Jayzie's Integer story

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Once there was a guy named Sheldon he had two friends named Pedro and George.They lived in a small village called Mangoloi other people from other villages took there food so they went to get back some food and went on a small adventure.They came upon a apple tree they noticed that there was few left one apple fell off and said "You must answer my question so you can eat me and the other apples that are left".The question wasit took a while for them but they answered it,Pedro and George said "They answer is negative 6" the apple said "That is correct" so he let Pedro and George get the the talking apple and the rest of the apples.Pedro and George saw it was getting late so they slept inside a small cave.

Beside the cave there was a river so they gathered some water for them to drink because they were thirsty.The next day there was fish in the river so while George was still sleeping Pedro went to the river a fish popped up and said "What are you doing here?"Pedro replied"Um because I was trying to get one of you for my starving village".The fish was thinking of a question"If you want one of us for your staving village then you must answer this question"Pedro was tired of answering question but he stilled answered it"That one is easy that equals.................positive 5"the fish nodded his head yes.Then Pedro got some fish for his starving family.George woke up and saw that Pedro got some fish he was happy so he gave him a high five.They wanted to get to some more food"Pedro this is the last stop the villagers are probably worried about us"George said"OK then"Pedro said.

They went on for one last stop and found a Bee nest full of honey a bee came out guarding the honey and yelled in a small voice "Hey stay away or I will sting you I guess you want some honey"George and Pedro said"Yeah of course" "OK then answer this question then" "Oh he gave us a tricky one......................" Pedro thought.George was grinning he knew the question"That equals negative 21" "Yes that is right here is the honey you wanted"The bee shouted they got the honey and Pedro and George was happy but they were lost.

To be Continued.......................................................


  1. peachy 8-41 said...

    Good job jayzie! But where's your pictures? ;) Tehe, anyway. Uhm, make sure you leave spaces between the periods and the start of a new paragraph! :) And, when someones talking.. also remember to press enter and indent it! :D Other than that, good job. :D

    October 29, 2008 at 4:39 PM  

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