Scribe Post for Feb.19, 2009.

Sunday, February 22, 2009
Hello you guys! I'm the scribe.. again. I should probably stop volunteering.. haha. Anyways, for my recap of what we did, I made like.. 6 paint pictures. They took me an hour to do, booooo >:( But luckily, i'm finished and I can finally sleep. Um, I hope you like my pictures, I tried making them color coordinated! :D And if they don't help you in any way, then just go to Mr. Harbeck's! He's open every lunch hour, I think. Or unless he kicks out people now. Well, this is a long introduction. Hope you guys will understand, and any mistakes? Comment it please!

This is a right triangle. But what in the world is that circle in the corner, and that huge B? Also, what's that square, what the-? The real question is, what are those letters for?

That circle thing, is called theta. The fancy big B is called beta. Theta and beta, added together equals to a 90 degree angle.

That 90 degree angle is the only one in a right triangle. A right triangle can also be called R.A.T. which means right angled triangle.

So what are the letters for? A and B are called legs, these legs can ALSO make up a 90 degree angle.

Harbeck told us that B is for 'bottom' or 'base', so it's labeled on the bottom. :)

The C is called a hypotenuse.

What's a hypotenuse?
It's the longest side in every right triangle.

How do you know where it is?
You can always, always, ALWAYS find it across from the right (90 degree) angle.

When you draw a square, it might not be the perfect square! It may be a rectangle! But if you draw lines on all 4 sides, it will mean that all sides are equal and therefore, has proof that it is a square.
What do the lines mean?
The lines show that all sides are equal. It also shows that since all sides are equal, it is a square and not a rectangle.
4 with an exponent of 2, means 4 squared. Since it is 4 squared, it is 4 doubled. If you draw the measurement of one side of a square, then you can easily find out the area!
But when there are letters, you can only find out AxA and A squared, since there are no numbers to show what the area is.
WELL, during the whole time I was doing this, my foot was asleep 8/ it felt weird. I hope you guys liked my scribe! Okay, some things might've deleted .. and it's not my fault, it's my laptop's fault -_- It's so weird. For next scribe..? Harumph.. I choose Joseph :) Hehe, you sucker.


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