Friday, October 24, 2008
I was walking to school and I saw a box. This box had beautiful paper and a pretty bow. I picked up the box opened it and there was piece paper in the paper said, "If you answer this integer question you will be granted one wish. The question was (-5)+(+9)." So I pulled out my pencil and answered the question than a ghostly shape a peered and said," Before you are granted your one wish you must collect five items. These items are: A pencil, an eraser, a notebook, a pen and a calculator. The ghostly shape said," You may use your wish now or you may save it for later."

I think that I am going to save it for later. I finally got to school but I was late. What made this worse I had MATH first period and Mr. Harbeck said," You are late!" Then turned in to a big red tomato. Then he said,"I'll spray you my tomatoy prower!!!!!!!!! Muh ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha. Run away he's going to to eat you!!!!!!!

To be continued................


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