The Big Book Of Algbra

Tuesday, December 2, 2008


Adding Integers

Adding Integers

All together, combined, plus

Increased, sum, total.


Subtracting Integers

Subtracting Integers.


Partitive Division

Partitive Division

Dividing equally

How many equals

Equally separated

Many equal parts in one answer.


Quotative Division

How many parts are there

In quotative division

As many as there is.

Free Verse:
The Rule For Multiplying Integers

Ron's rule says
if multiplying an odd amount of negative integers
it must be a negative product

if multiplying an even amount of negative integers

it must be a positive product.

The End

Chapter Two

Combining like terms and the Distributive Property

Tiara" hi Nicole"

Nicole"Tiara can you help me with my math homework?"

Tiara"Yeah, but if I get it wrong it's because I'm only in grade 8 and you're in grade 11!"

Nicole" Well if your gonna' be mean never mind!"

Tiara" OK OK OK I'll help you but like I said. So what are the question."

Nicole"n+3-5n+12 and 2 + 4(3n+8)"

Tiara" Ok well ummm... this is hard"

Nicole" Yeah I know"

Tiara" bye"

Nicole" You said that you would help me with my homework!"

Tiara" Well........ I changed my mind."

Nicole" I hate you"

Tiara" Fine fine fine. so the first question is n+3-5n+12 right?

Nicole" yup."

Tiara" so I guess you group the veriables and then add them so n+-5n is -4n"

Nicole" right then you do this 12+3=15 so the answer is -14n+15"

Tiara" right and the second question is 2+4(3n+8)"

Nicole" yup"

Tiara"first you times the 4 by the 3n thats 12n"
Nicole"then times the 4 by the 8 that is 32"

Tiara"then 2+32=34"

Nicole" then that is 12n+34"


  1. peachy 8-41 said...

    Hi Tiara! First off, before I say anything.. I love your colors! :D They are different from all the colors I've seen from the newer posted poems. Like, the colors I usually see are bright ones! But with your poem, it shows that you can use dark colors too to make things like your POEMS/TITLES stand out! Good job. It's great to be different! For your Picture Poem, I think you should have explained what you usually do or what Subtracting Integers was. You know? But that's okay. There's no problem with what you did, the picture poem has no rules anyway.. besides making a picture! Haha. Good job, keep it up Tiara!

    December 7, 2008 at 8:46 PM  

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