Friday, February 27, 2009
Well Mr harbeck fell and hit his head and now he has amnesia. all he was going to teach us is gone and all he has is a few artifacts that he found in his backpack so i will try and help him remember by explaining all the diffrent artifacts and how they are connected.

well this is on of the artifacts he found, it is a statue of Pythagoras. Pythagoras was a great mathematician many years ago he created the Pythagorean theoem. he also had many other mathematical theories and that is why he is reffred to as the Father of math. Pythagoras was greek man who lived to the age of 100(really really old for people back then) and he was a vegitarien, no meat of meat related products.

this is a 90* degree angle, there is a box in the corner of the triangle to show that it is a right or 90* angle. it has 2 legs commonly labled A and B. A and B switch some times. then the longest side that is facing outward is refered to as the hypotenuse.

this is Pythagorean theoem that pythagoras invented or you can think of it as more of a discovery and less as an invention. squared=~
that theoem states that A~ +B~=C~
so imagin a big square and then fill that square with blue blocks but leave 9 spaces around the edge of the square then fill those 9 spaces with red blocks. the red is A and the blue is B and the big square is C.

now this is the last artifact that was in Mr Harbecks backpack it is a perfect square. the way you can tell it is perfect is because of those small line on the side of the faces of the square. the lines means all sides are equal, that makes it a prefect square

that is my explination on Mr Harbecks artifacts

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  1. peachy 8-41 said...

    Good job with your scribe post! Haha. I like how you explained everything, some artifacts had exactly 5 points, which gives you 4 marks or 5 I think. :) I can see your effort and hard work in your post, so keep that up. Here are some mistakes that I found
    - diffrent, it is spelled different
    - reffred - refered (?)
    - periods, comas
    - capitals
    - vegitarien - vegaterian (?), i think. But, he was a vegan ;p
    - you missed an e in the word imagine I'm sorry If I should like an LA freak! Haha, it's pointless too, it's math, not la! ;p Anyway, good job with everything anyway! I like the videos :)

    February 28, 2009 at 1:10 PM  

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