The Great Big Book of Algebra

Thursday, November 13, 2008
She sits at her desk watching the desk watching her teacher
write on the board.. 6+3=...
" Adding!! this is easy! HA can't fool me!"



When you have an integer that need to subtract
All you have to do is change it to add.

Jack Be nimble, Jack be quick
Jack jump over the integer stick
When he got over he had to pick
Between multiplication or addition QUICK
When he saw the question he got sick
Remember the rules
And your not a fool!

Partitive Division:
Parts, groups
equaling, into, including

Quotitive Division:

Many groups of things

How many groups can you find?
Find the answer now..


When brackets kiss they multiply,

The numbers will grow sky high,

Or grow the opposite to fall and make you cry.

It`s so easy if you try.
Chapter 2 of GBOA
Rita: Hi! My name is Rita! I've come here to ask YOU some questions! For starters
whats your name?

Manuel: m-my name?! I'm Manuel... And what KIND of questions are you going to ASK?

Rita: Oh... You know just some math questions...

Manuel: MATH?!?!?! NO WAY!! I CAN'T DO MATH!!!

Rita: Sure you can!! It's easy!! Just remember the rules...

Manuel: RULES?!?! I dont know any rules!!.. Okay fine.. what do i get in return?..

Rita: Its okay... in return you get to learn math!! Okay heres the first question.... n+3-5n+12...

Manuel: wow maybe it isn't soo hard.... is it -6n+15?..

Rita: No.. Sorry.. you have to put it in order like this.. n-5n+3+12 , then add it all together and you get -4n+15!! now try this one .... 2+4(3n+8)

Manuel: umm... i dont know!!

my movie:

Algebra Tiles - Video #1 from Melanie Lorraine on Vimeo.


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