Pay it Forward

Sunday, January 4, 2009
Hi my name is Brenden and I'm sorry but i don't have any pictures because my family and I didn't have a computer for the ENTIRE Christmas break and on top of that our camera wasn't working.

I did 2 things to help out my family.
1. On Christmas day i helped vacuum and clean up the house for company that was coming over.
2. Without being asked to I shoveled twice. I shoveled the walk, stairs, and driveway on boxing day and January 3.

Also in the past I have volunteered at the Arthritis Society, Hemophilia Society and have twice gone to deliver Christmas hampers with my mom.

Some things i have done to help out at the Arthritis I help out a women named Bonnie Hopps put information packages together about Arthritis and Fitness, and i stamped and labeled brochures.

Some things that i have done at The Hemophilia Society are Handing out water at the Puma Road Races. I also helped get the food ready and hand it out to the runners when they were done running.


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