Scribe Post for November 26, 2008

Friday, November 28, 2008
Today in class, we had a QUIZ!
So, in this scribe I will be talking about the first four questions from the quiz.

Just so you know, if I put something in RED that means that I'm answering it, or that it is the question. If something is in GREEN then that would be the answer to the question.

Number 1 :

I don't know what you did, but instead of subtracting the 11, I added a negative 11.
The question then looked like this :

To solve this question, I split this question into two parts.
The first thing I did was add the negative 3 with the negative 5 which equaled negative 8.
-3 + (-5) = -8

Next I added the negative 8 with the negative 11 which then equaled negative 19.
-8 + (-11) = -19

Number 2 :

Number 2 is not as easy as number 1, but if you had trouble doing this, I will explain how I figured it out.

The first thing I did, was answer whichever pairs I can. So I decided to multiply the 5 and negative 4, and the negative 2 and negative 1.
(5)(-4) + (-2)(-1)(-6) = ?
(-20) + (2) (-6) = ?

To solve the first one, I just remembered the saying that we do when we multiply (look at your barn doors project). '5 groups of negative 4'. You should then know that the answer is negative 20. For the second part that I did, I said the other saying for negative integers at the front. 'Remove 2 groups of negative 1'. And if you did your multiplication homework, you then should know that the answer is negative 2. Anyways, time to finish the equation.

(-20) + (2)(-6) = ?

Two groups of negative six equals ?..
(-20) + (-12) = ? /
Negative 12!

Now finish off the question by adding the remaining integers.
(-20) + (-12) = (-32)

Number 3 :

Number 3 is way harder than the previous questions since it includes dividing. Before we divide we must come up with one integer on the top and one integer on the bottom. Once again, I just divided the question in parts to make it easier.

6(-2) (-3)(1)
───────── = ?

To solve this, just use the "rule for multiplying" when you try to figure out a multiplication question. If you did it correctly, your answers should look something like this :

(-12) (-3)
= ?

Now answer the top part of the fraction/division sign.
'Remove 12 groups of negative 3'. What does that give you?

──── = ?


What would that question be; quotative, partitive, or multiplicative inverse?
If you guessed quotative, then you're right!
'How many negative nines are in negative 36'?
──── = 4


Number 4 :

This question I will have to make fairly quick because it's getting late.

(14) + (-6)
──────── = ?

Next add the two integers on the top.

── = ?

What would that question be; quotative, partitive, or multiplicative inverse?
If you guessed multiplicative inverse then you're right!
'N x (-4) = (8)'. What is N?

── = (-2)

Anyways, I'm done my scribe. Sorry for it being done so late but I had many distractions along the way. One of them including a nose bleed which really bothered me. So yeah, anyways the next scribe is ... ADRIAN R.! Have fun and good luck.

Oh yeah, please comment and tell me my mistakes so I can make my next scribe better. Thanks in advance!

Scribe Post November 24

Hi, during class today we learned a lesson about multiplicative inverse. We also needed to add work in our barn doors on the division side in the positive & negative section(quadrant 4). To answer a division question with a positive then a negative integer, you must use multiplicative inverse.

hmmmm.....lets do 12 divided by -4. It seems impossible to do right? Well as a matter of fact it is possible. Try to do that question on your calculator. No, don't worry your calculator won't blow up! It works!

From what I understand, there are 4 easy steps to doing Multiplicative Inverse. First write the question using the division sign. Step 2 switch the answer(N) and the first integer and change the division sign to a multiplication sign. Step 3 Find the answer to N. Then fill in the question.

Your probably wondering what's wrong with just using partitive or quotative division. Well I'll tell you what's wrong: They don't work!

Quotative: How many -4's are in +12? It doesn't work because we can't make groups of -4 in a positive number.

Partitive: How many equal parts are in -4 groups when we have +12? It doesn't work either, because you can't draw -4 groups.

Let me think...........................................the next scribe is Maeddah!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!=P

Chapter 3: One Step equation solving
Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Hey I'm Sequoia and this my scribe post for Friday November 21.

In this class we learned about dividing integers. 
We also learned about
Quotative Division and Partitive Division.

The question was -6 divided by -2.

Some other ways you can write -6 divided by -2 is : 

Quotitive: How many groups of negative two are in negative six.

*Three groups of negative Two*

Partitive: How many equal parts are in negative two groups when we have negative six 

Can't make a negative group, It's impossible*

well that's all till next time.
=] Bye 

Alex's scribepost 8-41

Monday, November 24, 2008
Hi I'm Alex and this is my scribe post for Thus.

Enjoy =)

In class today we continued to learn about dividing integers. (/ means divided by)



How many fours are in six


How many equal parts are in 4 groups when you have 12, so you draw 12 squares and then put them into 4 equal groups. The number of groups is the answer.

Next we started to use negative integers.
-6/2= -3
How many groups of 2 are in -6
How many equal parts are in 2 groups when you have -6
Which one works and which doesn't?
If you guessed partitive your right because 2 can't go into -6 (cause there's nothing the to go into!)

Well that's all for now, hope you enjoyed the scribe!
(sorry for the lack of pics my comp. wasn't working to well)

Scribe Post November 18

Thursday, November 20, 2008
These are two questions i got wrong on my test.

This is question 6...

3(-4)-5(-3)+(-3)(-2)= -3

I did this first and got...
3(-4)= -12

Second I did this question...

Last I did this question i added them all together.



This is question 10..

I broke them up into 3 multiplying questions




Brenden's Scribe Post

Wednesday, November 19, 2008
Today in class we did DIVIDING INTEGERS. We learned about QUOTATIVE DIVISION and PARTITIVE DIVISION the question we used as an example was 6 divided by 2

Some other ways you can write six divied by 2 is: 6 divided by (+2), N divided by 2 = 6.

ooo ooo imagine this was to groups of three. (my images wouldn't upload so i had to improvise)

Quotative Division is how many twos are in six.

Partitive Division is how many parts are in two groups when we have six.

The next scribe is.......alex.h

Scribe Post For Nov. 17

Monday, November 17, 2008
Today in math class we did the rest of page 6 in our green booklets (10-18)
Question 11


Yay I'm finally done. Oh yeah the next scribe is Casey.

Scribepost for November 14th, 2008.

Sunday, November 16, 2008
I want to get my scribe done and over with :) Don't just scroll all the way to the bottom please, just read it and ... comment if it doesn't make sense? :) I kind of didn't know what to do at first, so it might not make sense to what Mr. Harbeck did? HAHA, okay then. Long enough introduction.

(This might be the 'new stuff'.)

You can't group the positive or negative integers together in a multiplication question, to make it easier. You HAVE TO go in order. Whatever is written first must go first in the order of operations. Multiply the integers in the brackets FIRST. After you multiply the 2 together, bring the adding sign down. Then add the question altogether to get the answer.
-3(6) - (2)(-4) =
-18 - -8 =
-18 + +8 = 10
eew, H O M E W O R K :
In the green booklet, on page six (COMBINING MULTIPLICATION WITH ADDITION AND SUBTRACTION) , do questions 1 to 9 in your notebook. Remember to show your work, I hope what my scribe says, kind of taught you to show your work .. well? :)
Well okaay then, I think i'm done my scribepost? Am I missing anything, Harbeck? :) Hopefully not! HAHA , yeeah i'm not going to 'break the chain' you guys :) I want to pick a guy for the scribe, I don't even know why .. o.O The next scriber is... SEAN! Sorry, but I had no one to choose. They didn't want to be scriber and they were blahblahblah... So yeah :D Have fun!

Scrib post for November 13th

Thursday, November 13, 2008
Hey people, I'm totaly mad at Jessica becaues I told her NOT to pick me but she did *sad face* insted of picking the next scrib last im picking it first so the next scrib is...........well at the moment I don't know who to pick so last I guess *sad face*

23. -6(-2)(-1)=


Lets say this is a -1


(-6) (2)




(-2) (-4) (-2)

(8) (-2)


By the way if you dont know what the nagitive sign in frount of the integer with NO brackets this is a very simple and easy way to say -1

Well I pupose I should tell you who the next scrib is but I realy don't know who to pick >_<

The Great Big Book of Algebra

She sits at her desk watching the desk watching her teacher
write on the board.. 6+3=...
" Adding!! this is easy! HA can't fool me!"



When you have an integer that need to subtract
All you have to do is change it to add.

Jack Be nimble, Jack be quick
Jack jump over the integer stick
When he got over he had to pick
Between multiplication or addition QUICK
When he saw the question he got sick
Remember the rules
And your not a fool!

Partitive Division:
Parts, groups
equaling, into, including

Quotitive Division:

Many groups of things

How many groups can you find?
Find the answer now..


When brackets kiss they multiply,

The numbers will grow sky high,

Or grow the opposite to fall and make you cry.

It`s so easy if you try.
Chapter 2 of GBOA
Rita: Hi! My name is Rita! I've come here to ask YOU some questions! For starters
whats your name?

Manuel: m-my name?! I'm Manuel... And what KIND of questions are you going to ASK?

Rita: Oh... You know just some math questions...

Manuel: MATH?!?!?! NO WAY!! I CAN'T DO MATH!!!

Rita: Sure you can!! It's easy!! Just remember the rules...

Manuel: RULES?!?! I dont know any rules!!.. Okay fine.. what do i get in return?..

Rita: Its okay... in return you get to learn math!! Okay heres the first question.... n+3-5n+12...

Manuel: wow maybe it isn't soo hard.... is it -6n+15?..

Rita: No.. Sorry.. you have to put it in order like this.. n-5n+3+12 , then add it all together and you get -4n+15!! now try this one .... 2+4(3n+8)

Manuel: umm... i dont know!!

my movie:

Algebra Tiles - Video #1 from Melanie Lorraine on Vimeo.

Scribe Post For November 12th

Wednesday, November 12, 2008
Okay so first off I would like to say a few things before hand. One is that I, Jessica am the scribe for today and that I am sorry that this wasn't done earlier. I am really stupid for not remembering it but the truth is I am surprise I am doing it now. That is all.

Okay so today in class if I remember correctly we corrected homework and talked about the multiplying rule question. Okay so the rule which will be referred to as 'Ron's Rule' is what I will be talking about.

Ron's Rule, and I quote what was on the smart board today in class, is 'Multiplying an odd number of negative integers make a negative product'. It is that simple but I will try to explain a bit more.

So lets make a small chart to make things easier.

(-1)(-1) = (+1)
(-1)(-1)(-1) = (-1)
(-1)(-1)(-1)(-1) = (+1)
(-1)(-1)(-1)(-1)(-1) = (-1)

Okay so the ones in Italic on the chart are the groups with the odd amounts of negative integers. These all end up making a negative product. This is what Ron's Rule shows us. It even works if you have a Positive integer in front as long as there is an odd amount of negative integers.

Well that is all for today. Is it still today? I think so. I'm half dead(=asleep) right now. Oh and again. I am sorry for doing this so late. I have to start using me agenda again. Well, I have to go but for that I get to pick the next scribe. hehe. I choose........ Tiara. Mostly because I can't think any more.

Renz's Integer story

This is a story about a kid named Elrick in the school of integers every one in the school was a negative but unfortunately not everyone. Yes, Elrick was positive. Everyday Elrick went to school happy, but when he came home he was sad because in school everyone would laugh and point at him. Because he was different and lonely he was always getting bullied. But on the other hand Elrick wasn't the only one different and being bullied there was also Zero, Zero wasn't your ordinary integer he was a mixture of a positive and a negative, he was a Zero pair. He was also very sad because of the bullies, but one day this was all going to change but for good.

one day as usual the bullies were picking on Elrick and Zero. But this time it was different they were both running away from the bullies and as they were running they were also looking for a very hidden hiding place to hide from the bullies. Now usually they would get bullied in different times but for this once they were bullied in the exact time and as you know they were running for their lives and suddenly they ran into each other so at first they were scared that it was the bullies but when they saw each other they were happy because now they knew that they were not alone. Elrick and Zero became best of friends helping each other out and finding hiding places at the same time and they were both happy.

One day Elrick and Zero was hiding in their favourite hiding spot and they were listening to their favourite music until they found an secret room inside their favorite hiding spot and inside was ladder that led them to a secret basement of the school, and as they were looking around they found a lamp and as they've seen on the movies they rubbed the lamp and out come the legendary Integer genie and he said that if they answer this integer Question the would get a wish.
So they did what the genie answered and they said that the answer was -15 and the Genie said that it was correct and now they will get their wish. They were both so happy get their wish because with their wish they could wish themselves to not be different but then they thought why would they want to be even more different than they already are so they told the genie that they would come back to get the wish when they're ready. So then the Genie waited for them to come back. . . . . . .In the meanwhile the boys thought long and hard about their decision and after 2 long days they came back to the genie and said" we have made our decision and our wish is that we wish that there were more people like us in this school so we wont be alone" then the Genie said" your wish is my command". A day had passed and already hundreds of people like Elrick and Zero enrolled into their school. Now they were no longer alone and they were happy the rest of their life

Scribe post November 5

Wednesday, November 5, 2008
Hey 8-41 its Nichole, Today we were learning about Multiplying integers..

We first folden two papers into four quadrants.
then we numberd them
1in the top right corner
2 in the top left corner
3 in the bottom left corner
4 in the bottom right corner.
in the ''BARN DOOR''a Mr. Harbeck would say..we put these exact words and numbers
(+2)(+3)= Whe brackets touch they are multiplying.
2 groups of 3

this is how Harbeck and Sutchia put it:
Mr .H: ''When brackets are touching they are kissing, and they are like bunny rabbits .. they multiply''
Sutchia: '' Rabbits Multiply? .. OH....!!''

And for homework we had to ''finish it'' .. and i didnt get how to finish it till i asked someone else..
and i think that we were suppost make an example of it..
9 groups of 1

sorry i dont have any pictures and its not that pretty but i tried and my computer is realy slow so this is what u get.. so t next scribe .. hmm .. who would that be then NICOLE MARQUES!! ( ha! revenge is sweet!!).

Scribe Post November 4th?

Tuesday, November 4, 2008
Today in class we learned about Square brackets. Basically, square brackets are just a way of showing that you have to figure out the answer inside the brackets before doing anything else. For example:

[(8+1) + (5+6)] + 7 = ?

Step 1. Add the numbers inside the regular brackets, and bring down the addition sign.

[8+1) + (5+6) + 7

[9 + 11] + 7

Step 2. Add the two remaining numbers (Only one integer will survive, as Harbeck likes to say) then figure out the rest of the problem.

[(8+1) + (5+6)] + 7

[ 9 + 11] + 7

20 + 7 = 27

The answer is 27.

Below are some more examples..enjoy. (As if!)

12 - [(-2-4) - (10 + 7)]

12 - [ -11 - 28 ]

12 - - 39 = 51

* Note: It may help if you make the two minus signs into one positive. (- - = +)

[(4+7) + (2+2)] + 6

[ 11 + 4 ] + 6

15 + 6 = 21

Well, there is my Scribe Post. Now comes the fun part, picking the next scribe. Unfortunately, I'm pretty sure I'm the last person before we start a new rotation, so everyone is now free to be picked xD Therefore, the next scribe is... Nicole SR (Sorry, I think. :P)

Scribe post Nov 04 08

Yesterday in class we did INTEGERS in STANDARD FORM.

There are Three Step when you are doing INTERGERS in STANDARD FORM and you have to follow them OR ELSE.

The first Step is: You have to get rid of the uh ohs

For example:


-6-8+2+3+6= <------- ThisQuestion has something special to it.

It has a zero pair.

<------ oh look we got rid of the zero pair

Next step is: You have to rewrite the question without the zero pairs
-8+2+3= ??
First you add 2+3= 5
Then you put the 5 and the -8
It will look like this -----> -8+5=-3
and that is how you do integers in standard form..
ok maybe you are all wondering who the next scribe is.. well i am going to pick Jordan... have fun being the next scribe

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Monday, November 3, 2008
Finally here is the scribelist. Please check to see how has done a scribe. Choose only those who need to do a scribe. Thanks

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