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Thursday, December 4, 2008
Haiku -

Addition is fun
Its not a negative sign
but a plain old plus


some say take-away
but some also say subtract
anyway its said
you can do it just like that
subtraction equals awesome!


its easy
deal it out
simple, cool, fun, radical.
Division .


into groups
how many go?
figure it out alone

Free Verse-
Rule for multiplying an integer..

Hey, did u know when u have 2 positives it would equal a negative? maybe? well its true!
did u also know that if u change one of the positives to a negative it equals negative? ha ha i sound smarter then u! but if u put it the other way it will still equal a negative, And did u also know that a negative x a negative equals.. a Positive ! no? i didn't think so. ha ha I'm just kidding, I have one more think to ask did u learn this all in Harbecks class?!

Lily : Hi i am Lily ,, whats your name?
Frankie : Hi my name is Frankie ,, whats your favorite thing to do around here?
Lily : Do algebra
Frankie: that sounds fun whats algebra?
lily: Algebra is math. excepts a different from just old 1+2, Theres letters in it,
frankie: ok.
lily: here ill show how to do one with 2 examples . the first question will be n+3-5n+12 . fist u have combine like terms. so that would be (n-5n) (+3+12) .
Frankie: so would it be -4n + 15 ?
Lily: Yeah . how did u know
Frankie: i think i might have done this before .
Lily: okay . well u should know the next one then
Frankie: Mabey ..
Lily: Try 2+4 (3n+8 .
Frankie:well if u multiply 4 by 3n and 4 by 8 it will equal 12n+32+2 but then put the in order and the answer will be 12n + 34
Lily: see your like pro at this!
Frankie: I know right! Well if you need anymore help with anything just give me a call! Bye!

Algebra Tiles - Video #1 from Melanie Lorraine on Vimeo.


  1. courtneyc 8-17 said...

    hey, good job on your poems! I enjoyed reading them..

    - Well Done

    December 7, 2008 at 7:36 PM  

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