Jessica's Integer Story

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Lights were flashing every where, people were scattered around having fun, eating and laughing. It was noisy, very noisy but what could you expect when at a Carnival. People were always laughing and screaming on rides or with friends.

Anastasia, our main character here was celebrating her birthday with her friends, which names are Emily and Danielle. They were having so much fun. They had just ridden the biggest and fastest roller coaster an even eight times. Now they were hungry and wanted to try there luck at the games.

They headed over to the nearest food stand. They where going to get some pizza and drinks. "Hello. What can I get you?" Said the kind man in the trailer, at the cash.

Anastasia, being the person she was always planned out her what she order so she knew what she was paying and what she would get back. Looking at the board she decide she would get a medium pizza and three drinks which would be seven dollars. "I would like a medium cheese pizza and three canned drinks please." She replied only about a minute after.

"Sure. That will be seven dollars." He said with a smile, then turned around and started to make the pizza. She pulled out a ten dollar bill.

When the man turned back with Anastasia's order she handed him the ten dollar bill and received the food and the change back. They all head for the nearest clear table and sat down. Anastasia put the pizza box on the table then took the drinks off the box and in front of each girl and herself. They ate and chatted about nothing special for a while.


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