Chapter 1 Integer Poems

Friday, December 5, 2008
Haiku: Adding Integers

Adding Integers
I can add two integers
I know how to add

Cinquain :Subtracting Integers

loss, less than
subtracting means to reduce

Haiku: Multiplying

Multiplying Rocks
five multiplied by five
next comes dividing

Cinquain: Partitive Division

Divide in parts
equal parts, are in
Parts split up equally

Free verse: Quotitave Division

Quotitave division is like partitive
but in the same sense different
you need to understand it
to do your assingment.

Free verse: Multiplying rule/ Ron's rule

According to Ron when you multiply an odd number of negitive integers your product will be negitive, And when you multiply an even number of negitive integers you will get a product that is positive.

Chapter 2: Combining Like Terms

Stewie: How do you combine like terms?
Brian: Well Stewie first you see if there are any variables that are the sme letter you circle them.
Stewie: So if the question is n+3-5n+12 i circle the n and the 5n?
Brian: Yes
Stewie: Then what?
Brian: Well you rewirte the question so the like terms are grouped together.
Stewie writes: n-5n+3+12
Stewie: What's next?
Brian:Then you solve it
Stewie: Okay give me a minute.
Stewie writes: n-5n=5n+3=8n+12=2n. Is 20n the anwser?
Brian: Yes it is!
Stewie: Woo hoo I'm smarter then you!
Brian: I'm not so sure about that.
Brian: If your so smart then anwser this question...2 + 4(3n+8).
Stewie:ummm... I don't think i can anwser that one. Besides i'm only a baby
Brian: Okay I'll help you.

Stewie: Awsome

Brian: Well first you have to group the like terms which are 2+4+8 and add on the number with the variable. So the question will look like this 2+4+8x3n and that give you the anwser of 42n

Stewie: Thanks Brian

Brian: no problem buddy

Stewie: Well see you later

Brian: Bye Bye

Stewie: Peace out


Chapter 3

Chapter 4


  1. peachy 8-41 said...

    Jayden! Greeeeattt jobbb! :) The Haiku poem was simple. It was straightforward about adding integers, which was GOOD! There's not a lot of things you could REALLY say to adding.. you just basically take two integers and add them together. So, good job with the Haiku. For the Multiplying Haiku, the second line only has 6. When it's suppose to be 7. A way you can change it and make it 7 is by changing the word 'multipied' to a different word, but something that means the same thing. Like.. "times" and.. that's all I can really think of right now. And, I know the word 'times' won't work too well. Maybe you can just change the word 'five' to a different number. A number with 2. Like "Seven" The sentence would say "Five multipied by seven" Now it has 7. :) Okay, so.. my point for all of that up there was to show you that there are many ways of changing words for them to make more sense, or for them to match the Poem instructions. They are easy too. :) Oh, and for Ron's Rule, you spelled "Negative" wrong. But that's okay. I use to think that "Quotative" was spelled with an I. Like "Quotitve". Everyone makes mistakes. :) Good job with your poems Jayden!

    December 9, 2008 at 9:16 PM  

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