April 23 2009, Scribepost

Monday, April 27, 2009
Hi you guys! Today is a Sunday, and I'm doing a post for Thursday. Sorry I'm really late. I was caught up, and forgot I had to do a scribe .. Sorry!
We were doing some more fractions today. And the question today was:

Question: Which neighborhood is getting more hardtop than the other? (is there more hardtop in one lot than the other?
How would you convince the people in the two neighborhoods that your conclusion is correct?

I multiplied it like I would when I add two fractions together. Since we're trying to find out which is bigger- 2/5 or 3/4- for the hardtop, I figured it would be easy by finding the common denominator first. A 20 would go into both, so I multiplied 2 by 4 to get 8 and 5 by 4 to get 20. The answer for my first one, was 8/20.

For this one, I multiplied it like I would if I were to add fractions .. again. The answer came out as 15/20. If we compare 8/20 with 15/20- which would be bigger? Obviously 15/20! So, Flatbush has more hardtop space, whereas Carrol Gardens has more playground space.

How would I convince these people? Well, I already showed diagrams, and I think I explained well enough .. :) k, if you don't get it; go to Harbeck's at lunch!
Next scribe .. do I have to pick? Well, if I do have to pick, then I would pick .. RON!

I'm sorry. I'm BAD at math, so I got the above answer all wrong! The correction is: You start off with a square that's divided into four, and 3 fourths of it is shaded in. Then, you find out the common denominator! So since the denominator is 20, you divide the square into 20. Since it's now divided, into 5 lines, you shade in 2 parts of it from the 3 fourths that was shaded in. I know this doesn't make sense, I didn't get it either :(

Since this is Flatbush, we divide this one into fifths first, then divide it by 4, into 20. 3 fourths of it is a simplified version of 6/20.

So this means, that FLATBUSH and CARROL GARDENS have equal parking lots!

I think this might help .. o.O


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