Measure of Central Tendancy

Friday, October 31, 2008
Mean is when you take all the number in a math sentence and add them up.

eg. 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8 =36

Median is when you find the middle number in a set of data.
eg. 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8

Mode is when you find the most common number in a set of data

eg. 1,2,3,4,5,6,6,7,7,7,8 the most common number is 7

Brenden's Int. Story


Once there was an integer that was so tough that he could solve any question in single thought. One day he was eating a zero pair sandwich when all the sudden the mayor of

Ultra-vile came and said to super integer “ You will go and find the lost temple of the cantaloupes !” so then SI (which stands for Super integer) said “why is this?” then the mayor said “Because we need our greatest integer to go to the temple and answer the 4 questions” “ I will go !!” said SI. SI was eating a +2 cookie when all the sudden a little old man jumped out from the bush. “What is (+2)+(+3)”??? said the old man. Ummmmm….(+5) said SI. Hmmmm…..very good we have been expecting you. SI was completely confused. He had no idea why there were old people asking him integer questions. He continued on his way. It was about 2:30 in the afternoon when al the sudden an old woman jumps out of the bush. “What is (+5)+(+12)???” she said. SI was confused he was looking at the old woman when he said “Ummmm……….(+17)??”

VERY good. “My husband was right you are a smart one” she said as she jumped back into the bush. SI who was now starting to wonder if old people coming out of bushes is a regular thing kept on walking towards the temple. It was about 4:32 and he could see the temples tallest tower he was walked up the stairs he heard and echoing voice say “ What is “(+23)+(+43)??” SI was really starting to worry he said “Ummm………. (+66)??” then the voice said “good job & good luck” SI was walking up the stairs and then all the sudden a stone tablet dropped in front of him. A voice boomed “ SHOW YOUR WORK!!” so then he said “ For what ??” the voice boomed again “FOR THIS QUESTION” “What is (+2)-(-5)” As SI was thinking of the question he noticed that the walls had spikes and they were moving in on him. First he wrote out the question then he changed it to look like this (+2)+(+5) so then the walls were closing in on him he just finshed question just as the spike was hitting his face it stopped right at his nose. He then heard the voice “ YOU MAY KNOW STEP INTO THE LIGHT”. SI stepped into the light and then all the sudden POOF he turned into a potato.

Holland's Measues of Central Tendancy

The sum of all digits divided by the amount of numbers in the data set.

The middle number in a set of data.

The most frequently used number in a set of data.

The difference between the smallest and largest number in a set of data.

Scribe Post October 31th

Well I have been away for a while so here I am stuck in the room 17 until I finish my work and this happens to be one of the things I have to do. So I shall be doing this post on the subtraction of integers because....

Well I just feel like it. So here we go.

Subtraction of Integers is what I think to be the easiest thing in math to do. It may seem confusing but once you catch on it is simple. So I shall try my best to explain how to do it.

I shall go through the steps use the magical sample question. It is ..... (+5) - (-8) =

Lets get started.

Step 1:

Step 2:

Step 3:

It is that simple.

Alex's Integer Story (8-41)

One day a boy named Kantor wandered away from his village to go look for something to eat as he was poor and could not afford that much food. As he wandered into the forbidden forest he wondered if he would ever see his home and pet cat Scruffs again. As he ventured deeper and deeper into the forest he found he didn't know what way he came from. He started to scream " can anyone help me!!".

Suddenly a whirl of wind knocked him off his feet, when he got up a huge iron clad figure stood in front of him. The figure bellowed in a deep metallic voice I will help you if you can answer these 4 questions correctly. The boy looked at him and nodded slightly.

The figure asked the questions "what is (9)+(-9), (8) - (8), (7)-(-7), (3)+(7). The boy answered each in turn 0, 0,14, and 10. The figure stared at him in surprise. "How does a poor child like you know so much!". before my mother died she taught me everything she knew and the the church taught me my studies.

The figure felt bad for the child and made him a deal. "If you can answer these questions correctly i will give you wealth and food. The boy half smiled and nodded slightly. the figure asked the final question "what is (-8) + (9)- (-10). the boy thought about it for awhile... "the amswer is-"

To be continued...
Thursday, October 30, 2008

Hey 8-41 , its me Nichole, we got a new booklet today and in it we were adding and subtractig integrs in standard form .

Ill do Questions #2 from pat 1 and questions #1 and 8 from part 2. :D

I hope u enjoyed my scribe 8 - 41!!!!


One day, a guy named Bob was walking through a pumpkin patch, when a giant pumpkin monster jumped up and roared at him. He had big teeth, long claws, and was glowing orange, the same color as his skin. Bob tried to run, but the monster picked him up in one giant hand. The monster brought him up to his face, and gnashed his teeth, and Bob screamed like a 5-year old girl. The monster told him, "Answer these three questions, and I will let you go, if you fail, I will devour you.". Here is the first, what is (-5) + (+6)? Bob knew how to use integer chips, so he took out some colored buttons and a marker from his pocket, and started to do the math on the monsters hand.
Bob quickly came to this conclusion, by using zero pairs. He proudly told the monster his answer, and the monster started yelling and cussing. He soon stopped, and began to laugh.
"I'll get you on the next one!", he said. Here it is: what is (+5) + (+8)? Hmm, thought bob, I'd better use integer chips for this one. 

He came to this conclusion by using the buttons as integer chips. He told the monster his answer, and this time the monster began to tear up the pumpkin patch in his rage and frustration, and almost trampled Bob. He did this for awhile, and then came back and sat down. "RRRRRR, alright, try this one, Mr. Smug.", said the monster, barely containing his anger. "What is (+100) + (+200) equal?!?" "MUAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAAAA!", he laughed at the blank, hopeless look on his face. Okay Bob, he thought, just think. That's it!, he thought , I'll use a number line!

"Hooray!", he yelled, "I've got it!". He thought it was simple, he just had to use a number line. "Oh, alright, I'll let you go." Bob started walking along home, rejoicing. It was way to easy, I'm gonna brag to all my frei- and then the monster ate him.

Aleks S.' Scribe Post for Oct. 29

Pretty much we discussed that at least one scribe post, the integer story, and the mean median and mode post done before we get to go to the dance. Then we did these two questions:

(+2) - (+6) + (-2)=
(-2) - (-15) + (-4)=

And we also did questions 21,22,23,27,29,30,32,35,37,39,40 on page 48, 
and questions 9,10,14,15,21,23,and 25 on page 49.

The technique we used was this-
e.g., the question is: 
(-5) - (+5) =

We would first change the minus sign to a plus sign, and change the plus in front of the five to a minus sign, and then you solve it.

(-5) + (-5) = (-10)

We do this for any problem with a minus sign.
We use this for all of the questions assigned.

s sign.

Scribe post for october 30, 2008

Yoo, classmates of room 8-41 I am your scribe today I think? In class today we learned how to do integers in standard form without the " training pants. " It wasn't that easy as you think, it was harder than what we've been doing with the adding and adding the opposite integers. Well have fun, hope you learn something from this.

Re-write ! Get rid of the training pants.
+7+5-5+8= 1
ZERO PAIRS ! take them out.

Re-write ! Take the Backets out.
8+7+3+5= 23

Oh my gosh, this took me soo long I don't even kno what to do on this scribe thing. Harbeck i tried my best sorry if it sucks. Please let me go to the dance . ): aha .

Scribe Post For October 30, 2008

HELLO CLASSMATES FROM 8-41! (: Today we started learning integers in STANDARD FORM. Mr. Harbeck gave us a new green booklet with many math questions but we didn't do them in all on one day. First of all, he told us to do the first 3 questions in part one. This is how we did it......and WE ARE SUPPOSE TO COMBINE THE INTEGERS!

This is how you combine the integers and how you solve it!

This are two questions with brackets solved differently in standard form:
In this question you will have to rewrite this question by not having the "owes" in it.

This question involves getting rid of the zero pairs! This is how you can solve this question very easily.I hope you understood and enjoyed my scribe today! If I didn't explain something that clear to you, please tell me right away by leaving me a comment! (:

Aleks' Measures of Central Tendency

Mean- The sum of all data in a range divided by the total number of data there is.

Median-The middle number in a range.

Mode-The most common number in a range.

Brenden's MMM


The mean may often be confused with the median or mode. The mean is the arithmetic average of a set of values, or distribution; however, for skewed distributions, the mean is not necessarily the same as the middle value (median), or the most likely (mode). For example, mean income is skewed upwards by a small number of people with very large incomes, so that the majority have an income lower than the mean. By contrast, the median income is the level at which half the population is below and half is above. The mode income is the most likely income, and favors the larger number of people with lower incomes. The median or mode are often more intuitive measures of such data.


In probability theory and statistics, a median is described as the number separating the higher half of a sample, a population, or a probability distribution, from the lower half. The median of a finite list of numbers can be found by arranging all the observations from lowest value to highest value and picking the middle one. If there is an even number of observations, the median is not unique, so one often takes the mean of the two middle values. At most half the population have values less than the median and at most half have values greater than the median. If both groups contain less than half the population, then some of the population is exactly equal to the median. For example, if a < b < c, then the median of the list {a, b, c} is b.


In a set of data, the mode is the most frequently observed data value. There may be no mode if no value appears more than any other. There may also be two modes (bimodal), three modes (trimodal), or four or more modes (multi modal). In the case of grouped frequency distributions, the modal class is the class with the largest frequency.As a set of data can have more than one mode, the mode does not necessarily indicate the centre of a data set. The mode will be close to the mean and median if the data have a normal or near-normal distribution. In fact, if the distribution is symmetrical and uni modal, then the mean, the median and the mode may have the same value.

Dean's Integer Story

Wednesday, October 29, 2008
Once upon a time in the far off land of Tribalville lived a guy named Bob. He was into dancing, bboying to be specific. He was fairly good at it, but he couldn't hit those hard moves. Bob was tremendously sad, so he decided to take a walk outside and cool off. That's when he saw it. There was a poster pinned onto a electricity pole. It read, "ABC, A Bboy Competition, sign up today! Call 123-4567 for details." He got out his cell and called right away. Bob thought that this was a great opportunity to try out new things.

On the day of the competition, Bob was all pumped up and ready for whatever came at him. When he arrived at the building, Bob wanted to try some new stuff before he battled. As he was about to try some new stuff, the attendant stopped him. She said that he was up first and had to be there as soon as possible. So instead of practicing he decided to try and wish. He said "If anyone can hear me, I wish I would be better at bboying." At an instant, a green fog appeared, and right in front of him stood a genie. The genie said "My young boy, if you want the moves you wish for, you must answer this. He stuck out his index finger, and drew an equation in mid air (and somehow it worked).

(+8) + (-4) = ?

Bob remembered integers when he was a few years younger so this was no problem for him. He simply drew in the air the answer.

The genie was astounded at his work so he granted him his wish. At that moment, Bob felt a little more confident just because he knew he could bboy better than before. During the battle Bob pulled off some really good moves, and ended up winning that one battle with flying colours. Even if he won one battle, it wasn't enough to win the whole competition.

His next battle determined who went into the semi-finals. If he wanted to win he would have to step his game up. He called upon the genie by saying "I wish I could do better at bboying."

Once again, the green fog appeared and the genie came and started talking. Obnoxiously the genie said "What do you want now?"

Bob replied by saying, "I want to be better at bboying please." The genie was very annoyed for his calling but it was his job so he had to do it.

"Alright then." the genie said. Answer this question.

(+4) + (+9) = ?

Before Bob could answer the genie said "This time, you can't use dots."

Bob was in shock because that was the easiest way. He thought hard and tried to think of a different way to solve the equation. He remembered, number lines!

The genie was flabbergasted at the accomplishment of Bob. The genie decided that Bob did deserve to be better. At once, the genie granted him his wish and once again Bob was better than before. Just as the genie went away, the battle started.

Bob was astounded at what he could do now. He could do crazy powermoves at the clap of a hand. When it was his turn to do his set, he did swipes, windmills, all of the basic powermoves. The end result was Bob winning yet again. Bob was jubilant at the thought of him winning, but to do that he would definitely have to do better. The competition he was in consisted of some of the best bboys around.

Bob was freaking out because he knew that the next bboy he was about to battle was 10 times better. He decided to call the genie again. "I wish I can be better at bboying" Bob said for the third time.

The green fog appeared as usual, and the genie appeared. He seemed to be very grumpy as he decided not to greet Bob. All he said was "What now?"

Bob said "genie, can you make me better at
bboying yet again?"

The genie replied by saying "Young Bob, you are already very good and if you want to become even better, you must answer this question. Although, the question will be tough. You cannot solve it by using a number line or dots. You must find one other way. That being said, your question is this.

(-17) + (+17) = ?

Bob was shocked. He couldn't use a number line or dots. Those two were the only two he could think of. He sat there thinking very hard. "The numbers are pretty big, but they are opposites. What could I do with an opposite?" he thought. He remembered at an instant. "Zero pairs!" he shouted.

The genie was once again, flabbergasted. Even so, the genie seemed to be smiling in an evil way. He started laughing crazily. The genie started talking "Now that I gave you your 3 wishes, I get a favour in return.

Bob was in shock, and said "you didn't tell me that! That's not fair genie."

The genie replied, "that's the whole point to this, be careful for what you wish for because you might have to do something in return. I gave you your wish, now it's my turn."


Jessica's Integer Story

Lights were flashing every where, people were scattered around having fun, eating and laughing. It was noisy, very noisy but what could you expect when at a Carnival. People were always laughing and screaming on rides or with friends.

Anastasia, our main character here was celebrating her birthday with her friends, which names are Emily and Danielle. They were having so much fun. They had just ridden the biggest and fastest roller coaster an even eight times. Now they were hungry and wanted to try there luck at the games.

They headed over to the nearest food stand. They where going to get some pizza and drinks. "Hello. What can I get you?" Said the kind man in the trailer, at the cash.

Anastasia, being the person she was always planned out her what she order so she knew what she was paying and what she would get back. Looking at the board she decide she would get a medium pizza and three drinks which would be seven dollars. "I would like a medium cheese pizza and three canned drinks please." She replied only about a minute after.

"Sure. That will be seven dollars." He said with a smile, then turned around and started to make the pizza. She pulled out a ten dollar bill.

When the man turned back with Anastasia's order she handed him the ten dollar bill and received the food and the change back. They all head for the nearest clear table and sat down. Anastasia put the pizza box on the table then took the drinks off the box and in front of each girl and herself. They ate and chatted about nothing special for a while.

Scribe Post for October,29,2008

Heyy... It's me Nicole M... :] I know to many Nicole's but guess what?... GET OVER IT :] tehe! Well I'm here for the scribe post :] umm... Today we did alittle of subtraction and addition together!! OOOOOO... yup. heres an example of what we did...

mwauhahahah :] Enjoy!!! Oh... and the next scribe is... drum roll.... NICHOLE SEARLE!!!!! MWUAHAHA Sorry Nichole <3 color="#ff0000">>:D

Adrian's Integer Story

Okay so we start out with Jose on a normal day after school. So Jose gets home has a snack but now he is bored. Jose decides to play some video games but not any video game......MARIO. Okay so Jose starts playing Mario but he asks himself "what if i was Mario". Out of no where he sees him self in the game "whoa this is the coolest thing I've ever done. But out of no where a goomba comes hes starts running then he remembers that he can kill them. So he jumps and lands on the goomba and squishes it. He got used to this thing when he got to one of the castles bowser was there and he said "so you want to save the princess, you have to do something". Jose said " what, what do I have to do". "Answer this very hard integer question MUHAHAHAHA". The question was...Jose said " HAHAHAHA silly bowser i know the answer zero because +30 and -30 make a zero pair". "NOOOOOO i forgot about that" said bowser. Out of no where this little mushroom person comes and says "sorry Jose but the princess isn't in this castle". Jose starts spinning into a vortex then....THUD he lands in this maze but he is just a circle with a mouth. " This isn't as cool as the other one....I'M A CIRCLE" said Jose. He realized that he was in the game pacman. There were these ghost looking this chasing him. He just realized that he has to eat all the little dots but we will just call them marshmallows. He was almost done so he was about to eat the last one with one life left. So he ate the last one and everything around him went black and he was a person. Then suddenly a ghost comes out and tells him an integer question. the question was....."Oh i know this one, the answer is negative 6" said Jose. Out of no where he spins into another vortex then again ......THUD he landed on a pad but now he was a frog. Right away he realized that he was in frogger. He was doing OK he still had 2 lives and he was about to get his last frog on the other side. But he fell into the water so he tried again and he made it SUDDENLY a big frog comes and asks Jose an integer question. "WAIT WAIT WAIT hold up I'm getting tired of answering these questions why do i have to do this and why is the thing asking me a question always bigger than me" said Jose. The over sized frog didn't care and asked him the question anyway, the question was.......Jose boredly said "the answer to that question is positive 28". And he knew what was coming next he would fall into a vortex and land in the next game. "I I'm okay with the game playing but whats with the questions, vortex's, and me getting hurt when I fall, cant there be a mat" he said to himself. He landed in a jungle but he felt weird when he was actually a gorilla donkey kong junior to be specific. He had to save his dad that was in gorilla form. there were a series of vines but Mario kept throwing these animal things at him. but he found a way it took a while but he did it. Now that he saved his father his father asked him a integer question harder than the other ones. The question was......
Jose thought for a little until he said "positive 30.....WAIT I mean negative 30"."You are right" said his father. As usual he starts falling into a vortex.......

To Be Continued.....

So Jose is zooming through the vortex thinking of what just happened and how much fun hes having. Then suddenly another thud "AW MAN that's really going to hurt in the morning" says Jose. Then he hears a loud BOOM, he finally realizes that hes in bomberman and he is the blue man. So he starts running around in his suit that somehow holds an infinite amount of bombs. anyway 10 minutes later he eliminates the yellow man. the red man gets eliminated by the green man. After a while Jose finds the green man. The green man says " i'l make you a deal if you answer one integer question I will eliminate myself. The question was.....
Jose took 5 minutes to think. Hmmmmm.....OH i know now the answer is +11. He was right and the red man kept his word and eliminated himself and made a large vortex and of coarse Jose fell in. Jose finally lands in the game snake but now he was the snake eating those squares that are supposed to be food and avoiding biting his tail. He was getting really long so it was the last mouse he had to eat and then the mouse or square started to talk. "Hey if you answer this one science question you will win" said the talking box. "Yes finally a question that is not math"said Jose. But out of no where the box said "oops that's right its a MATH question, sorry I'm a box I'm not very smart". "Okay okay just ask me the question" said Jose. The question was....

Jose thought long and hard when he came up with the answer -13. He was right but instead of falling into a vortex a stage comes up. Everyone from the video games were there. And Jose got an award for completing all those games. He started his speech "First I would like to thank my mom, dad, and the maker of these video games" he started to tear. Out of nowhere he hears a loud noise. Its his math teacher Mr.Harold yelling at him. He couldn't believe it it was all a dream but, he could believe that Mr. Harold gave him detention for sleeping in class.

The End

(Sorry for the non- artistic pictures at the bottom. Unlike the top 4 pictures.)

Scribe Post October 27/2008

Tuesday, October 28, 2008
Uh.. Is this too late? Whatever. Harbek's not here. He's skipping.

Today, or, yesterday, Mr. Harbek started teaching us about subtraction. Then he said, there's no such thing as subtraction. Half the time, i don't even know what he's talking about, but as today's scribe, yesterday's scribe, it's not my job to understand, i just have to copy. You have to understand. Sucka. OMG. :P

Harbek: Class, were starting subtraction. 41 your my favourite class, 17 are a group of nerds. Now, THERE IS NO SUCH THING AS SUBTRACTION, IT"S ALL JUST BACKWORDS ADDITION. Or somewhere along those lines. I can't spell backwards...

Like so:

(-42)-(-53) <----NO!! We have to change that.

(-42)+(-53) There's a plus there now.

Cool 41 student: It doesn't make sense anymore, Mr. Harbek.

Harbek: Your very right student! We have to change that.

Like so:


Harbek: There are a few rules for this, Fontaine, are you paying attention? Because this is your homework for this evening.

So theres four, or more, steps that Mr. Harbek mentioned. I took note to what those steps were, but lost note, to where those notes are. So, these may not be the exact steps, but hopefully your all better learners than I am and noted them more gooder. Whoa! I just figured out how to use spellcheck.

Integer Tile Rules/Steps

example equation: (-5)-(-5) Nice and easy for room 17.

Step 1:

-Get rid of the last two number signs on the number equations. Like this:


Step 2:

-Use integer tiles to represent the positive and negative. (I don't know how to import pictures, so get used to the tiles I'm using.)





Step 3:

-Now you have the correct number of tiles. now do like the sign in the middle, (+) and add them up. Like this:


OOOOO <----

Step 4:

-Now that they are zero pairs, you can finally do the work. Not all equations are going to have zero pairs in them, so you'll have to make sure your doing this the right way, (the way Harbek made us write it, not the one I made up...)

Since i have this computer work deficiency where I don't know how to do anything, this post sucked. Hopefully, this next scribe knows what he's doing. (Is this right? Do i just, randomly pick somebody... You'll figure it out.) The next scribe is... Alex. S Sorry, kinda.

Scribe Post for October 27, 2008

Monday, October 27, 2008
Today we talked about SUBTRACTING INTEGERS!! We did some questions in our yellow booklet, and I'm supposed to talk about what we did during class. These are the notes I took down during our class.

Subtracting Integers
-you do NOT subtract integers ... Mr. Harbeck says there is no such thing as subtracting ^o)

.. You know what to do? You add its opposite! LOOK!

Using integer chips you do this, look at it carefully:

Hopefully, I did this correctly and that my explanations were clear.. ;S I rushed this because I have a ton of homework -.-' I better get started on that, and before I forget ... The next scribe is ... (suspense) NICOLE N. sorry dude, I picked randomly!!

Nicole's Integer Story

There once was a girl name Hannah. Hannah had just finished collage but first she needed a job! But the place where she wanted to work wasn't looking for anyone. Just as Hannah was about to leave, the lady stopped her in her tracks and said " If you can answer this integer question then you can have the job" Hannah was so excited! She Loves Integers!

Wow that was easy! Hannah answered the question correctly! The lady was happy as Hannah was filling out the information form it asked for her address.. Hannah didn't have a house anymore! She ran out and told the lady that she would be back soon!
An Hour later Hannah found a cheap apartment but was one dollar short on buying it. She went to the manager to ask if he could give it to her cheaper and he said sure.. Hannah was so happy that the manager went down so easy! Just as she was about to jump for joy the manager said BUT you have answer this integer question! Hannah was happy yet she was a little mad...
Wow! If Hannah keeps this up then she can get whatever she wants! The Manager sighed and gave her the apartment key. Hannah opened the luxury apartment door but when she looked inside there was no furniture! What know?! Thought Hannah. Hannah was walking through furniture shops but they were all asking for to much money! Hannah walked into the shop looked around and saw the most beautiful furniture she Had ever saw! She knew she couldn't afford any of it! But Hannah had a plan! She thought since every other person offered her everything for an integer question then maybe she could get something from here with an integer question! Hannah found the manager and asked what she could get here for 20$ the manager laughed and said a stick of gum! Hannah was not happy with that comment. She gave him one dirty look and started to walk away. The manager chuckled and said how about you answer this integer question and you can get whatever and as much things from this store as you want! Hannah nodded.

The next thing Hannah knew she was blacked out...

To be Continued

jeffs integer story

Once a long long tine ago(last Monday) there was a man named Joe. Joe wanted to work at KFC and make finger licking chicken that was so finger licking that you bite your fingers off and the fingers of the guy next to you. KFC thought he looked to much like a goat but if he could solve this integer question they would hire him.

now that Joe worked at KFC he needed a home so he talked to a house sales man and the man said that he had one house left but if you can solve this integer question ill give it to you for only $100.00.

Joe was really annoyed after he solved the question and checked his wallet and only found $90.00 so Joe did not have a house. a few days after Joe was walking down a back ally and found a golden lamp so he melted it down to sell it, but as he was melting it said it would grant him one wish if he could solve an integer question.

now that Joe solved the question he wished for a house then blacked out.

To be continued

Jordan's Integer Story

Sunday, October 26, 2008

When Heather woke up, it seemed like a ordinary day. But then she noticed something terribly wrong..she was stuck in a obstacle course. Made entirely out of candy. Panicking, she ran. After about 10 minutes she came across a giant chocolate door.

"Great" Heather said. "As if it can't get any worse, I'm stuck here by a giant chocolate door".

To her surprise, the door started talking.

"If you want to get past, you have to answer my question"

Sighing, Heather nodded her head, and the tree held out a branch to show a integer question.

(+7) + (-5) = ?

Remembering what her Math teacher had said about using integer chips to answer Math questions, it only took Heather a couple minutes to figure out the answer.

"It's (+2)! The answer is (+2)!"

The door said nothing, just slowly opened. Heather smirked, then walked on. The next obstacle she came to was a rapidly moving gumdrop that was over a chocolate river. How many moving candy objects are there? Heather thought. Looking closer, she noticed some writing.

If you want me to stop moving, then you have to answer my integer question with a number line

(+8) + (+4) = ?

Although in school Heather had some problems using number lines, it didn't take her too long to answer the gumdrop's question. The moving gumdrop came to an abrupt halt, and Heather crossed without a problem.

After about another hour of walking, and wondering what she was going to do, Heather came to the next obstacle. A fudge mountain. Fully understanding what was going to happen, the mountain started talking:

"If you answer my question, I will throw down a rope, and you can walk over me"

(+3) + (-7) = ?

For some reason, when Heather was trying to think of how to solve this question, she thought of the money she had to owe her friend. Then she got it. Have and owe!

Heather answered this question easily using the have and owe method, and true to his word, the mountain threw down a rope. Using this rope, Heather climbed over the mountain, and down the other side.

"This obstacle course is never going to end!" said Heather, when she saw the next obstacle. A licorice catapult. On the base of this catapult were the words:

Getting a little tired of this course, aren't you? This may or may not be your last question. Solve it however you like, and I will catapult you.

(+2) + (+7) + (-3) = ?

Hoping this was the last question, Heather answered it, and climbed into the catapult. After a couple seconds wait, the catapult suddenly shot out. Heather went flying through the air...



...and landed with a big thump. She looked around. According to her surroundings, she was stuck in a GIANT GUMBALL MACHINE. That's right, a Gumball Machine. Heather was so angry, she felt like kicking every single one of the stupid gumballs into oblivion. Unfortunately she couldn't do that, or else she wouldn't get out. So she started walking.

After awhile something was visible, a light, in the sky. When Heather got to the final destination she saw what it was..gumball stairs. Each of the two gumballs that made up these stairs was spinning rapidly. Next to these stairs was a sign. One that reminded her of her Gumdrop Challenge. On this sign was:

These are the Gumball Stairs. Once you cross these, you are free to leave and go back home. Each of the steps represents a different integer question. The first step is based on subtraction, the other on addition AND subtraction. Good Luck.

The first question seemed intimidating at first, but Heather soon figured out a way that she could answer it.

(+3) - (-12) = ?

"The answer is (+15)" said Heather. Suddenly, the first spinning gumball stopped. Overjoyed that she had gotten the question right, Heather jumped on the first stair. Looking down she noticed that the gumball was suspended in mid-air, with nothing underneath. She gulped. The next question was written on the next gumball. Leaning carefully, Heather read:

This is the last question. If you answer it, you will go home safe and sound. If you do not..well, we'll see, won't we?

Again she was angry. Of all people, it had to be HER that was stuck in the middle of a Gumball Machine that looked to be possessed. It took awhile, but Heather finally remembered how to figure out this question.

The last gumball stopped spinning. Heather stepped onto it, then into the bright light.

She died.

No, just kidding. Heather realized she was back home, and was filled with joy. She hoped she would never again have to go through a talking food course, and she never had to ever again.


Michelle's Integer Story

Once upon a time there was this very busy girl named Crystal. She was one very busy person. Everyday she had to go to her new work, take care of her kids, make dinner, and stay up late doing all of the extra things she had to do. So she wasn't the kind of person that would get alot of sleep. So one day, she went to work, took care of her kids, made dinner, and she actually got to sleep way more than she usually does. She was so tired and happy that she got to sleep at 9:30 pm. When she laid down on her bed, she immediately fell asleep. Usually she just sleeps right in not remembering what she had dreamed, this time she did remember every single thing she dreamed.

It all started with white clouds. Then, some kind of Angel appeared, her name was Annie. She started to talk to Crystal by saying "Hello Crystal, my name is Annie." Crystal was very confused, she didn’t know what was going on. So she responded by saying “Uhm, hi?” Annie knew that Crystal was very confused but she just kept on talking. “I have a task for you, You know that great big silver building there?” Annie pointed to the silver building. “Yeah?” Crystal said confused. “Well if you can answer these four integer questions, using a number line for one integer question, pictures for the second integer question, words for the third integer question, and the fourth integer question will be a surprise. If you answer all of these questions correctly, you may get all the sleep you can get for every single day as you wish and still get all the things that you need to get done.” Crystal was very confident that she will get all these questions right because she always does them at work. So she responded, “Yes of course I would love to answer the questions! I really need all the sleep I can get!” So Annie thought that Crystal could do it, she really wanted to help her as much as she can. So Annie began to give Crystal her first integer question. “Solve this question using a number line.” Annie handed Crystal the piece of paper, the equation was (+5) + (+5) = ?. Crystal knew right away what was the answer so she wrote quickly the answer on the number line. That said:

She handed the piece of paper to Annie. “Very well done Crystal, you are one step closer to the big silver building where you will get all the sleep you will get.” Crystal was proud of herself and was eager to get the second piece of paper. Annie handed it to her “Here is your second integer equation, solve this question using pictures!” The piece of paper wrote “(+3) + (-5) =?” Crystal knew it right away she knew she had to take away all the zero pairs so she wrote: and handed it to Annie. Annie was impressed and said “Very well done! Now, here’s your last integer question, you MUST solve it using WORDS”. Annie handed Crystal the piece of paper and it wrote “(+6) + (-3) =?” Crystal thought it was a piece of cake. She remembered what her junior high math teacher Mr. Harbeck taught her. So she wrote down her answer and she put: then handed it to Annie. Annie started to shake her head like she was so proud of Crystal. " Perfect! Now, here's the surprise question, you must make your OWN integer question!" Crystal thought it was really easy so she did what she needed to do.
“Great job! Now, here’s the key to the big silver building. Once you get there, there will be a bed there, all you have to do is lay down on the bed and dream that you are getting the sleep that you need every night”. Crystal began to say “Thank you so much Annie! I hope we see each other again some time!” Crystal started to run as fast as she can until she was right in front of the big silver building. She was really excited and opened the door as fast as she could, she saw the bed and did what Annie told her to do. She was hoping that everything would turn out what she thought would be but once she actually woke up .. something happened that shouldn't of happen.


She woke up and there was this OTHER angel standing there. He didn't talk what so ever in the beginning. He just held up signs with integer equations. Only this time it was subtracting. Crystal knew right away that she had to solve the equation. He gave her a piece of paper. The equation was (+6) - (+8). She started to solve the equation by a method that her junior high math teacher Mr.Harbeck taught her. Crystal came up with:

The angel skimmed through the paper and gave her a thumbs up. She then handed Crystal another sheet of paper of an integer equation. Only this time it was much longer and confusing. Crystal again used a method that Mr. Harbeck taught her. The equation was -7 - (-5) - (5) +8. She saw the zero pair and started to write down her answer. This is what she came up with this time:

The angel was every impressed. She started to talk very fast that Crystal didn't even get to ask what her name was. The angel said " Good job Crystal. Annie just wanted to test you if you really knew your integers because she said that it is going to help you in the long run. Well, once i pinch you, you are going to officially wake up and you will have your normal day and you will get as much sleep as you want. In the count of three. 1, 2, 3" POOF! Crystal had a huge headache and didnt remember ANYTHING that she had dreamed. Her headache was bugging her so much that she couldn't go to work. Everything was JUST a dream that did not come true (sadly). But in the future, she quit her job because she wanted more time with her family and more sleep. She found a new job and is settle in with that one. Crystal still continues to do integer equations in her spare time. Until this day, she hadnt rememberd anything from that dream.