Ronnil's Integer Story

Friday, October 24, 2008
There was a boy named Pogi from Japan, Tokyo who wanted a big tour but he did not know where to go. So he asked people and for their opinions, and they kept saying Philippines because they said that there's a lot of cool things you could do there. So Pogi bought a ticket to go to the Philippines and he went, but he did not know where to go. It was a hot and sunny day there, so he went outside and he bought a drink at a vending machine, but a drink did not come out instead a letter came out. The letter had an integer question on it. It said,
"For you to have the drink you want, you must answer this integer question."

The question was, (+7)+(-4)= ?

Pogi always knew a little something about integers because he learned it from his teacher; Mr. Harbeck in junior high. He knew that positives and negatives cancel each other so he had a pen in his pocket, and drew 7 boxes colored it in, and under it he drew 4 boxes that aren't colored in. He crossed out the first four colored and non-colored boxes to cancel them and he was left with 3 colored boxes, which gave him the answer +3.

After solving the integer question, Pogi got his drink; Coca Cola. So Pogi goes around the town searching for people playing basketball, while he was walking he saw kids playing all sorts of games such as: jumping rope, soccer, volleyball and obviously basketball. Pogi loved basketball, it was his favorite sport. He noticed that people in the Philippines were really good at basketball, so he stays in this place so called 'plaza' where all kids play together. He asked around what this place was called and everyone said it was a plaza and it's a big court outside and it's a place where all kids meet up to play basketball against each other.

Pogi was very curious and he really wanted to watch these kids play. As he was watching Pogi got really hungry so he took a break from watching the people play and walked around some more looking for something else to see and watch. While he was buying his food the seller gave kept talking to him, asking him if he was a basketball player.
"Are you Pogi? That basketball player from Tokyo, Japan?"
"Yes!" Pogi replied.

So the seller sells Pogi food, and he asks how much it was it and the seller needed help figuring it out. The meal was, 7 pesos and he paid 10 pesos. The seller needed to figure out how much she had to give back to Pogi. So Pogi helped her with this integer question. So he thought about the question, and thought about it as an integer question. So Pogi wrote down the question.
The question was; (+10) + (-4) = ?

He just kept walking looking for something to do on his vacation. He was thinking what he should do next. He went to take a jeep but he didn't know where it was going. So he asked the lady beside him.
" Where is this jeep going? " asked Pogi.
" Mega Mall. " the lady said.
So they got there and Pogi is just looking around, looking for something to buy as a remembrance of Mega Mall.

Suddenly, he slipped on something. It was a bottle with a message inside. So Pogi picks it up and opens it, and he finds a piece of paper, with pen and an integer question. So Pogi walks around with the question, and finds a place to sit. Then he heads to the food court, and finds a seat. He tried figuring what the answer was for the integer question. It had,

Have 7 and Owe 5= +2.

So Pogi wonders around the mall and finds a sports store which had everything! Basketballs, volleyballs, soccer. EVERYTHING! So he buys a little basketball globe to give to his team mates. Then he goes back to Tokyo, Japan and tells all his team mates about his trip to the Philippines, and how much fun he had.

To Be Continued...

It was Friday morning and his flight back home was later at night. So he went out enjoyed the rest of his vacation. He saw someone walking on the streets and he came up to him and asked him where else are the good places to go in Philippines.
"The beach." The man said.
"Oh yeah, thank you." Pogi said.
Pogi was finding a way to get there. There was a taxi then he put his hands in his pockets to check if he had any money, but he didn't. So he walked and walked, suddenly he saw this big house. He knew rich poeple lived there and that they would have a lot of money. He rang the door bell and a lady comes out. He ask the lady.
"May I please have 10 pesos I want to go to the beach and I don't have any money cause im not from here." Pogi asked.
"Hmmm. Sure, Only if you answer this question." The lady replied.
"What's the question?" Pogi Asked.
"(-8)-(-3) = ?" The lady said.
He answered: (-8)-(-3)
(-8)+(+3)= -5

Pogi had 10 pesos enough to go to the beach. Once he got there he changed and went from a swim.

After, it was getting dark. He forgot that he had to be at the airport by 6 at night. He just kept swimming and swimming then finally he found out. he had 15 minutes to get to the airport and in 30 minutes the plane will be leaving to back to Tokyo, Japan. He had 5 pesos change from after he got to the beach. So he called a taxi and went to the airport. Pogi was late 2 minutes and the guy on the counter wouldn't let him in cause he was late. The plane leaves in 12 minutes and his still on the counter bagging the man to let him go. But he had to answer one question. The question was:
(-2)-(=6)-(-2) = ?
Pogi asnwered it.
(+2)-(+6)-(+2)= -6

Finally, the man calls the plane and told the pilots that there is another late man coming in the plane. He got in found his spot and sat down. Pogi was thankful for the guy that he let him in or he could of been stuck in Philippines for months and months.



  1. peachy 8-41 said...

    Aw, Ron. Good job.. but change your font. Make it bigger, its hard to read! And I thought YOU were the blind one! HAHAHA, good pictures and everything :) Good job!

    October 29, 2008 at 4:49 PM  

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