Jordan's Integer Story

Sunday, October 26, 2008

When Heather woke up, it seemed like a ordinary day. But then she noticed something terribly wrong..she was stuck in a obstacle course. Made entirely out of candy. Panicking, she ran. After about 10 minutes she came across a giant chocolate door.

"Great" Heather said. "As if it can't get any worse, I'm stuck here by a giant chocolate door".

To her surprise, the door started talking.

"If you want to get past, you have to answer my question"

Sighing, Heather nodded her head, and the tree held out a branch to show a integer question.

(+7) + (-5) = ?

Remembering what her Math teacher had said about using integer chips to answer Math questions, it only took Heather a couple minutes to figure out the answer.

"It's (+2)! The answer is (+2)!"

The door said nothing, just slowly opened. Heather smirked, then walked on. The next obstacle she came to was a rapidly moving gumdrop that was over a chocolate river. How many moving candy objects are there? Heather thought. Looking closer, she noticed some writing.

If you want me to stop moving, then you have to answer my integer question with a number line

(+8) + (+4) = ?

Although in school Heather had some problems using number lines, it didn't take her too long to answer the gumdrop's question. The moving gumdrop came to an abrupt halt, and Heather crossed without a problem.

After about another hour of walking, and wondering what she was going to do, Heather came to the next obstacle. A fudge mountain. Fully understanding what was going to happen, the mountain started talking:

"If you answer my question, I will throw down a rope, and you can walk over me"

(+3) + (-7) = ?

For some reason, when Heather was trying to think of how to solve this question, she thought of the money she had to owe her friend. Then she got it. Have and owe!

Heather answered this question easily using the have and owe method, and true to his word, the mountain threw down a rope. Using this rope, Heather climbed over the mountain, and down the other side.

"This obstacle course is never going to end!" said Heather, when she saw the next obstacle. A licorice catapult. On the base of this catapult were the words:

Getting a little tired of this course, aren't you? This may or may not be your last question. Solve it however you like, and I will catapult you.

(+2) + (+7) + (-3) = ?

Hoping this was the last question, Heather answered it, and climbed into the catapult. After a couple seconds wait, the catapult suddenly shot out. Heather went flying through the air...



...and landed with a big thump. She looked around. According to her surroundings, she was stuck in a GIANT GUMBALL MACHINE. That's right, a Gumball Machine. Heather was so angry, she felt like kicking every single one of the stupid gumballs into oblivion. Unfortunately she couldn't do that, or else she wouldn't get out. So she started walking.

After awhile something was visible, a light, in the sky. When Heather got to the final destination she saw what it was..gumball stairs. Each of the two gumballs that made up these stairs was spinning rapidly. Next to these stairs was a sign. One that reminded her of her Gumdrop Challenge. On this sign was:

These are the Gumball Stairs. Once you cross these, you are free to leave and go back home. Each of the steps represents a different integer question. The first step is based on subtraction, the other on addition AND subtraction. Good Luck.

The first question seemed intimidating at first, but Heather soon figured out a way that she could answer it.

(+3) - (-12) = ?

"The answer is (+15)" said Heather. Suddenly, the first spinning gumball stopped. Overjoyed that she had gotten the question right, Heather jumped on the first stair. Looking down she noticed that the gumball was suspended in mid-air, with nothing underneath. She gulped. The next question was written on the next gumball. Leaning carefully, Heather read:

This is the last question. If you answer it, you will go home safe and sound. If you do not..well, we'll see, won't we?

Again she was angry. Of all people, it had to be HER that was stuck in the middle of a Gumball Machine that looked to be possessed. It took awhile, but Heather finally remembered how to figure out this question.

The last gumball stopped spinning. Heather stepped onto it, then into the bright light.

She died.

No, just kidding. Heather realized she was back home, and was filled with joy. She hoped she would never again have to go through a talking food course, and she never had to ever again.



  1. peachy 8-41 said...

    Good job, good job :) I like your pictures and everything.. but when someones talking, don't forget to press enter and indent it! :) Good job once again! :D

    October 29, 2008 at 4:35 PM  

  2. Jordan said...

    Thanks for the comment! I'll make sure to indent :D

    October 29, 2008 at 11:42 PM  

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