The Great Big Book of Algebra

Friday, December 5, 2008


Increase, total
Combining, Put together, Gaining
Positive and Negative
Losing, Taking Away, Reducing
minus, difference

Adding opposites
It's better to change the sign
changing to adding

Divide, Share, Give Out To
It is like a deck of card
Sharing evenly

Free Verse:
Division integers are really easy
you just have to divide

Free Verse:
Ron's rule is very easy to understand
just read it over and over
till you understand

Chapter Two: Script

KALLY: Hey what’s Julie?

JULIE: OH nothing much, Just doing my math homework.

KALLY: Do you need some help?

JULIE: Yahh, This ALGEBRA is so hard.

KALLY: Well Let's see your paper.

JULIE: Umm... here you go... The Question is n+3-5n+12

KALLY: ohhh... i see you... you actually got the answer wrong.

JULIE: But i thought it was -6n+15.

KALLY: no... Well you are surpose to simplify it... there is no equal sign there

JULIE: Well i thought we were surpose to add them or something

KALLY: Here is how you do it.. First you have to you have to group the variables and numbers. You also have to put them in order so it will be easier.
After doing that the expression should be -5n + n + 3 + 12. ok

JULIE: Okay i think i get it

KALLY: add the numbers, and finish simplifying the question.

JULIE: Ok I'll do that

KALLY: Add the two leftover numbers, 3 and 12, we get 15. To finish answering this question, you have to add both the answer from the variables and the numbers. Then the answer comes out to -4n + 15.

JULIE : ok then on to the next question
KALLY: Well tell me what the question is?
JULIE: oh um... The next question is 2+4(3n+8).. um i think i know the answer to this question
KALLY: Well what is it
JULIE: ... uhhhhm.. the answer is 12n + 10
KALLY: you got the answer wrong agains silly..
JULIE: Well what is the answer then..
KALLY: Well you have to simplify you have to do the brackets first.
KALLY: Well first you have to multiply the 4 that is outside the brackets with the 8 inside it you will get 32 then you multily the 4 by the 3n the answer is 12. When you've done that you have to add the 2 to the 32 and as your final answer you get 12n+34.
JULIE: Well that was easy...Thank You for helping me with my math homework Kally.
KALLY: You are very welcome...
The end


  1. peachy 8-41 said...

    o0o0o! Nice title at the top. But you forgot "Chapter One: Integer Poetry" I don't think it's a too big of deal though. :) I like your Diamante Poem. It's interesting and fun. I like how you used words like "difference" "gaining" to describe what you usually do in adding. For the Haiku, good job with the words you chose. "It's better to change the sign" That sentence shows that you MUST add the opposite terms. For your second last Haiku poem, your first line has 6. When it's suppose to be 5. Now.. don't worry about this! A lot of people made this mistake. A way to change this, and make it 5 is by taking out the word "To". I don't think you REALLY need it on there. You could also add "ing" to the words "Divide" and "Sharing". Then take out "Give out too". There are many ways to change it. :) Just make sure you double check your numbers next time! But like what I said earlier, it's perfectly fine. Everyone makes mistakes. Nice rhyming with Ron's Rule! Love it all. :)

    December 9, 2008 at 9:23 PM  

  2. Jordan said...

    Good job Mel! I liked both your haiku's, as they packed in a lot of meaning. Your diamante was great as well. Keep it up :)

    December 16, 2008 at 10:27 PM  

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