Great Big Book of Algebra

Thursday, December 11, 2008
Chapter 1, Math Poetry
Partative Division

Partative Division
How Many
Equal Parts
are in the

Quotative division

Quotative Division
How many
of the
number fit
in the
number you're

Subtracting Integers
The idea that you use subtraction,
is completely and utterly fiction.
Instead you take your minus signs,
and change them to addition.

Adding Integers
One plus one is two.
Ten plus ten equals twenty.
This is addition

Chapter 2, Script

Billy Bob: Hey Mr. Smarts!
Mr. Smarts: Hello Billy Bob.
Billy Bob: Hey, I got this here mathematic question for my homework, can you help me?
Mr. Smarts: Alright, I'll help, what are the questions?
Billy Bob: Well, ones n+3-5n+12...
Mr. Smarts: Well, thats simple!
Billy Bob: Really?
Mr. Smarts: First you take away n+3 and -5n and put it into another group. Then you take the rest of the numbers and make 3+12.
Billy Bob: Wow, you sure are smart.
Mr. Smart: Well, thats no all of it. Then you take n+3 and subtract 5n, What do you think the answer is?
Billy Bob: Ummm, 7n?
Mr. Smart: Close, but no. The answer is 8n!
Billy Bob: Wow, thanks!
Mr. Smart: Now, you take the other numbers and add them together: 3+12= what?
Billy Bob: Oh, I know that, it's 15!
Mr. Smart: Good Job!
Billy Bob: Thanks!
Mr. Smart: Now just add the two groups together. The answer would be 8n + 15.
Billy Bob: Thanks.
Mr. Smart: Now, whats the other question?
Billy Bob: Oh yeah, it's 2 + 4(3n+8).
Mr. Smart: Alright, now do the same thing as the first one. What's the answer?
Billy Bob: Uhh, lets see... Take 3n away... then the brackets mean that you do that first, so 8+2+4= 14... So the answer would have to be... 3n + 14?
Mr. Smart: Right! Good Job!
Billy Bob: Thanks for the help, Mr. Smart!
Mr. Smart: You're welcome!
Billy Bob: See ya!
Mr. Smart: Goodbye!

Chapter 4 Algetiles movie


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