The Great Big Book of Algebra

Thursday, December 4, 2008
Chapter One:
Subtracting Integers is easier than it seems
You don't subtract, you just add the opposites.

Free Verse: Ron's Rule
Yo, I'm about to teach you something you've never knew,
it might get complicated for you so work in a crew,
this is the Ron's proof, because I don't poof I got the proof
hey, when your multiplying an odd number of negative,
makes a negative product, so (-1)(-1)(-1) equals negative one,
but when you have something like this (-1)(-1)(-1)(-1) don't do that
because that is NOT the right route, and if your multiplying an even
number of negative integers make a product that is positive, it goes
like this (-1)(-1) equals positive one, because there's two negative ones
and Ron's proof says even numbers of negative integers make a product
of positive integers, so hey, if I were you i would come to Ron and ask him,
" hey ron what's the rule? "
Haiku; Adding Integers
Adding Integers

Having, owing integers
without training pants.

Quotative Division.
scary questions and happy results
dividing, seperating, sharing
how many can you put in the number of groups?

Partitive Division.
Partitive is fun,
just making numbers in groups,
its like sharing cards.

Chapter Two:

Ronnie: Hi Casey, I need some help with my math. Can you please help me?
Casey: Yes, sure Ronnie. what do you need help with?

Ronnie: Hmm, I'm having trouble doing this question in class. I really don't get it that much.
Casey: What question is it? I'll try to help you.
Ronnie: n+3-5n+12 and I got an answer of -6n+15.
Casey: No, that's it the wrong answer.You forgot to circle the variables. You didn't circle the variables which is the 'n' and '-5n'. The answer is 4n+15. After you circle the variables you have to re-write the question. n-5n+3+12 and then you do 'n-5n' is 4n then '3+12' is 15. After you put it all together and your answer is 4n+15.
Ronnie: I understand now. I'll show Mista Harbeck at school and I wonder if he'll be mad at me still.

Casey: Yes, it's that simple. Just remember to always try to remember to have 2 shopping bags to seperate your variables .

Ronnie: Casey, can I please ask one more question. This one I think you wont have trouble doing.

Casey: What is it?
Ronnie: 2+4(3n+8), I got an answer of 12n+10.

Casey: No that is wrong, you got the first part right but you added '2+8' together thats how you got 10. You were suppose to times '4 by 8' that equals 32. Then bring down the 2. If you re-write that it'll look like this '2+12n+32' then find the variables because they go first then do the rest. So you get an answer of 12n+34.
Ronnie: Oh! thank you, now I could show my teacher how to do it. He'll be very proud. Casey: Haha, yeah he will. Just tell him you worked hard to learn it and he'll be impressed.

Ronnie: Okay, thank you!
Casey: No problem, anytime hommie.

This is a video of my Xtranormal

Chapter 3:





Chapter 4:

Chapter 4 Video:


  1. peachy 8-41 said...

    Hey Ron. Great job with your scribe! Haha, the poems were entertaining! :p, anyways. You forgot that you are only suppose to have one video with everything inside! For the algetile one. That's okay though! It's fine. Haha. I liked it all overall, but just watch out for those spaces.. I makes your scribe look long and not completed! Even though it is. Haha, keep keep keeep it up!

    February 11, 2009 at 7:09 PM  

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