Thursday, February 26, 2009
So have you heard, Harbeck has amnesia . He says that he slipped on some ice. Well yeah we are in winnipeg and its really cold so of course there is ice. Well anyway he says he found these artifacts

This was the first artifact.First of all lets learn a little about this man. This man is the famous mathematician Pythagoras. This man is is said to be the father of math also the father of music. Also he was the first westerner to learn Egyptian. Well thats enough about him. But he has this theorem which leads to the next artifact which is
this artifact leads to the next one
This is a R.A.T. no not one of those rodents you sometimes find around your house. This is an R.A.T. right angle triangle. Well as you can see there is a side a, b and c. Those are things called legs. C is called the hypotenuse you know it is because its the longest side and its across from the right angle. To solve for C you need to do this lets say A=2 and B=4 so for solving it it would look something like this....So you substitute the letter with a number. So far its 20 = C squared. To get rid of squared use the opposite which is square route. So you square route each side. That leaves you with the answer to c which equals 5. Well I think im done OH yeah i almost forgot the square..
Well here's everything about the square. To get the area you can do 4 squared or 4x4. And the area should equal 16. Well I think I'm done hopefully its not the best but at least I'm done.

OH YEAH the video


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