Renz's Integer story

Wednesday, November 12, 2008
This is a story about a kid named Elrick in the school of integers every one in the school was a negative but unfortunately not everyone. Yes, Elrick was positive. Everyday Elrick went to school happy, but when he came home he was sad because in school everyone would laugh and point at him. Because he was different and lonely he was always getting bullied. But on the other hand Elrick wasn't the only one different and being bullied there was also Zero, Zero wasn't your ordinary integer he was a mixture of a positive and a negative, he was a Zero pair. He was also very sad because of the bullies, but one day this was all going to change but for good.

one day as usual the bullies were picking on Elrick and Zero. But this time it was different they were both running away from the bullies and as they were running they were also looking for a very hidden hiding place to hide from the bullies. Now usually they would get bullied in different times but for this once they were bullied in the exact time and as you know they were running for their lives and suddenly they ran into each other so at first they were scared that it was the bullies but when they saw each other they were happy because now they knew that they were not alone. Elrick and Zero became best of friends helping each other out and finding hiding places at the same time and they were both happy.

One day Elrick and Zero was hiding in their favourite hiding spot and they were listening to their favourite music until they found an secret room inside their favorite hiding spot and inside was ladder that led them to a secret basement of the school, and as they were looking around they found a lamp and as they've seen on the movies they rubbed the lamp and out come the legendary Integer genie and he said that if they answer this integer Question the would get a wish.
So they did what the genie answered and they said that the answer was -15 and the Genie said that it was correct and now they will get their wish. They were both so happy get their wish because with their wish they could wish themselves to not be different but then they thought why would they want to be even more different than they already are so they told the genie that they would come back to get the wish when they're ready. So then the Genie waited for them to come back. . . . . . .In the meanwhile the boys thought long and hard about their decision and after 2 long days they came back to the genie and said" we have made our decision and our wish is that we wish that there were more people like us in this school so we wont be alone" then the Genie said" your wish is my command". A day had passed and already hundreds of people like Elrick and Zero enrolled into their school. Now they were no longer alone and they were happy the rest of their life


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