The Great Big Book of Algebra

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Rule for Multiplying: (Free Verse)
If you Multiply a Odd amount of Integers,
makes a negative product.
Multiply a even amount of Integers it will make a....
Positive Integer?!
'Is this true!'
'Does it work?'
Yes it does,
So do not doubt it,
Do not mock it,
But you may use it,
Unless of course you want to fail.

Subtracting Integers: (Picture Poem)
One thing,
You must,
Know about,
Integers, is that you do not subtract integers you you add its opposite. Just change the minus into
a plus,
and change,
the integer's,
sign to,
the opposite.

Adding Integers: (Haiku)
one plus one is two
just like kindergarden
There is no change.

Chapter 2:
Combining like terms and the Distributive Property

My Script:

The Stars:
Mr. Stubborn
Miss. Sunshine

Miss S.: Hello, Mr. Stubborn.  What a fine day it is.  What are you working on?
Mr S.: Hello, Miss. Sunshine. I am working on this Algebra question.  I have to simplify it.
Miss S.: What the question?
Mr S.: Why do you care?
Miss S.: Maybe I can help.
Mr S.: Fine whatever but I already have the answer.  The question is n + 3 - 5n + 12.  I know it is -6n + 15.
Miss S.: Hmmm....  That doesn't sound right.
Mr S.: It is right.
Miss S.:  It is wrong.
Mr S.: It is Right!
Miss S.: No. It is not.  The answer should be -4n + 15.  You have to group it by variables and numbers.  You add the groups together and you have the answer.
Mr S.: You're right.  I knew that.....  I was just testing you!
Miss S.:Okay.........  Any more questions?
Mr S.: Yes there is.  2 + 4(3n+4) but I know the answer to that one too.  It is 12n + 10.
Miss S.:  Wrong again.  The answer is 12n + 34.
Mr S.: What?!  No.
Miss S.: Yes.  You Multiply each number in the brackets by the number just out side of it.  So just the 4.  You add the 2 on after.  So you world get 12n + 32 + 2 after you multiply and then add the 2 to the 32 to get 12n + 34.
Mr S.: Right.  I knew that!  I was just testing you again.
Miss S.: Sure you were.  Glad to help.
Mr S.: Help.  You were only a pain in my neck.
Miss S.: Have a good day, Mr Stubborn.
Mr S.: Whatever, Miss Sunshine.


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