Pay It Forward

Sunday, January 4, 2009
For my act of kindness, I'm going to help anonymous people like the elderly, children, and the homeless. Some of my ideas to pay it forward was to help babysit for free, volunteer at a soup kitchen like the Saloam Mission, do chores at home without being told, do community service and donate money, clothes and toys . I'm going to pay it forward during the winter break.

What I ended up doing was I shoveled my neighbor's sidewalk and their driveway. It was really fun shoveling. It was kind of hard because it was snowing out and I had to shovel it over again at least twice but it was worth it. Just by helping one person made me feel special because I know I did something good for them. My neighbor doesn't know that I shoveled her driveway but I think that she would be surprised and really happy. I could not tell my neighbor to "Pay it Forward" in person because she was not at home. So I just made a letter that says "Pay It Forward" and inside there was the meaning of "Pay it Forward". I also said thank you for the help she had done to my family.

I think that one person can make a difference. I think that we can all learn to be a bit more selfless and help other people who needs help. Even if you make a little difference it doesn't matter because it's a huge difference ! EVERY PERSON COUNTS!


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