Pay It Forward

Tuesday, January 20, 2009
Saturday, January 3, 2009

For my act of kindness, I'm thinking of helping anonymous people like the elderly, children, and the homeless. Some of my ideas to pay it forward was to help at an old folks home, help at the Children's Hospital, babysit for free, volunteer at a Christmas cheerboard, shovel someone's driveway, do community service, do chores at home without being told, and to donate money, clothes, or toys. I thought about going to the Children's Hospital or Calvary Place. I'm going to pay it forward during the break.

What I ended up doing was I made cards with Abby, Alyanna, Carrie, Gelli, Sutchai, and Arielle. The cards we made were about paying it forward, explaining what pay it forward is, why we are doing it, and how others can help. We all participated and equally shared the work by thinking, writing, drawing, and coloring.

On the front of each card said, "Pay it Forward" and to read before thinking to even throw it out or something similar. If you think about it, do you think you'd read something handmade made by anonymous people in the mail? Would you throw it out without even reading it? I honestly probably wouldn't take the time to read it, but maybe if it said something like, "Please read before throwing out." or "Before you even think of throwing this out, please read it." I'd probably read it. We also drew pictures on the front of the cards like flowers, cartoons, and forward symbols like the ones on a VCR. In the inside of the cards basically covered the who, what, when, where, why, and how. We also drew diagrams of one person paying it forward to three other people, each of the three paying it forward to three other people, and so on. We showed how it can spread quickly to many people and around the world. We also attached a lollipop to each of the cards to show our appreciation to pay it forward. We put the cards into mailboxes of unknown people.

I felt that I have done a good deed by spreading the message to others. I also felt like watching someone open their door and read what we had left in their mailbox and how they would react. I think the people whom I have given it to would have probably had a happy feeling reading the card and had a smile on their face wondering who had made the cards. I'm hoping that the people who received the cards actually read it and don't tend on throwing it out. I hope that they also pay it forward to help us spread the message.

Do I think that one person can make a difference? I know someone can make difference, it may not be a huge difference like to stop global warming but everyone counts. Even if that difference is very little, it will continue to grow no matter how small it may be. It is almost like a tree, it'll start out small and it will take time for it to grow, but in the end it is a large beautiful tree, and all the waiting really paid off. I think if you really believe in yourself that you can make a difference in our world and that you never give up, you will make a difference. No matter who you are. Age? Size? Culture? Ethnicity? That all doesn't matter, what matters is what is in you! Every little difference can make a HUGE DIFFERENCE! EVERY PERSON COUNTS!


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