March 9 scribe (Renz)

Monday, March 9, 2009
Today we talked about perfect squares and charts which in this case is the multiplication table chart.

So Harbeck was talking about the multiplication charts and squares and stuff and then harbeck made us write down and finish a multiplication chart like so:

Yeah so it's not pretty but this was what we had to copy down for the chart.

Then we talked about some multiplication stuff and then we wrote down some multiplication questions like 1 squared then Harberck made us write it till 30 squared then we had to write it out 1 to 30 in standard form (eg., 2x2). so then this is what it looked like.

Okay so this was the sheet that we had to make with the multplication and the exponents and then we had to figure out the answers then we had to look at it and look for a pattern and from what i see i think that the pattern is that it is always being added with a odd number to make the second number(eg. 30x30= 900 or in the pattern it would be like 59+841=900).
Then after we did those things and finished them, then Harbeck gave us our homework.
We had three homework for the day:
1.we had to colour our grid with different colour by row.
2.then make a rule about the chart and the patterns.
3. Then finish the times table with all the numbers placed in order for the multiplication chart.
So then this is what we talked about and worked on for this class.


  1. peachy 8-41 said...

    Good job Renz, but you forgot to pick someone for the next scribe!
    Anyways, great job on your scribe, it was short and simple. But that's okay because most of the class was filled with copying things down anyway. I do thing it is very helpful to many people out there, including Hanbit and Jessica who was away today. You also added the homework, so that when they come to school the next day they won't be behind or anything (:. Good Job. I think that you should have added your homework, just to make the scribe a little bit longer. But that's my opinion obviously. You don't have to do that if you don't want too! I saw no mistakes in your work, it was neat. I just didn't like the whole "multiplication STUFF". But don't mind me! You know me, I'm an English freak. So, cover your eyes and don' t read me. :) I liked how you added your own pictures to the scribe also, it made your thinking and explainations easier to understand. Haha, it was clearier. Like what you were trying to say got through thanks to those pictures. Overall, it was a good scribe. Oh, and honestly.. THANK YOU for doing your scribe! Haha :D. Just remember to pick the next.. blogger person next time! Great great great job Renz. :)

    March 9, 2009 at 9:50 PM  

  2. gelli 8-41 said...

    GOOD JOB RENZ ! (; You did an excellent job on explaining the things we did in class. You also did a great job on colour coding the things we had to do for homework. Oh, by the way, you forgot to pick who the next scribe will be, like what Peachy said. Anyways, good job once again and keep up the good work ! (:

    March 10, 2009 at 5:30 PM  

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