My year in Grade 8

Friday, June 12, 2009
My year in Grade 8 was short. It was not really a year it was only 3 months and then in the next school year i will be grade 9. Sargent Park school here in Canada was a lot different than schools in the Philippines. Reason is everything is free, but except for food. There was no free lockers, so you have to carry all your books and notebooks all the way. Even papers are not free, you have to pay for the price and the xerox of the paper given to you. There is expensive tuition fee, and it was not worth it. Here in Canada, schools have technology, which is I want. We always write on paper, but here I have the chance to write with a computer and to experience high speed internet. Technology, that's what it is.

Math was great its like going back to grade 6. But some of it I already forgot, so i still have to learn it again. I don't like algebra, not just the basics, even the advance in algebra. It's like solving the slope of 3x -3 = 8, and then graph. But problems like that is a bit easy for me, I already forgot the hard problems, Maybe because math gives me


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