanel looked at her parents and said "Wow!". But she thought really hard about it, and realized it wasnt hard at all. She looked at the question real close, and took out the zero pairs, and came up with her answer:
Chanel got her answer correct! Her parents got her cell phone with her name on it. Chanel was sure that there was still way more items that she was going to want to get engraved, printed or sewed on.
To Be Continued...
The following week, Chanel, was cleaning up her room. She was trying to look for her favourite stuffed bear. She searched and searched for about an hour. She finally found her stuffed bear. She was so happy that she took the time to look for her bear, because in the end, it was all worth it. Then she took a look at her bear and, said, "Berry, I love-" , and then she looked at him, "Hey, wait a minute, my name isn't on you! Oh no no no, this won't do." So she went to her parents and asked them, "Can I get my name sewed on Berry?". Chanel's Mom looked at Chanel's Dad and said, "Why not?". Let's give her an integer question first. The question was, (+5) - (-8) = ? Chanel realized, it was no longer addition. So she sat there. She came up with a solution. She would add zero pairs using integer chips. Heres what Chanel's paper looked like:"Looks like her work is correct!" said Chanel's Dad. So they went and got her name sewed on Berry.

When Chanel got home, she continued to clean up her room. She cleaned and cleaned for another hour, and when she was done, she took a little nap. She woke up, she was just lying in her bed because she was too lazy to get up. and then she looked around. She looked at her blanket and thought, " blanket doesnt have my name." She got up, ran downstairs, and said to her Dad, "Dad! Guess what? My blanket doesnt have my name on it!" Her Dad looked at her and said, "And...?" Chanel said, "Dad!, I want my name sewed on it, duh!" He smiled and said, "Alright, but only if you can answer this integer question right". 7-(-2)+8 = ? She said, "Woah, adding and subtracting? Well, adding is easier than subtracting, so I'll change all the subtraction to addition. Wait, how will I do that? Hmm...oh! I can use the opposite to make a zero pair." This is what Chanel came up with:
Chanel's Dad looked over her work and said, "Good job! You're correct!" Chanel said, "Awesome!" So Chanel's Dad and Chanel went to get her name sewed on her blanket.
To Be Continued...


  1. mbale 8-41 said...

    GOOD JOB BEST FRIEND! Very Creative. :D I can't wait till you add part 2 in it! :)

    October 29, 2008 at 9:19 PM  

  2. ochoa 8-41 said...

    Hello Sutchai! Good Job, I can see you worked really hard on your story. It's very nice.

    October 29, 2008 at 11:10 PM  

  3. kuung 841 said...

    I love your story too Sutchai! :) ROFL, obsessed with putting her name on everything! I'm kidding, but it's a really funny story and creative too. I like your pictures too, they're so organized. You might want to capitalize words at the beginning when someone's saying things. But either than that, i can't find anything wrong :D Sorry my comment is long ..

    November 3, 2008 at 6:00 PM  

  4. sayyouknow 8-41 said... This comment has been removed by the author.

    November 3, 2008 at 9:08 PM  

  5. sayyouknow 8-41 said...

    Hey Sutchai! (: You did a GREAT JOB on your story, but you had a couple of mistakes.

    Her Mom said, "we will go home and I will give you an integer question, and if you could solve it with integer chips, I will buy them for you, and get your name sewed on it for you".
    - 'Mom' doesn't need to be capitalized.
    - 'we' should be capitalized.
    - The period should be inside the quotation marks.

    Overall, it was very well done and you could really see the effort you put into your story! You did a good job on your pictures as well! :D

    November 3, 2008 at 9:09 PM  

  6. sutchaisana 8-41 said...

    Thank you Hanbit! I realized that myself, that's why I asked Ms.Lee in class today. You're the first person that told me what to fix. :)

    So, I fixed my capitalization in the quotations, when somebody says something. I proof-read and I'm pretty sure that everything else is fine.

    November 3, 2008 at 11:00 PM  

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