Jayden's Integer story

Friday, October 24, 2008
Once upon a time there was a kid named Jack he was not the best at math. Jack woke up the next morning and went to the grocery store when he stumbled over a curb and on the grass beside the curb he discovered an integer question...


He solved the question using integer chips but he could not solve it by himself so he went next door and got his friend Joe who was also not very bright. So for about 5 minutes they stood there and wondered what the awnser could be. After a little while he figured out that the awnser was (+6). (++)+(++++)

So he continued his journey to the grocery store when all of the sudden he ran into the fire hydrant. Then he saw and integer question flow out of the side... this time he solved the question by just using standard form because the question was so simple it was...


Since this question was so simple it only took Jack 10 seconds to anwser because he only used standard form to get his anwser. And ofcourse the anwser was (+2)

So he continued his journey to the grocery store when just in front of the store he tripped over a speed bump. On the other side of the speed bump he saw an integer question and the questoin was...


He solved this one using a number line. I took him about 3 minutes to solve and after he discovered that the anwser was (0).

As he started to walk home and he almost got all the way home without having to anwser anymore questions but just as he was going up the stairs you guessed it he tripped over a stair. On the stair was the integer question which was...


He solved this final question using add the oppisites.





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