Scribe Post For Jan. 6

Wednesday, January 7, 2009
Okay so this is going to be kind of hard since i was hardly there for the class but I'm going to use the notes from my friend. So Mr. Harbeck was talking about how to use integer tiles. First you have to draw it out...something like this
then you are supposed to isolate the variable. Or in this case the over sized green block. To isolate the variable you add the opposite to the constant. So you add negative 3 which is the opposite of positive 3. But since we have to balance each side you have to add a negative 3 to the other side. Like this.....after you add the opposite you find the zero pairs. Which cancel each other out, like this..So you bring down the variable(the green block) which should equal 3. But your not done yet you still have to verify your answer to get more marks. To verify you take the answer of "n" which is 3. You take the 3 and you replace the "n" which would look like this...
So yeah i think that's it...Sorry if i missed anything, or did anything wrong its was kind of hard not being there and doing a scribe but yeah I'm done hope it helps.


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