Integer Story part 2....sorry its way BELATED

Friday, December 5, 2008
Hey its me Britt again..Alittle bit of review from first chapter I was not able to solve integer questions but now i am...and I helped others solve and become better. I got an Award!!!!

So my name is Britt. I did addition first now I will do Subtraction. So I was on my way up to camp with my family and 2 of my friends to Petersfield.My friends names are Selena,and Gabriella. So on the way we were looking out the window and we saw lots of birds in the sky...and I was like hey lets subtract away the birds that leave. Lets start with how many are there and how many stay and go. 12 in total and oh look 7 are leaving . So Gabriella make that into an equation ummmmm...okay Ill try she said im not the best! She said (12)-(-7)=5 Britt says did it. Now lets take a break and enjoy the ride to petersfield. Gabriella says I have my ipod and Britt says me to ...lets listen to them..ok. Britts mother Selena says girls I know what you can do..they say "what" both can do more subtracting integers.....but buts.You need the practice oh ok britt says. Now her mom says I didnt bring my ipod,your dad did... so in total there is 3.So now britt make an equation....ok (3)-(1)=2. Goodjob
girls her mom said.Thats enough now.You will start learning 2 more harder ones when we arrive to the both will go swimming and start with people who are there and subtract how many leave that have been there for awhile already.....Ill turn the radio on we are almost here. 10 minutes after we are HERE!! britts mom help put away the the things and go get your swimming things .....okay said the girls. As they were heading out towards the pool there was 10 in total.....none left yet so keep it in mind gabriella because its your turn..ok. So they both jump in and start having fun....oh LOOK! 7 are leaving time to do my equation with help from you,your mom.......ummmm..(10)-(7)=3. OH yeah I did it and you guys are making me much smarter thanks....As they gett ready to head back its Britts turn now and then they get the rest of the weekend to do what they want..well you will count how many boats there are right now (mother had said) well 16 in total and there is 10 getting pulled out so....ooooh I can do it wait ,..brainstorming the equation in her head the answer is 6 ....(16)-(10)=6.. WOW nice jod britt, and gabriella you to are getting better.They get back at the trailer and get dressed and have a blast...go hangout with there other friends that are there.They check in with dad then play man hunt at night time.....we are having soooo much fun as they start to hide from there both bestest friends katie,and Sabrina...they both come to look for them and they find them because Britt was gigling,and gabriella was tickling her...when they had finished playing went to the trailer and they had to stay now till tommorrow morning they had a bonfire.....with marshmellows to end the night !!!!!!!!!!!the end


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