Alex's Integer Story (8-41)

Friday, October 31, 2008
One day a boy named Kantor wandered away from his village to go look for something to eat as he was poor and could not afford that much food. As he wandered into the forbidden forest he wondered if he would ever see his home and pet cat Scruffs again. As he ventured deeper and deeper into the forest he found he didn't know what way he came from. He started to scream " can anyone help me!!".

Suddenly a whirl of wind knocked him off his feet, when he got up a huge iron clad figure stood in front of him. The figure bellowed in a deep metallic voice I will help you if you can answer these 4 questions correctly. The boy looked at him and nodded slightly.

The figure asked the questions "what is (9)+(-9), (8) - (8), (7)-(-7), (3)+(7). The boy answered each in turn 0, 0,14, and 10. The figure stared at him in surprise. "How does a poor child like you know so much!". before my mother died she taught me everything she knew and the the church taught me my studies.

The figure felt bad for the child and made him a deal. "If you can answer these questions correctly i will give you wealth and food. The boy half smiled and nodded slightly. the figure asked the final question "what is (-8) + (9)- (-10). the boy thought about it for awhile... "the amswer is-"

To be continued...


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