The Great Big Book of Algebra

Tuesday, December 9, 2008
Adding two numbers together

Decreasing Numbers
two subtracted by one equals one
Deducting numbers

Partitive Division(Cinquain)

Quotitive Division(Haiku)
Dividing Numbers
How many twos are in six
Making a picture

Ron's Rule(Free Verse)
Ron's rule is very easy if you try
After that you will be making pie
I have to hurry I don't have much time
When you have a odd number
,of negative integers the product is negative
Hm I wonder if I can rhyme
The other part is this
If you multiply a even number of integers
,the answer is positive
Now im done....Eww I don't want a kiss

Chapter 2 : combing like terms & distributive property

Sheldon:So can you help me with some of my math questions
Henry:Ok shure im bery bery smart
Sheldon:Ok then here is the first question..... n+3-5n+12 but I think the question is -6n+15
Henry:Ummm the answer is wrong the answer is negative 4n+15 because you have to group the variables and numbers after that it should look like this -5n + n is 4
Sheldon:Then what do you do after
Henry:You add them then you get the answer -4n+15
Sheldon:Ok I get it now
Henry:Ok so whats the next question
Sheldon:Ummmm its 2+4 (3n+8) then I got the answer 12n+10 its right isn't it!
Henry:AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA.......nope its wrong
Sheldon:Then whats the answer smarty pants
Henry:Its 12n + 34 ok first you since the number 4 is touching the bracket its a multiplier so you multiply the numbers in the brackets got me so far
Sheldon:Yup then what do you do?
Henry:You multiply the 4 by 3n so the answer is 12n then with the 8 it equals 32 so your left with 2 + 12n + 32
Henry:then you group the variables and numbers so you add 32 and 2 and get 34
Sheldon:ok so you get the answer 12n + 34
Henry:yup happy now ?
Sheldon:I guess so
Henry:He look the last coffee left
Sheldon:Lets fight for it


  1. peachy 8-41 said...

    Hey! You have interesting words too, like Jordan! 'Submerging' 'Subjoining' 'Enlarging' 'Distribute'For your Haiku, the second line has eight instead of seven. Maybe you could change that too :Two MINUS by one equals one. Instead of using the word 'subtracted'. Remember, there are more ways of saying/describing subtraction! :). Hahah! Nice ending to Ron's Poem. "Eww, I don't want a kiss!" Haha, good job with your poem. I can see your hard work through it. :) Keep it up Jayzie! Keep it up.

    December 9, 2008 at 8:59 PM  

  2. magicman8-41 said...

    Good Job Jayzie!!! looks like you put your time in to do your scribe post. Its very nice. The colors really stand out and everything. The free verse is "bery"nice!!

    December 9, 2008 at 9:27 PM  

  3. Clarence 8-41 said...

    Finally jayzie does his work haha , just joking nice job on your scribe you used your time wisely Good job !!

    December 10, 2008 at 10:12 PM  

  4. Joseph 8-41 said...

    Good job, except you're missing a few chapters.

    February 11, 2009 at 6:55 PM  

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