The Great Big Book Of Algebra

Thursday, December 4, 2008

Chapter 1: Integer Poetry

Adding Integers (Haiku):
Increase the total
Two numbers becoming one
coming together

Subtracting Integers (Picture):
When you have money$$$$$$$
Don't even play with this math!
When you do, say buh-bye.........

Partitive Division (Free Verse):
Partitive Division
Used for dividing
In quadrant one or two
To use this technique
Just ask one simple question
That I think your math teacher should know
If he doesn't and you come to me
I'll scream in your ear and say
Look at your barn doors
Good grief

Quotative Division (Diamante):
Fun, simple
Circling, counting, drawing
Learn, to pass school
Question, think, answer
Math, art

Ron's Rule (Free Verse):
If your a negative integer
And you want to dance the multiplication pop
Learn from the master of cool
That created Ron's Rule
His name is unknown pogi
He might teach you for some candy
If you throw in a chocolatebar
You might be there listening
To him rapping out this old saying
You need to have an even number of negative integers
If you don't have that, you're just plain queer
When you do have that simple need
The crowd is sure to give
You a positive applause
Don't even think to go learn from
Pratt's Law or Mel's Rockpile
Cause there's only one
Multiplication pop

Chapter 2: Combining Like Terms and the Distributive Property

Fred: Hi

Jack: Sup
Fred: Are you ready for the math test tommorow?
Jack: I was born ready! Did you study?
Fred: No, I forgot to. I was out partying last night.
Jack: Billy Bob's party?
Fred: Yeah.
Jack: Well, I was studying last night. You should start studying now.
Fred: Of course, lets begin.
Jack: After an hour of studying. Are you ready now?
Fred: Yeah, I probably know everything already.
Jack: I bet you a dollar that you'll get this question wrong.
Fred: Sure, more money for me.
Jack: Okay, how about an algebra question?
Fred: Bring it on!
Jack: Hmmmm, n+3-5n+12. Simplify that question.
Fred: That's -6n+15.
Jack: Wrong! You just made one little mistake. This is how you answer it.
Fred: Oh, I get it now. I multiplied n with -5n, instead of adding them together.
Jack: Hooray, I get a dollar! Now, try this question 2+4(3n+8). Simpilfy it again.
Fred: Is it 12n+10?
Jack: You made the same type of mistake. This time you multipled the 2 with 3n, instead of
4 with 3n. I'll just explain the whole thing.
Fred: Yes! I finally understand! It's a miracle, I can simplify algebra things. I forgot what they
call those things.
Jack: So, your good for the test?
Fred: Yeah, you know how I roll. This is a very touching moment for me. I'm so lucky to
have a friend like you.
Jack: I love you to man!
Fred: Okay, don't go to far with it. HaHa!
Jack: Well I'm going to go home to get some sleep now.
Fred: Okay, peace out bro.
Jack: Peace.
Fred: At school, the next day, after the math test. Hey, Jack how was your math test?
Jack: I think I aced it. How was yours?
Fred: Same here, just because I studied yesturday.
Jack: Yeah, well I need to go to my next class now. See you at Joseph's party?
Fred: Yup, I'll see you there.
Jack: Bye

The video:

Chapter 3: One Step Equation Solving

First, isolate the variable(-10+10) and balance the other side(18-10), answer, then verify.
Isolate the variable(2n/2), balance the sides(10/2), answer, and verify.
Isolate the variable(n/2 times 2) Balance the scale(5 times 2), answer, verify.

Isolate the variable(10-10), balance ot the sides(5-10), multiply both sides by (-1), verify.
Chapter 4: Math Video One step


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