Pay it forward

Sunday, January 4, 2009

I'm going to help my family because I rarely do nothing. I'm going to shovel the snow because there's no one that want to do it since my grandpa isn't here, he's in the Philippines and he usually shovels it himself. I shovelled outside of my house, side and the back. I'm going to do it when the snow is high because I don't want to keep shovelling everytime snow drops.
I shovelled the front, side, and back of my house. I felt proud of myself because I usually don't do anything in or out of the house, I don't know why but I think I'm lazy. I just do something when I really have to when my parents get mad at me that's when I do something. My parents reacted happy because for someone that doesn't do anything in the house finally did something. They even said so themselves, and they were happy. No, because I forgot to make the pamphlets. Yes, one person can make a difference because if that person does something really nice and people really like it they'll participate with that person and in no time everyone is involved in it. Then everyone in the whole world will do it after everyone will be happy.


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